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Hour of the Wolf and The Howler

Little did I know about this game, The Howler: The Game of Touch and Scream, but now I do. The game is based on / inspired by Lithuanian Steampunk book “Hour of the Wolf” by Andrius B. Tapinas. The book is translated into English and can be obtained via Amazon, and you can get informed about it on Goodreads too. It is a saga, but I know nothing on whether there’ll be more games, yet what’s important right about now, is that this game on Steam currently costs only 0,19 euro cents!

Amazon ][ Goodreads ][ Steam ][ My Review

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[Game] Terraria [1.3]


The June 30th update on Terraria

First things first. I’m no expert at all. I’m an amateur normal-gamer. BUT. I have 211 hours on Terraria on record on Steam. I, with my friends, have killed probably 95% of all the bosses. Definitely found all the NPC’s, built them homes and defended them from invasions. Neither pirates nor goblins could stand against us. And so while we were playing calmly yesterday, my friend noticed there’s an update news… An update that was half a hour away. And today I can tell you – after Minecraft’s patch “the patch that changed the world” – this is the best thing in these types of games. And let me tell you why…

  1. Auto-Stack. – Yeah, I mean, Quick Stacking is not that hard. But not that fun either. You go from chest to chest, click the button and may your gods have mercy on you if you click Deposit All instead. Fret no longer. You open your inventory and there it is, at the bottom right corner of your, YOUR inventory. No need to open the chest anymore, just auto-stack everything by running PAST the chests. That’s it. That’s just it.
  2. Restock. – So you came back after a gruesome battle with 2 Health Potions left, barely any Mana Potions and so on. You open your chest, that you probably named “Restoration Potions” or something alike and there it is. From 5 to 15 types of potions. Now find the one you want, go on. OR DON’T! Click “Restock” at the corner of the chest (around the area where Quick Stack and Deposit All is) and you’re good to go and fight another flying pair of eyeballs!
  3. Craft directly from the chest. – Oh yes. This is the most important thing. Imagine you want to craft yourself a bunch of things, a whole damn bunch. So you took this and that. You come to the anvil or crafting table, or anything else really and… You forgot to pick up some seeds, or spores, or iron! And surely you had some chain pre-made, why would you waste your good metals? Well, don’t! What we did and what you can do too – we placed all our tables on the floor and propped a bunch of shelves above. Filled them in with chests for materials for crafting and there you have it. Why? Well because now you can craft directly from the chest. You open the chest, stand by the table you require and there, you can craft it!
  4. Put all dem things on the Cloud. – Steam Cloud is a great, great thing. But Terraria wasn’t very friendly with it. A friend of mine played Terraria from her PC and from her Laptop, making her do all sorts of chores for it: transfer character via email / usb drive, make a second character and deposit all every time you log out, just because you don’t know where will you log back in from again. Well, fret no longer. All your maps and characters can now be uploaded to the cloud! You can play from wherever the heck you want!
  5. Teleport to your friend. – How many times you died while digging with your friend, or raiding that damn dungeon? And they had to wait forever till you found your way back, which isn’t always easy, and in hardmode jungle caves – often barely possible. NEWS! A teleportation potion. What you do is you choose a team color, you and your friends, yes, you all can be one team. Then you open the big map, usually key-mapped as letter “M”, and click on their head. Done. You’re reunited and whatever killed you is now regretting it!
  6. New biomes, improved biomes. – that’s just that. New mini biomes, like granite and marble (so far the only ones I found underground), and whole new desert cave systems, they’re more unique, more like snow biome, not just underground biome with sand it in. Plenty of new monster down there too, mind ya…


So these here are my favorites. But there are many more, such as +800 new items, new events, new NPC’s, new ways the things work (for instance, information equippables can now stay in inventory and work from there, like depth measurer, compass), new places to place things (an extra little inventory for your grappling hook, pet, light source, etc.), new bosses even, and so on. I will provide a link below to where you can see all the updates. And yes, there are some bugs: money don’t stack in a chest (we share money among us), some items annoyingly stack up elsewhere, etc. But I’m sure a hotfix will soon patch things up.

wiki ][ official

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Humble Bundle 15th to 23rd

HumbleBundle truly made my day today:

And for more than average you’ll get four more games + whatever they unlock later (the “average” changes a lot, so look at it before buying, don’t miss out on good games, they don’t come any cheaper legally) :

Origin / Steam are platforms via which you can retrieve your games, using the code HumbleBundle will give you. You can give the codes of games you own or games you don’t want to your friends. Games are fully legal, the site is tried and tested, and used a lot by me. The purchase information is stored there forever, so whatever you buy – you own forever and can redownload as much as you need (since I bought comics and books before too, it’s very relevant).
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Assassin’s Creed and Ebay

Two days ago I bought Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and an Assassin’s Pendant on Ebay (all the links at the bottom). Yesterday I bought an Assassin’s Jacket, which is on HUGE sale and finished Assassin’s Creed III. I like Kenway men. Sad that Haytham was a Templar. I mean, I see his point, but I understand Connor wishing Lee dead above all things. And it was clear that after some time with his father, he really wanted a way out, a way to keep his father alive. And if he just given him Lee, I do believe Connor wouldn’t have been able to kill his own father like that. Stupid Haytham, stupid… And Connor was such an angry sass. And his captain outfit was adorable, in fact, it made me wonder whether to take dark grey jacket (I like grey colors or the colorlessness of it) or the dark blue one. Figured it’ll suit more assassins of my liking if it’s grey. AC:BF wasn’t on steam, it was directly on Uplay (the key-code from Humble Store, paid 10 euros for the game, worth every penny from the bits of soundtrack that I heard in Multiplayer, which is also unbelievably great). And now I have to get used to running with shift pressed in, because Connor used the right mouse key. I’m the person who doesn’t re-bind the keys, yes. I prefer getting used to, than changing to what I am used to.

Grey_1024x1024 $_12

Now, speaking of multiplayers in AC, I loved the one in Brotherhood, but then fell even more in love with the AC3 multiplayer. I used to play a Night Stalker in there, unlocking him all the best bits. Now I play AC4 multiplayer as… The Dandy. Because he’s f-ing creepy and I love it. This made my murder-buddy happy, because now she can take over the Stalker for herself. I hope she gets home soon… Anyways, the soundtrack is amazing, altho it’s a little bit harder to get a hang in this game, especially to another friend of mine, who preferred knowing which way to go to find the victim. Me and the girl with the Stalker, we liked the Assassination missions, so we’re good. You find, you stab, you walk away like nothing happened. The worst is poisoning thou. You’re all happy, you saw your pursuer and you’re about to hit them – but they just walk by you… And suddenly screen goes green and blurry and you bite the dust.

Now I’ll just give you all the links to all the best spots to buy your games from. You know most of these, I’m sure, so just so you know, these are mainly for my native readers:
The Humble Bundle – comes in several sections. Pay a dollar and get all the games that don’t have a lock on them in the main sections of it (sometimes it’s books, music, comics, not always just games). The store currently has a end-of-  summer-sale, so check it out, I paid 10 euros for AC4 on it.
Gog dot com – for those who hate DRM or can’t get online once every two weeks. Sales are rare on it, but they have more old games.
Origin – these guys are great. Check out the “On the house” section in Free Games section, often it’s something great, like Dead Space or Battlefield.
Uplay – now, I don’t know much about their offers or sales, because I deal with them mostly only when I want my assassin’s shot, but for game achievements they do give unlockables, which often are truly fun or very useful.
Steam Store – the best of the best in my own opinion. Huge sales on summer and christmas time, plus minor ones around halloween or otherwise theme-related. Currently it’s pirate-sales, so even AC4 is on sale. Mind you, small sale, but hey, still a sale, right? My rule is – if they cut the price more than 75% – you must get it. That is, if you want it. Don’t be buying random games, that’s what Humble Bundle is for. I remember I bought one bundle for 1 dollar because it had BioShock and Thief, and I got three more games. Luckily I got friends who appreciate free games, so I just push half the keys to them, otherwise my steam account would be ridiculous.
Bought my Assassin’s jacket HERE – big sale, guys, big. And only little of it left. And the pendant HERE. And this is my personal Ebay in case you want to help me clean out the closet.

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Andrius Tapinas – Hour of the Wolf [#1]


Andrius B. Tapinas is one of those few truly, TRULY great Lithuanian authors. And since the only one I mentioned was mentioned in a rather embarrassing context, I figured this will set the scales straight. Hour of the Wolf is the first book in Steam and Stone Saga mr. Tapinas is writing.

The book is like a spiral going inwards. You start at the far end of it, Russia selling two last cities to the great Rothschilds, one of them being Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania. You see, the Rothschilds are forming an Alliance of free cities, where alchemy of all types is nourished, all for the sake of science, of course. Thus you gasp at the Golems, the not yet forgotten art in one of the Free Alliance cities on Earth – Prague. You wonder at the murder that just happened, such precise cut that one, throat open as if with a scalpel. You are mesmerized by zeppelins and dirigibles, run not only on steam, but also on Prometel, an alchemical substance created and controlled by the Alliance. And most of all – you keep wondering of these ever appearing words – homnculus and biomics. Both, in general, are partially a frowned upon art, for it would create an insane power, for one of those things could tear through a whole squad. But at the same time – it’s something no one yet managed to pull off. All but one. A young woman named Mila, who once stepped into the view with three little automaton dolls. But not just any dolls, those dollies moved and acted on their free will! And if that’s not bad, what about the murder that happened in Vilnius? Who was the man? And what were the blueprints he had, the ones that got stolen barely a minute after his death? And who or rather WHAT killed him?

And as the circles are closing in onto the center, the story gets more intense. Mind you, author tends to slightly start each chapter on the far end of it, but just bear with it, every detail is worth something. Thus, as intensity grows, you get many mysteries solved in front of you, and if you’re like me, used to predict things, you’ll be both happy and disappointed. Happy that your deductions went to trash and yet disappointed that you didn’t suspect that, you, the great reader! All in all, book ended up with as many mysteries as it started, all different, of course, but for someone who thought this was a one-book thing – it then turned clear there’ll be sequels.

The book doesn’t truly and fully fit the steampunk genre, but the way it spilled out of the bowl was rather amazing to me. I mean, to those who strictly think steampunk is a Victorian era thing – you might be a bit too picky for this book, but those who understand that steampunk also progressed OUT of Victorian times, if you are also a fan of great alchemy-fantasy – you’ll love this. I can compare it to anime Fullmetal Alchemist for obvious reasons, I can also compare it to games of Syberia (I spelled it correctly, trust me) and many other things, but all in all, this is a perfect piece of an alternative history and I’ll give it 5 out of 5, with pride.

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I need to write the stuff down

So many random little and big things happen daily and I just forget half of them before I got the time to write about it. There’s books, theatre, tv series, tea, birthday presents and all that jazz, including the last episode of “Free!“. Not to mention the video games. So lets make this very short and I’ll just go deeper onto these or those things later on in separate posts!

I don’t celebrate my b-day, even thought I was born just one day after the famous late j-artist Hide (Hideto Matsumoto). I love his music, so I like to think that birth day does matter thus. Maybe I’ll create something as wonderful too! Anyways, I tend to take out my birth date out of all the possible places just to avoid the “Congratulations!”. Why? Because the more people congratulate me, the more annoying things happen the day after. Nevertheless, some people know, some people remember and thus I still get the congratulations and even presents, which, lets face it, are always nice to receive. This year was a bit different for I was allowed to chose what I wanted in either a general area (book, game, item of sorts), or even something specific, so I spat to it all and went for it. I’ve got books and gorgeous notebooks, and true wax candles, and tea, of course! And first time ever I had too much home-made sushi, made by a friend who actually knows how to make sushi! But what about the day after? Yes. Sucked. But it’ll pass, as all passes in this world.


Now, the video games. As you know, or maybe you don’t, Steam had a black-friday sale week-or-two. Around the time I bought Lovecraft book I mentioned two posts below, it all was happening and I spoiled myself a little bit. There were reasons for me to do so, worry not, I’m not a big-bad-waster. I already finished the “The incredible adventures of Van Helsing” once and will play it the second time around, for it was great. I’m half way through first Trine too, for a game that didn’t cost a full euro – heck, I did not expect so much awesomeness (and the same voice actress for a thief-rogue in there, as in DA2, the Isabela actress, I recognized her on the spot), second one coming up. And I began the “Dishonored“, which so far was pretty damn nice. Obviously the “Dracula: Origin” and “Dracula: Love Kills” were the first I bought and finished. I can’t help it, I want everything with Dracula in it. All of these games were on discounts of at least 75%, one below an euro. And no, I don’t feel anymore guilt over playing video games. They break the layer of chalk I get covered in while reading stuff other people wrote, and I can write my own stories more freely at the end of the day. So far it’s going pretty good!


  I’ve also been drawing a lot with water colors. Trying to gain a level, sort of. I’m on a project, for a long time now, but I’ll make it good even if I have to paint a hundred pages every day. Beside the painting I finished the “Free!” anime. Ending was a little funny and dumb, but I’m okay with it. And then my evil friend spoke me into watching Sherlock (yes, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch). Evil of her to do so, for not only I’m an addict from the very first serie, I already have dreams of it too. It’s amazing. The first thing that struck me was how nicely it was made/filmed. The second thing that lured me was the voice of Cumberbatch. And then the mad geniuses, obviously. Everyone loves the smart ones, right? Everyone but the stupid ones, I think… Those feel offended when someone’s showing more light than they are.


  Did I tell you that I watched Hamlet and Paganini plays? Lithuanian ones, Hamlet was amazing, all the little details, the expressiveness of the actors. Paganini had good singing voices, but side-roles lured me more than the main ones. I do love theatre…

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So much to do, so little time

Alright, quick update. I got three books to review here and I’ll do it soon. One was written by a friend (another friend I met because of the video games, so don’t tell me it’s a waste of time) and I’m very proud of being able to write a review on it. Later in month I also have a rather different play (theatre) to attend, so I’ll speak of that too. And there’s an art gallery open at the moment, by a local artist, so hopefully I’ll manage to get there before it’s closed too, for I wish to review the local fella too. Other than that thou, my b-day is coming up. I feel like groaning about it, but meh, what are b-days for us, right?

I still gave myself some presents tho. First I bought myself a video game I wanted, it was on sale at Steam, and I got it. Now I have all but one game of Dracula on Steam. Next goal – all the Dracula games on I have no shame and I don’t regret anything. The other presents were of course books. Who would I be were I not surrounded by books and writings? So with a little bit encouragement from a friend, I got myself H.P. LovecraftClassic Horror Stories” (the father of horror and probably the godfather or at least the most favorite uncle of occult arts), and Dr Gregory L. ReeceCreatures of the Night: In Search of Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons“, which could be either great or horrible. Both on discount, both came in just a few days, all thanks to BookDepository.


Library for once made me happy. They found the Robert LoryDracula Returns” for me, for once. I was rather angry the first time, when the very same woman didn’t exactly know the classical Dracula book and rather gave me a blueprint of it. I mean, I didn’t mind getting a book I haven’t yet had in my claws, but come on, know the classics at least.

I’m also almost done with Haruki Murakami 1Q84 trilogy. So far I find it a little bit too expanded, but good. I’ll breath lighter when I’m done with him tho. There’s just something in those books. And I’ve watched a couple of movies, one worth mentioning. Funny thing tho, I haven’t yet watched the last episode of “Free!” anime. I’m not sure why, it just seems that if I don’t – it’ll never end, even if I won’t see anything of it again anyways.

This is exactly how I spend my days – I write, I translate and I read. Then at night I play a video game, get to bed and read some more, or watch a serie of anime or anything. In the morning waking up isn’t the nicest activity, but as soon as I do – all goes well enough. I make a half-hour of exercise, write down my notes on what I’ve done so far and what I should do and continue the day with short breaks to chat with friends, delve into Tumblr or even draw something. And I made some good stuff, drop an eye there: DeviantArt.

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