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Blackwood Emporium | Nocturnal Masquerade

vampire the masquerade earrings auskarai vampyru

A collection made for nocturnal children, the vampires, the werewolves, the others. Partially inspired by Vampire the Masquerade. Some of them, and similar, also my made, you can witness in action at Maiden of the Eventide videos.

What is left of this collection can be found here: [BLACKWOOD]

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Eric Griffin – VtM: Tzimisce [2]

1007143 As much as I tried, the glory of the scariest clan among vampires, and in the Sabbat fraction itself, has ended in my hands. Vampire the Masquerade: Clan Novel #2 Tzimisce by Eric Griffin (ISBN 1565048024; 273p.; Goodreads) was by far the most gory book I have ever read of vampires, and the manner of deaths incline me to put a trigger warning here: this book is not for the light-hearted.

Camarilla and Sabbat are two opposing sects among the vampire clans. While Camarilla believes we can all coexist, and must do just so, with Masquerade there to protect vampires as well as humans, Sabbat believes that humanity must perish for the greater good. And after long planning, time for action is here. First strikes were made in a ball that took place in the previous books, with several high political figures right there at hand. And now it continues.

War rages across the whole of East Coast. Blood is running dry, heads of power are thrown around as trophies, and the worst nightmares are running around in the night. If you stand still and look up, at times it seems whole buildings are moving, enclosing upon this or that target in the dark of night, made ever thicker so with shadows of Lasombra clan, as they shed their physical forms to stand as one against the enemy. War ghouls, several great feet tall. Spidery creatures with more legs and arms than one should ever need. Beings with no sense, no mind, nothing but will to go on and destroy until they can no longer do so. And all that nightmare slowly engulfed in the flames, flames that cleanse the city of this carnage. Amidst it all stands Sasha Vykos, one of the most powerful Tzimisce still alive, her shape barely human by her own will. Tonight Sabbat will triumph, and Camarilla shall fall. Gehenna shall come, and clean the night of vermin.

It’s a beautiful book that juggles politics and torture via chapters as they go. Main protagonist is one of the “bad guys“, which is just more interesting to follow. They seem to reason it all out so well, at times leaving the reader rooting for the wrong team, that is, until someone gets their bones molded like warm wax, or skin polished into marble-shine. I admit, I wasn’t a great fan of Tzimisce before, even knowing that Dracula is apparently of this clan, but now I think they’re indeed one interesting bunch. On top of that, we learn more of the people at power on the Camarilla side too, witnessing some unions happening right there on the battlefield, for the need to survive is far greater than the hate one might feel for the other. I give this book 4 out of 5 for now, that is mostly because of the final chapters, the intro chapters to Gangrel clan book. They seemed just a little more intense, and therefor – interesting. But be assured, this one is very well among my favorites now.

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Want your favorite character painted, not just printed? Want it painted just for you? Or maybe you wish you had your own painting to show off that beautiful face in a more classic but original style? Or maybe your sibling, even if just for adding “I stink” bubble to it? Well, I got you!

:bulletred: In style you see above I take portrait commissions now
:bulletred: 15eu per scan (if you let me upload it on dA, you can order a print from there, I’m okay with it!)
:bulletred: 10eu per scan if it’s black and white (or any-color + white)
:bulletred: 30eu per me sending you the original + shipping (from 3 to 6 euros should cover it)
:bulletred: 20eu per me sending you the black(other-color) and white original + shipping (from 3 to 6 euros should cover it)

Disclaimer: whatever fits in my paper, I might cut off your shoulder, I might cut off some tall hair, be specific about what you want.

:bulletblue: A portrait picture sent to me via that ought to be drawn. I’ll let you know if the picture is somehow not alright for me. (yes, it can be your fav character from a game / movie / etc., as long as I am capable of it…)
:bulletblue: If it’s an original character: look closely at my style and take into consideration that I might not be able to pull off everything as you imagine. Details are welcome!
:bulletblue: Head + shoulders only. Unless the body part sticks out (see Deadpool for reference)
:bulletblue: Paypal transaction must be possible.
:bulletblue: Let me know if I may upload it on dA

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VtM : Pink for Nosferatu


Remind me to tell you someday how much I love Vampire the Masquerade. [Pink Nosferatu] – prints available via DeviantArt and Society6

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Stewart Wieck – Clan Novel: Toreador

337136   Some people do know how much I love Vampire the Masquerade. I push it to all my friends, tho some of them claim the game looks too ugly to play (I bet they watch porn for stories too), I tell about it to all those friends who don’t play video games, ever, too. Thus you can imagine that I nearly flipped when I saw that vampiric Ankh cross on the back of this book in Gravesend, (Kent; UK) second-hand store (It’s by a bus stop that’s close to church, if you really need to find it, msg me, I’ll google-map it for you). Few days later I found a third book, but no more since. There’s twelve or thirteen total (and since they’re not re-released yet, if anyone has a copy they want to gift – it’d be loved forever in my hands). They’re clan books, different authors wrote it, but they co-operate, so it’s one smooth story nevertheless. This one’s by Stewart Wieck and it’s called “Clan Novel: Toreador“.
The reason I like VtM so much is the fact that it’s good enough to become cult vampire story, but it doesn’t clash with the myth much either. Garlic doesn’t work, stake paralyses you if it hits your heart, running water is nothing. They bathe. Some of them. But head-shots? Sun? Bloodlust that maddens you? All that’s there. Oh, and I could say that there’s another reason. The Clans. Ever after vampire Father Cain, the First Murderer killed his brother Abel, his children or “children” turned to blood-thirsty demons, vampires. And bit by bit, they split apart into clans. Different views, abilities and general properties of the person. Say, Nosferatu have the talented information seekers mostly. Therefore they’re the clan of spies and information. If you need something – you go to them. If you’re a class hacker (as VtM portrayed Mitnick), they might just knock on your door one night. The characteristics of Nosferatu clan that comes with the blood are horrible thou. Their bodies deform, rot and turn disgusting to behold. Thus they, as evolution demanded, I guess, developed stealth abilities, skills that help them disappear, come unheard and leave unnoticed. The Toreador clan is complete opposite. Often they’re viewed as shallow because they care for the beauty of life, not the knowledge like Tremeres or the information as the Nosferatu. Often they’re chosen for their beauty or talent in arts. They’re seductive and mesmerizing, which is part of what the Clan Blood is all about – to enhance the beauty, the seduction. Never lock eyes with a Toreador.
Vampire Leopold is a vampire-orphan. His Sire (not a master, not a creator, a sire) ditched him after erasing his mind of own existence. Leopold even doubts that his memories of his own past are real. In fact, he’s sure they’re not real. And he wishes to remember who he was and who his Sire is. Maybe it’s a desire to belong, for it’s only his obvious Toreador characteristics that got their Primogen in Atlanta to accept him as part of the clan. Unless a vampire is, in a way, adopted, or accepted into a clan by a clan primogen, one is clanless, which is terribly shameful, for mostly it’s the Thinbloods, who are clanless (thinbloods are too far a generation from Cain and thus no clan characteristics pass into their new undead being, they’re considered weak, thin of blood). Yes, sometimes a different clan member can be adopted into another clan. Their skills or characteristics don’t change, but they’re refereed to as the clan they belong to. Thus, being baffled, Leopold turns to a strange Primogen of Tremere clan. Tremere is the clan of knowledge and sorcery, so it’s no surprise Leopold is afraid to ask her, Hannah, for help. But she seems fond of the Toreador and agrees to help him in return of a sculpture, for Leopold is a great sculptor.
His skill is proven when Toreador primogen, Victoria Ash, asks him to make a statue in scene of Cain killing Abel. It’s needed for the evening she’s throwing for the Atlanta vampires, in expectations to step a bit higher in her career. As you may guess, being a Primogen means pretty much being the head of your clan in the state, thus it’s not very high climb up. But a very hard one. All must unroll in this one evening she planned so carefully and thus, little orphan Leopold might feel less neglected if he has a chance to show off his skills too. But there’s a reason why superstitious Kindred (vampires) say that one should neither be near, look upon Cain statues, nor even say his name… It’s a terrible omen, and a hundred times worse when all the walls of the great hall where you’re at are lined with tens of the scenes, of Abel’s corpse and Cain hovering over him.
It’s a slow-starting book and you can definitely sense the year it was written in within the pages. But as it goes on, it gets better. Those who played the game – will enjoy this. Those who didn’t – don’t worry, everything is nicely explained in this, the information is neither lacking, not annoying, you go on and read this if you like more classy vampire stories. I’ll give this book 4 out of 5. Gave it a point, because it mentioned Dracula. Then took it away, because Leopold thought the man to be a myth. And we know that ain’t so. We even know that he belonged to one of the scariest clans out there…  Which is the second book theme, by the way.

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Top Ten Video Game Vampires

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