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Jeaniene Frost – Once Burned [1]

7039218Geez, I’m a sucker for Dracula, and so I read anything with him in it, even the questionable romance books. Like “Once Burned” by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince 1; ISBN 006178320X; 346p.; Goodreads). It wasn’t bad, but it’s one of those romances. Like stand-alone’s by Nora Roberts or Jude Deveraux. Vampires were pretty cool thou, and Dracula wasn’t a complete disaster. Heck, it feels like author actually did some research before writing, which I respect.

After an accident in her childhood Leila carries a physical scar on her body, and one in her psyche too. She pumps actual electricity out of her arms, and if she wishes to touch someone – she has to first let the charge out into some lightening rod or something. And even then she’s doubtful, because touching a person means seeing their greatest sin. And sometimes their future, which soon gets her into trouble. For after warning a woman of hey boyfriend’s plans to murder her, she’s soon kidnapped by a vampire gang. They want her to find another of their kind. Yes, no other but the prince of the darkness himself, Vlad Draculea.

The problem arises when Leila actually finds him mentally, and sees him. For he opens his eyes, and looks right at her… Leila needs to decide, and decide fast with whom she has better chances at survival.

It’s not a good book, but by far not a bad one either. I will read the other ones, gladly even. They’re simple, vampires are quite alright, and as I said before – Dracula had some research done on him. Author knew important details, and used them to her advantage well. I can give it 3 out of 5, but that’s not a bad rating.

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Konstantinos – Vampires: The Occult Truth

vampirestheocculttruthRight. So. I have never before heard of this author, but I do enjoy myths, legends, and the occult stories. I also collect all the books with Dracula that I can get, preferably historical ones (if anyone wants to make me a gift – have that in mind, I love having different copies of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” too, so far I have four, only two of them being in English – you have a great sea of choices before you), with Vlad Draculea. And since he’s a common guest in vampire media, fictional or meant for/as research, it was only natural for me to take this “Vampires: The Occult Truth” by Konstantinos (ISBN: 1567183808; 208p., Goodreads) book with me and add it to my collection. I am absolutely not sure as of why I feel the need to tell you of how I obtained or why have I picked this particular book to read every time, but here it is.

The book is split into many parts, including those slightly annoying little introductions “in this part we’ll speak of this” there and here. Yet it wasn’t dragged, every word seemed weighted and counted to fit this amount of pages and no more. Author speaks in a pleasant manner too, a manner that allows a skeptic to remain a skeptic or reconsider, while a believer can continue believing or reconsider too, nothing is pushed, everything is questioned. We get explanations of what vampires there could be, are they mortal or immortal, are they physical or spiritual, do they drink blood or drain energy. Then there’s the names of vampires in different cultures, pointing out how so many different parts of the world believed in these beings (and how some of our religions took some of the people from meager roles and made them great). Further on was my most awaited part: The Historical Figures. Yes, among them was Vlad Dracula, and I can gladly say, facts were not mixed with anecdotes (in my extent of knowledge at least). And if I can give a plus for that, I can take it away for searching vampires in graveyards, figuratively speaking. Author wanted to find those who believe themselves vampires, the so called mortal blood drinkers. And to do so he wrote to a magazine that has “fang” in it’s title. Yes, an alternative magazine for alternative people. I mean, a vampire has all the world, all of our night life to explore. Why would one sit reading such a magazine? But then again, somewhat quoting the author: while I can’t believe a single (some where amazing stories, by the way) story he printed from those people, I have no proof of them being false either. Besides, author did make some good points as of why he chose to print those letters and not the others. Trust me, he makes a firm case, this man.

I’m not going to talk about the second half of the book, dedicated to energy vampires, merely because I’m very uninterested in the topic. But those who are: information provided is very useful, so go ahead. And in conclusion I’ll give this book a solid 4 out of 5. Merely because I still don’t think it’s a good idea to search for vampires among those who are into vampires.

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Timothy E. Rodrigue – Vlad Dragwlya: Son of the Dragon

Dracula_  So, the usual. Went to UK, found myself a book of Dracula. Never heard of it, but here it is, Timothy E. RodrigueVlad Dragwlya: Son of the Dragon, done and done. A historical… novel or what is this… A historical book, yes, historical book, of Draculesti family.
So far no one tops me C.C. Humphreys book on Vlad, so I just have to value each one of these by what they are and try my best to not compare authors. My respect goes to mr Rodrigue too, for he definitely worked his way through history to write this. It all begins with Vlad Dracul being introduced to the White Knight, the Bane of misBelievers, I’d say. Soon into the story he has to admit, Vlad and his elder son Mircea are stubborn and don’t really work well with him, but the man is a power to be cautious of. Thus using the fact that Dracul left two of his sons for the turkish to take care, as a weight that he shall not take up arms against Ottoman Empire, White Knight began plotting and scheming (as the -crows- do, if you know what I mean), until he finally set boyars against the older Dragon and his son and had them slaughtered in a terrible manner.
The news eventually reached Vlad Draculea or Vlad Dragwlya if you so please, and Murad, the then-sultan, allowed him to go and reclaim his throne if he sees it fit and is able to. Now that’s the problem, isn’t it? How can a boy reclaim his father’s throne? Thus Vlad fights and fights vigorously to take what he sees as his. And not a drop more, just that, just Wallachia. And then fights twice as much to keep it and most importantly – to clean it. Of filth, or rot. Eventually – of turk.
The last quarter of the book is always the best when you read a historical pieces of Dracula. Because this is when the author has to decide who Dracula is. A sadistic bastard who sated his cravings on the battlefields and beyond. Or a strategic-genius who was simply a pain in the ass for too many greedy bastards who later wrote the history pages. Thus I give the book 4,5 out of 5. Mr. Rodrigue, this isn’t perfect, no where near. But You’ve done a great job and I appreciate your liking to our Warlord. The ending was great. And, funny thing it was, to watch how they fought Draculas when they didn’t fight the Turk and fought them when they did fight the Turk…

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I work at what is called “Briand” (yes, Briand not Brand). Onions (spring onions) ride on the line past you, you take a handful, peel off ugly, flimsy and yellow leafs, cut off the roots and put it onto another line riding to other people. Sometimes they send you to different sector of the factory to be the “extra hands”. I worked everywhere already I think. And apparently I dislike the most easy work and like the hardest work. Thus Pre-Pack is considered the easiest. You take 200 grams of onions and put them on the riding plastic line which then is closed and formed into a package. It stinks of plastic there and I can’t sense the weight in my hands – I just grab a bunch and hope it will pass. The Washline is considered to be the hardest, for you deal with the rawest and wettest material – not yet cleaned onions and water water everywhere for its cleansing. So today I worked 12 hours there. My back hurts, I was soaked to very underwear, but now I’m back and all is good. Three more days and I should have two days off IF nothing changes, but it is very possible that they will change the schedule soon. Doesn’t matter, I’ll make money.

Whole day I was thinking of Anno Dracula. Even fiction about Vlad makes me happy beyond belief. It helped me pass the day when it was the hardest. Vlad Tepes. Vlad Tsepehs. Kaziklu Bey. Vlad the Impaler. Prince Impaler. Lord Impaler. Son of the Devil. Son of the Dragon. The Dark Prince. Prince of the Darkness. Vlad Dracula. Vlad Draculea. Vlad Draculya. Vlad The Dragon.

Me, crazy?… Naaah.

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