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Let’s talk theatre

I’m a fan, yes. And it’s not just classics, no, the broadway, the burlesque, the shimmery outfits and kitschy jokes, it all suits me well. As I mentioned before, December (I do believe it all happened in December, counting time is a bit difficult right now) was my month of culture. Some things I saw online on live broadcasts, provided free by specific channels on television and internet, in hopes to make people a little better, I guess. To some I went. I will mention only two most important ones tho. “Hamlet” and “Prima Donnas“.

Hamlet I saw online, thanks to a friend who never ceases to fill my life with such things. It was the last performance-play of Hamlet by those classic-here (Lithuania) actors and that director, namely Eimuntas Nekroshius (Nekrošius). I didn’t turn it on on time, at the moment I began – Hamlet was already making a deal with his deceased father and first thing that happened was I got cold by watching Hamlet put his feet onto an ice block! (it’s partially modern take on Hamlet, there was a lot of ice, metaphoric items and such, all dark, all cold) Must say I never saw those people perform before, as far as I can remember, but I was struck speechless. Ophelia was never as tragic. Hamlet was never this pure in his actions. And I don’t even like Shakespeare that much!

You know the story, so I will not repeat it. I will just say that this play, this particular one, stands with the movie for me. If not above. Actors were older, but they performed this so many times – it was almost an alter ego to them. I am indeed a little sad I never saw this performed at spot, but never the less I saw it live and didn’t miss the last opportunity. Sure, one’s heart does not ache for the things one doesn’t know missing. But say what you want, it’s even better to know you didn’t miss.

  Doubt thou the stars are fire;
  Doubt that the sun doth move;
  Doubt truth to be a liar;
  But never doubt I love.


  And then there’s the “Broadway” type of a comedy of cabaret/burlesque called “Prima Donnas” (Primadonos), by Domino Theatre (I was a little lame not to dig into who built the play or who’s the writer at least). It’s a rare thing for us to get good plays or shows locally, for I live in this smaller town in between two biggest cities in Lithuania – it’s far to go to either. So when chance drops into your lap – you don’t miss it. I took mother to this one, for it was her birth day around that time and what better present than something you can remember forever?

  It all starts with loud music, smokes, colors and two guys dancing a very proper performance. Soon after we figure – they’re our main stars. Two guys who spent many years in Art studies, but they’re both still at the bottom of it – performing at cabaret, dancing in feather boas and glittery jackets. Neither wants that. So when they see the news in paper, that this so-and-so granny is dying and only wishes to see her grandchildren one last time – they must seize it. At least two millions are on stake… The catch in this plan is that the grandchildren are both female. But as one of the lads said – for two million dollars the question in whether you can pretend to be a woman is only one: which dress will you wear?

  It’s not the classy “and then they fell in love with other grandchildren of this granny, but they got mad at them for pretending just for the money, but then they all fell in love again and forgave each other everything“. There’s a twist there too – the girls, one true granddaughter and a friend of hers (they both helped the granny to find her grandchildren, so neither knows these two rather big girls are actually men), they find out who those two are sooner. And best is – they know those two actors and both are great fans of them!

  It was really well made, funny, with little bit but well used music. Actors were great, fast to react to audience and little mistakes that tend to happen not because of lack of talent, but because of the scene-factors. Like, one of the guys fell off the scene, low scene, I’m sure he didn’t hurt himself, but he was quick to jump up, drop a witty line in response and jump right back up! Really, as my mother said – sad we didn’t get flowers when going there.



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I need to write the stuff down

So many random little and big things happen daily and I just forget half of them before I got the time to write about it. There’s books, theatre, tv series, tea, birthday presents and all that jazz, including the last episode of “Free!“. Not to mention the video games. So lets make this very short and I’ll just go deeper onto these or those things later on in separate posts!

I don’t celebrate my b-day, even thought I was born just one day after the famous late j-artist Hide (Hideto Matsumoto). I love his music, so I like to think that birth day does matter thus. Maybe I’ll create something as wonderful too! Anyways, I tend to take out my birth date out of all the possible places just to avoid the “Congratulations!”. Why? Because the more people congratulate me, the more annoying things happen the day after. Nevertheless, some people know, some people remember and thus I still get the congratulations and even presents, which, lets face it, are always nice to receive. This year was a bit different for I was allowed to chose what I wanted in either a general area (book, game, item of sorts), or even something specific, so I spat to it all and went for it. I’ve got books and gorgeous notebooks, and true wax candles, and tea, of course! And first time ever I had too much home-made sushi, made by a friend who actually knows how to make sushi! But what about the day after? Yes. Sucked. But it’ll pass, as all passes in this world.


Now, the video games. As you know, or maybe you don’t, Steam had a black-friday sale week-or-two. Around the time I bought Lovecraft book I mentioned two posts below, it all was happening and I spoiled myself a little bit. There were reasons for me to do so, worry not, I’m not a big-bad-waster. I already finished the “The incredible adventures of Van Helsing” once and will play it the second time around, for it was great. I’m half way through first Trine too, for a game that didn’t cost a full euro – heck, I did not expect so much awesomeness (and the same voice actress for a thief-rogue in there, as in DA2, the Isabela actress, I recognized her on the spot), second one coming up. And I began the “Dishonored“, which so far was pretty damn nice. Obviously the “Dracula: Origin” and “Dracula: Love Kills” were the first I bought and finished. I can’t help it, I want everything with Dracula in it. All of these games were on discounts of at least 75%, one below an euro. And no, I don’t feel anymore guilt over playing video games. They break the layer of chalk I get covered in while reading stuff other people wrote, and I can write my own stories more freely at the end of the day. So far it’s going pretty good!


  I’ve also been drawing a lot with water colors. Trying to gain a level, sort of. I’m on a project, for a long time now, but I’ll make it good even if I have to paint a hundred pages every day. Beside the painting I finished the “Free!” anime. Ending was a little funny and dumb, but I’m okay with it. And then my evil friend spoke me into watching Sherlock (yes, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch). Evil of her to do so, for not only I’m an addict from the very first serie, I already have dreams of it too. It’s amazing. The first thing that struck me was how nicely it was made/filmed. The second thing that lured me was the voice of Cumberbatch. And then the mad geniuses, obviously. Everyone loves the smart ones, right? Everyone but the stupid ones, I think… Those feel offended when someone’s showing more light than they are.


  Did I tell you that I watched Hamlet and Paganini plays? Lithuanian ones, Hamlet was amazing, all the little details, the expressiveness of the actors. Paganini had good singing voices, but side-roles lured me more than the main ones. I do love theatre…

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