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book review | The Bookshop from Hell by David Haynes

bookshop from hell y david haynes book review read like a villain horror night mode reading nosferatu readsAuthor: David Haynes
Title: The Bookshop from Hell
Series: –
Genre: Horror; Paranormal
Pages: 227
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Forget what I was looking for originally when I discovered The Bookshop from Hell by David Haynes, and won’t likely ever remember now. But this one sounded too intriguing to pass.

About the Book: A new bookshop opens in a small, relatively peaceful town, where a door left unlocked wasn’t a safety hazard. Strange one, with an older gentleman running it, seemingly no electricity, and rarely even open. Yet, despite all that, soon townspeople find themselves with a book in their hands, gifted to them, one they cannot put down, for it’s a tale tailored just for them, a tale that has all the answers…

My Opinion: It’s a very classic kind of a tale: some kind of paranormal thing rolls into a very tidy town, and starts pulling and twisting the darkest strings, causing mass hysteria, mayhem, murder. While it might feel dull reading it, there’s value in the books that aren’t boring, books where you can just sit down and relax, simply read, not thinking what’s ahead, not keeping tabs, or trying to connect the pieces together. So, all in all, pretty good for what it is.

A firm 4 out of 5

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