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Some more new ties

Alright, so yesterday I went for more tie-hunting. This time aiming right to market, where they got these old things being sold, clothes and just stuff of all sorts, what people don’t need. In England equivalent would be Carbot market, just here we have it almost every day and in a lot lower quality.

I was lucky to find three beautiful ties, one of them I intend to keep for it has just way too amazing ornament on it. Other two are in fact labeled as “Christian Dior”. I’m unsure how can this be, because such ties in stores here cost from at least 30 dollars to tri-digit. I got them for around 30 cents (dollar cents). The quality is great, they’re of amazing thin silk, with perfect condition cloth inside to keep them sturdier. One I already used for a bracelet, will show what I make and so far made out of them in a next post, for now, let’s keep it short, here’s the pictures!

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