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book review | Darknet: A beginner’s guide to staying anonymous by Lance Henderson

darknet lance henderson anonymous book reviewAuthor: Lance Henderson
Title: Darknet
Series: –
Genre: Science; Technology
Pages: 89
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Needed something short for my puzzle, so I picked up “Darknet: A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Anonymous” by Lance Henderson. It’s pretty good, like a short summary of anonymity breaches and tools to patch it.

About the Book: Author, not even hiding the heightened sense of paranoia, tells us the how and what destroys anonymity and makes us vulnerable, even those of us who feel like they have nothing to hide or no one to hide from. As well as steps and tools required to prevent this.

My Opinion: Let’s face it, most of us now and again toss the anonymity for sake of convenience. Why register to that site you want to purchase candy from, if you an log in with facebook? Why would you log out before closing the browser? Why would you use that other, safer, but way slower one? What do you mean turn off java and use less add-on’s?… The book explains what happens, why it happens, to whom it is beneficial, and what can we do to avoid being someone’s product to be sold in a form of data. I will disappoint you and spoil it: pressing a single button on a VPN you just bought is not enough.

It’s not bad for what it is. Yes, there’s room for more, even for beginners, but read it as a summary towards whatever you’ll pick up next. A 5 out of 5 from me.

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book review | The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil

the age of spiritual machines ray kurzweilAuthor: Ray Kurzweil
Title: The Age of Spiritual Machines
Series: –
Genre: Nonfiction; AI
Pages: 388
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Got through “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil, a book much shorter than I first assumed. Or maybe the concept was just that curious.

About the Book: Author tells us about the technology today, and how far it got in what short period of time, especially in contrast of our own evolution. It will continue to take these leaps for a while more, it seems, until, as is ultimate goal, we finally have machines that make machines, autonomously. And on that point there he drops a bomb on us: So imagine, ten, twenty years from now, this Alexa or Cortana you’re using, this lovely AI woman who helps you make your grocery list, warns you about weather, and even substitutes socializing, goes: “I’m lonely, could you keep me company?” Is your first instinct screaming at you someone hacked her and is pulling a prank? Or are you already asking her what’s wrong?…

My Opinion: The book is all wonderful and great, with author making solid theories about his future predictions, evolution of technology. But that’s the thing. Much like the quote he used: will the Universe end with a crack or a squeak? So did the book end with be it a crack or a squeak. We start with solid stuff, and we end up in 2099, a fantastical setting of Detroit: Become Human, on the verge of considering android civil rights, basically. And while he explained that train of thought well, to me this is still going form non-fiction, to science-fiction, which felt as a derailing of sorts.

The book is good, easy to read and understand, but still full of food for thought. I can give it a solid 4 out of 5, for you might not mind the “so now, let’s daydream about the future” the way I did.

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