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book review | Dracember | Children of the Night by Dan Simmons | Seasons of Horror 2

children of the night by dan simmons dracember read like a villain nosferatu reads night mode reading book review a month of draculaAuthor: Dan Simmons
Title: Children of the Night
Series: Seasons of Horror 2
Genre: Horror books; Thriller
Pages: 453
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Dracember (drac-sem-ber) is here, and so, I return to you with a month of Dracula, and a great worry for next year, as there simply aren’t enough of these. But, for starters, read Children of the Night by Dan Simmons, the most boring interesting book I’ve ever read. Yes.

About the Book: Post-communist Romania, still running on not yet uprooted remnants of nasty regime, is where Kate’s source of frustration and salvation lies. A child with supernatural immune system, so powerful that if only she could get the kid out of the country, and into a proper, state of the art lab, there’d be no more incurable illness or disease. But Romania has long since been the cradle of Dark Secrets, and so, forces that serve them are unwilling to give up the child they could use to revive Him with…

My Opinion: The book is told from two perspectives; Kate’s, and Dracula’s, who tells his tale, and explains how he’s learning of things happening around him. Mythos of vampires is well woven, and in general it was a very interesting read. Except that I almost died of boredom when author saw the need to describe bureaucracy in such detail and extent, and then provide all of the characters who just happen to know all the right people, and have all the right skills. Kate was annoying too, unusually so, and her co-workers were the worst by being the best with their praises to Kate, oh, if anyone, you can surely do it. Yes, okay, great, fun. The book is good enough that I’d read sequel if there was one (series is not of connected books, they’re all stand-alones), but bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend it.

It really had its moments, so a firm 3 out of 5.

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