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Jeaniene Frost – Twice Tempted [2]

x2You didn’t think I’ll quit Night Prince series by Jeanine Frost just because it was a silly-ish romance, did you? That never happened, and there where’s Dracula – never will. So let’s get into the “Twice Tempted” (Night Prince 2; ISBN 0062076108; 360p.; Goodreads), the second book on Leila the lightening woman, and Vlad Basarab Dracula, the fire-starting vampire.

As much as Leila loves Vlad and his people, the treatment he’s offering is rubbing her the wrong way. He disappears without a word on why, where, when. He acts a bit cold. Makes her adjust to his vampiric life, making little effort to adjust to hers. And the final straw – he offers her vampirism in a party he threw, before all his subjects, when both she, and her sister thought really, he’s going to propose. In a state of anger Leila rage-quits everything, sparing no words or actions. She packs up, breaks it off, and leaves. And if she thought her broken heart was bad enough, wait ’till she finds out Vlad’s ex is back on the radar.

Not too late after this whole nasty drama, an explosion meant to kill Leila nearly succeeds, in her stead killing innocents, her friends. Who’d want her dead, and who’d take such indirect, gruesome measures to kill her? Well, honestly the list isn’t all that short, and she can put Prince of the Darkness on it too. Lucky for her, Vlad’s right arm man is ready to help her, and defend her if need be, even from Vlad himself…

This one, to be honest, was pretty good. While the petty things author tried to make you believe are not very believable, the other stuff, like that small little plot twist, gets the job done. Apparently there’s more than just vampires, heck, there’s whole witchcraft and wizardry thing going on. I can give this book a well deserved 4 out of 5.

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I work at what is called “Briand” (yes, Briand not Brand). Onions (spring onions) ride on the line past you, you take a handful, peel off ugly, flimsy and yellow leafs, cut off the roots and put it onto another line riding to other people. Sometimes they send you to different sector of the factory to be the “extra hands”. I worked everywhere already I think. And apparently I dislike the most easy work and like the hardest work. Thus Pre-Pack is considered the easiest. You take 200 grams of onions and put them on the riding plastic line which then is closed and formed into a package. It stinks of plastic there and I can’t sense the weight in my hands – I just grab a bunch and hope it will pass. The Washline is considered to be the hardest, for you deal with the rawest and wettest material – not yet cleaned onions and water water everywhere for its cleansing. So today I worked 12 hours there. My back hurts, I was soaked to very underwear, but now I’m back and all is good. Three more days and I should have two days off IF nothing changes, but it is very possible that they will change the schedule soon. Doesn’t matter, I’ll make money.

Whole day I was thinking of Anno Dracula. Even fiction about Vlad makes me happy beyond belief. It helped me pass the day when it was the hardest. Vlad Tepes. Vlad Tsepehs. Kaziklu Bey. Vlad the Impaler. Prince Impaler. Lord Impaler. Son of the Devil. Son of the Dragon. The Dark Prince. Prince of the Darkness. Vlad Dracula. Vlad Draculea. Vlad Draculya. Vlad The Dragon.

Me, crazy?… Naaah.

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