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How Roses Eternal are born


  • First we get the aqua colors and get them a little soggy. You might not want to do this if you have decent kind of aqua colors, but mine turn into wet-chalk-like substance, so I must.
  • I paint the cabochon setting black. Used to use black paper, but figured black paint is to my advantage when it comes to shadows.
  • Start with the darkest color of usable red. I use pure red or add a speck of black in it. That is advisable.


  • Next I mix up some pink. It has to be a shade of dusty dry pink rose, so the basic one already pre-given in the pallet doesn’t fit my needs. Might fit yours tho, give it a shot.
  • Dab the light with pink. Then with pure white. You can play around a bit and make dew drops. Did it a couple times, it can really save a slightly messy looking miniature.
  • I don’t usually do mid-shade for the stems and leafs, but you can. And I should, and you should probably too.


  • Instead I just dab basic green with pure white where light would hit it the hardest. I admit, this is a little messy. Mostly because my best and most favorite paintbrush has met its end.
  • Enamel.
  • Just enough of it to cover up the picture.
  • I hold it in pliers and heat it over an open flame of a candle since I don’t have a heat gun. I can’t advice this.


  • It melts and it hardens, making a gorgeous glass-like shine over the miniature. Much like resin. Can’t say what I prefer, since I didn’t work with resin. I do, on the other hand, have a couple pendants made with resin-finish. Or should I say had? Resin turned yellow and popped off completely, besides scratching up. With enamel – you can always re-heat it, it’ll melt and re-harden and be as good as new, as long as you don’t burn it up.

IMG_4656And this is the finished product that you can see on my [DeviantArt], buy on [Etsy], or like on [Facebook]. Or follow me on Twitter][Tumblr

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Many a thing

Many things have happened so far, so many, in fact, that I don’t even know where to begin. For instance, my pregnant sister has returned from UK. Currently she’s 33 weeks. And every aunt and uncle turns to me: when will I give my due? One wishes to flip them all off sometimes. But then I realize it’s much, much easier to swim by, smiling like a moron, imagining the books I’ll read and the games I’ll play when I swim away at last.
I received even more gifts from Bulgaria. It seems that country has all the most generous people in a collective. I received two green candles that smell like spruce forest. I use candles for work, to blacken the wire, heat up the enamel, etc. So this is a practical gift as much as it is beautiful. Also a vial of rose essence in a wooden case. I can’t tell you enough how Lithuanian this little casing looks like. I guess we’re not that far apart, in the end, even our flags are alike, aren’t they? And the best thing: a huge pile of Fimo clay. I used up a lot and still have a pile of unopened ones laying on a shelf, away from sunlight and temperature changes.
Post_2  Then, later on, something unbelievable happened. One day I sat there and remembered that when I was little, I had this blue etched ring. I got it, most likely, from a bubble-gum, once in my childhood sold with little cheap rings with it, in these boxes in market, with heavy-built women praising your choice of gum and ring that comes with it, without even looking at what you actually chose. I also had one with a little pearl bead on it, but that one’s also lost. As is that beautiful green-eyed ring… Can you tell I like rings? Anyways, I really wanted a blue ring. But couldn’t find any, nothing seemed even similar to what I had, besides those few gold rings I didn’t fancy much, since I wanted a blue one. And then, one day at last I receive my package of beads. Friend, a month or two ago, ordered a whole bunch of all sorts of beads, in exchange that I make her a few pairs of earrings out of them, and then get to keep all the rest. So I take one package out, another, five in total and there, at the bottom of it, there’s this weird small zip-lock bag. I pick it up and what do you know? It’s a blue ring with etched “Predestined Love You” on it, the same cheap kind I had as a child. Friend agreed I can keep it, since she didn’t order it, and the ring is obviously a “business card” made clever. But I don’t care that it’s a business-card, I love it!
Since then I have made a huge handful of earrings. You can find some in Etsy and all of them on Facebook. Some I didn’t yet put up for sale, since I don’t know which ones my friend will pick out and just how many different pairs I’ll be able to make afterwards, since I’m running out of wire nails. When I resupply myself, I’ll make more, but then there’s another reason why I didn’t put up all of them on sale: I might come up with more ideas, not just earring ideas, that is, so I wish to keep a little extra of those beautiful black mat glass beads.
Post_1  Currently I am at the start of my little project of cheap books. Once I wrote this little article of prices of books in Lithuania and why e-books aren’t popular choice here. One argument there were cheap paper books: you CAN, absolutely, get cheap books, but they won’t be your pop-literature, which, let’s face it, we all want and it’s not always a bad thing either, since such little gems as “the fault in our stars” is also popular literature, and a bestseller (and so is your Song of Fire and Ice, there’s nothing bad in word “pop” or “popular”, it’s only as bad as we believe it is, so let’s not believe it is bad).  I bought many books on sales, new books, since many a person doesn’t like old books either. You’d say they’re crazy and miss out on a lot? Well, I’ll then ask you in return, if we’ll assume that you have a way to read e-books, do you? Because if you don’t, I will tell you the same – you’re crazy, you don’t know how much you miss out! Since I have four digits of books legally obtained on Amazon for a complete and utter zero for a price – some of them actually books from pop-section too! – you have no excuses. But anyways, so, cheap books. Non cost me more than two three euros for certain, and my goal is to find gems among them. It won’t prove anything – books cost terrible money, and not just in Lithuania, but in most countries! And I did a lot of research on it, I don’t see exactly why they couldn’t be cheaper when they’re sold only via digital media, say, a digital store that sends you a physical copy, the way BookDepository does. Yes, I did include binding, printing, minimums, average and maximums of payments to authors, workers, etc. so trust me when I say, they should be at least a little bit cheaper. I’m not claiming half a price, no, but a little cheaper would make everyone happy on the readers end, especially when you can get a digital copy for a buck or two if you know where to look. So yeah. I just want to find some super-cheap gems.
IMG_4155    So far I actually found one, yes. It’d be Gabriel Loidolt book “Yakuza”. Loved it, truly. Simple, short, marvelous.
And that’ll be that for now. I should learn to write these more often, so that what I write is not a mess I did just now…
Oh, and this is what I watched Solar Eclipse via.


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