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Fan-Art: Adda The White


The month-exclusive for , Adda The White. I’m very happy my friend there decided to read witcher, and I woke up today with only one wish, to paint someone from that book. So here she is.

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Earned Break: Re-release of Witcher books


Making sure the new translation is good.

So far – it’s good.

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The Witcher: Untranslated

Witcher_nightmodereadingThere are two of those that we, Lithuanians, and probably a lot of others too (including the English speaking world) did not receive. And those who stuck with me long enough know just how much that eats at me.

A. Sapkowski’s Witcher Saga has dragged me through a lot of bad things, making me carry on against all odds, and possibly I’m still going on because of it all. The stories are wonderful, the characters are even more so, games are great too, and the music, the art, all those things born of it are proof of humanity being worth it. So let’s speak of what we didn’t get, for we got a lot already.

First is the short story collection called “Something Ends, Something Begins“, which contains eight stories, two of them being completely witcher-y. The book was done soon after “Lady of the Lake”, and was apparently a present to Sapkowski’s friends on their marriage, thus, one of the stories depict Yen’s and Geralt’s marriage. There’s little known of this book, other than it being pretty damn good piece of literature, with every story differing in style, genre, times, but not quality.

The second book is “Season of Storms“, and apparently takes place between the last short story book, and the “Blood of Elves”, taking the view of the times right after Geralt and Yen first met. From fan art I’m guessing there’s even new monsters described, so I truly hope it will someday be translated into some language I can read. After all, those times were the best, weren’t they?

Back in the day the very first collection of short stories got translated by now long gone publishers Dagon, I have that book for collecting purposes. Later, all books, including that one, were translated and released in beautiful hard covered pieces by now barely alive, if, Eridanas publishing house. So, truly, them being the only ones who ever gave us true fantasy and sci-fi genre (the hardcore type, no inbetweeners, no diluting for the masses, I’m sure they would’ve loved grabbing “Song of Fire and Ice” far before series hit those books into the surface), I doubt we’ll ever receive the latter novel, but I can still hope for something in English or German.

I also hope for you, English speakers, to receive the other short story collection book, the one they skipped and went for the “Blood of Elves” instead. That one was real good.

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