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book review | You will get through this night by Daniel Howell

you will get through this night daniel howell book review dan is so cool likeAuthor: Daniel Howell
Title: You Will Get Through This Night
Series: –
Genre: Nonfiction; Self-Help
Pages: 320
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I used to watch Daniel Howell on YouTube way back when, but then, for some reason, stopped. Still, I kept up with the majors, like his coming out video that I will post below. And now I’ve also read his wonderful book, called “You Will Get Through This Night“.

About the Book: This book is pretty much all you need for your mental health first aid kid. From cheating and playing your own system, to being better to yourself. From self care at its core, so self grounding when that overthinking thought-thought train derails.

My Opinion: This is like the best parts of all the self-help books I’ve ever read. On top of that, author assures he did his consultation and research, but encourages to seek help if it seems like it’s not enough. There’s little exercises you can totally skip if it gets overwhelming, and very relatable examples from Dan’s life.

I recommend this very much. A 5 out of 5.

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book review | High: Drugs, Desire and a Nation of Users by Ingrid Walker

high drugs desire nation of users ingrid walker book review knygos apzvalgaAuthor: Ingrid Walker
Title: High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users
Series: –
Genre: Culture; Nonfiction
Pages: 240
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

While fairly informative and interesting, “High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users” by Ingrid Walker┬áis an extremely dull read.

About the Book: Why are some substances – severely punished, and others you can obtain via prescription, a request, in the pharmacy or just the grocery store? Why is social drinking – normal, even encouraged behavior, while pot for social anxiety is stigmatized? What’s the difference between drug users and abusers? All this and many more questions are being contemplated in this book via data, statistics, personal experiences and testimonies of others.

My Opinion: A hard and dull read. Interesting testimonies, fair amount of information, thought provoking hypotheses on the whole war on drugs, stigma, and the double standards in it. But a poor approach that made this book a chore.

3 out of 5, not bad, but wouldn’t waste my weekend on it per say.

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book review | Darknet: A beginner’s guide to staying anonymous by Lance Henderson

darknet lance henderson anonymous book reviewAuthor: Lance Henderson
Title: Darknet
Series: –
Genre: Science; Technology
Pages: 89
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Needed something short for my puzzle, so I picked up “Darknet: A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Anonymous” by Lance Henderson. It’s pretty good, like a short summary of anonymity breaches and tools to patch it.

About the Book: Author, not even hiding the heightened sense of paranoia, tells us the how and what destroys anonymity and makes us vulnerable, even those of us who feel like they have nothing to hide or no one to hide from. As well as steps and tools required to prevent this.

My Opinion: Let’s face it, most of us now and again toss the anonymity for sake of convenience. Why register to that site you want to purchase candy from, if you an log in with facebook? Why would you log out before closing the browser? Why would you use that other, safer, but way slower one? What do you mean turn off java and use less add-on’s?… The book explains what happens, why it happens, to whom it is beneficial, and what can we do to avoid being someone’s product to be sold in a form of data. I will disappoint you and spoil it: pressing a single button on a VPN you just bought is not enough.

It’s not bad for what it is. Yes, there’s room for more, even for beginners, but read it as a summary towards whatever you’ll pick up next. A 5 out of 5 from me.

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book review | So Good They Can’t Ignore you by Cal Newport

so good they cant ignore you cal newport book coverAuthor: Cal Newport
Title: So Good They Can’t Ignore You
Series: –
Genre: Self Help; Nonfiction
Pages: 288
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I need more books like “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport. It’s insightful, eye opening and most importantly – motivating.

About the Book: The age old rhetoric and advice we keep hearing, the “pursue what you love and money will follow” is a big fat lie. If you look closer at the successful people you and I likely wish to emulate, you’ll notice that even if they did tell you to follow your dreams – they didn’t do that themselves. In fact, they started doing a thing, learned it good, and then that job they did became the job they love. This book, in great detail, explains how does one find those perfect careers or rather, how one makes them and becomes, well, so good they can’t ignore you.

My Opinion: Oh, this is good. I often find myself hating and loving my job in equal parts (I’m a translator-interpreter). I hate it when I’m overworked and there’s more work – I’ve no control. All I want to do then is play video games all night and not have to wake up to do more work. But then, on days when I do manage to do work, solve the linguistic nuances, I realize that I’m good at what I do. And that triggers love for this work. This has kept me in the field for over ten years now. And this book explained why this is so and what I can do with it.

I really recommend this book to everyone who is not very happy with their current job. By no means, I promise, this book does not tell you to stick to it. But it will show you the options from that point you’re now in. A 5 out of 5.

so good they cant ignore you cal newport book reviewq

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book review | Hunting Whitey by Casey Sherman

hunting whitey casey sherman dave wedge book reviewAuthor: Casey Sherman
Title: Hunting Whitey
Series: –
Genre: True Crime; Nonfiction
Pages: 368
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Not gonna lie, I had no clue who James “Whitey” Bulger was up until reading “Hunting Whitey” by Casey Sherman. A life and death book of a legendary South Boston mob boss.

About the Book: A ruthless mob boss, self proclaimed gentleman, and a loving father to his children. James “Whitey” Bulger’s name is mentioned along side such notorious ones as Al Capone or Vito Genovese. This is a book of his long overdue capture, long and tough years in prison, and death by murder.

My Opinion: A pretty good book, well written, with plenty of details and names (an important factor for fact-checking). I’m just surprised I had no clue who this man was, since he was second most wanted man in the USA, just after Osama bin Laden.

While the book is good, and I approve of it for October, if you just want a tale of mobsters and gangsters, I’d go with something more fun, like one of those Hollywood Godfather books (there’s a few “former” gangsters who wrote amazing memoirs). But this one gets a solid 4 out of 5.

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book review | History’s 9 Most Insane Rulers by Scott Rank

historys 9 most insane rulers scott rank book reviewAuthor: Scott Rank
Title: History’s 9 Most Insane Rulers
Series: –
Genre: Nonfiction; History
Pages: 320
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

History’s 9 Most Insane Rulers” by Scott Rank must be taken with a grain of salt. And one must always keep in mind that by “insane” author means an actual mental illness, and not just behavior that would seem insane to regular folk.

About the Book: Nine insane rulers, their lives and the lives of their subjects, their country. From Caligula to a view into the far East, with a diagnosis at hand. Some might have not been cruel. Some might have not even been as insane as history, told by their enemies, claimed. But others had enough depravity for all and then some.

My Opinion: The first two or three chapters were pretty interesting, and that’s what gets the points. Later on as we proceed into more and more recent times there comes a need to google facts. Or rather, there’s these moments where I secretly wondered on whether author had access to internet, or maybe there was a non-disclosure agreement of some sort, for author, seemingly accidentally, blackens the name of poor people that are held hostage by their insane leaders.

It’s an okay book that I can give a 4 out of 5 for the sake of writing consistency. But please do remember, search engines are your friends.

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book review | Dopesick by Beth Macy

dopesick beth macyAuthor: Beth Macy
Title: Dopesick
Series: –
Genre: Nonfiction; Science
Pages: 384
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Dopesick” by Beth Macy is dark, strong, and very scary. Mostly because that the tale it tells is true, happening today and will happen tomorrow.

About the Book: Mind ruled by opium is mind not your own, and yet… How are you supposed to live in reality, when you saw life, world, at its very best? Starting with Soldier’s Disease, to whom opium was given for obvious reasons, later in form of heroin, from where the title of the drug originates. Continuing with pharma pushing medicine and claiming its not addictive, doctors who over-prescribed them, and people who believed these greed embodiments have their best interest at hand. And ending with a system meant to keep you, and never let you go. User, abuser, gets arrested, gets no treatment, then is thrown out with no means to get apartment or food stamps, with very vague possibilities of job… They go back to dealer, ask for a favor, resell some, pay back, use up some to not see this darkness a failed system put them in. They get arrested, get no treatment, and the cycle continues until, usually, young death.

My Opinion: It’s scary to read of a mother who cared for household and kids like a superhero. Who needed a simple surgery, and got oxyContin prescribed for the pain. It’s scary how fast her life becomes a slope going down at terrifying speed. Scary how systematic racism ties into this too. The book is strongly written, it’s very clear, and will scare off many, I hope.

Read it. Give it to your kids to read it too. 5 out of 5.

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book review | White Rage by Caron Anderson

the unspken truth of racial divide white rage carol andersonAuthor: Carol Anderson
Title: White Rage
Series: –
Genre: History; Nonfiction
Pages: 256
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

In the face of what’s happening in the world right now, the best we can do is listen and learn. So I picked up “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide” by Carol Anderson. It shines light and gives better perspective on USA history, and what brought the whole world (thankfully) to this point.

About the Book: The book begins with the earliest history of America, which is fairly recent in comparison. It tells a surreal sounding tale of systematic racism, undercutting, and this constant mix of rage and despair, fear and loathing. And then, after listening to the atrocities that end with president Obama, you hear what sounds like a prophecy: mayors, governors, fear what will happen when yet another innocent black man is shot on the street.

My Opinion: The book didn’t get that far, it was released before the proverbial camel’s back broke, but that should only help you think. In a world where people refuse to listen and outright mocks the plea of the people just like them, merely because their system is made so its more convenient to do so – is violence then not the only language one can’t ignore? First pride “parade” was a violent riot too. So if we could just listen to people, people like Carol Anderson, maybe we’d not reach another point in our history again, where human beings have to throw rocks to be heard. This is a superbly written book, with a very kind author providing information to cover every corner in a tight, condensed manner, that leads you to very clear vision of why we’re here today.

It’s a great book, and I hope everyone reads it, and many more too. A strong 5 out of 5 from me.

america is stolen land built by people who were stolen from their land

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book review | The Club King by Peter Gatien

The Club King Peter Gatien Rise Reign Fall new york nightlifeAuthor: Peter Gatien
Title: The Club King
Series: –
Genre: Memoir; Nonfiction
Pages: 246
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I love biographies of club owners who made it before 2000s. It’s always interesting to peek behind the curtain of scripted danger and/or curated freedom. “The Club King: My Rise, Reign and Fall in New York Nightlife” by Peter Gatien is one of the better examples of such memoirs.

About the Book: Poor childhood, an accident that left the boy without an eye, and a personality he built out of this all. A well defined path, with clear cut offs around what’s “not for him“. This lead to the mysterious club owner with an eye patch, a series of well known club names, firm hand on the nightlife, and dizzying heights that came with it. Peter Gatien helped shape the nightlife as we know it.

My Opinion: Author has a very interesting personality. Had he not reigned himself in when he had to, the tale would’ve been short and sad. Had he not cared for the people who worked for him as much as he did – possibly same would’ve happened too. Instead, he built visions, took calculated risks, and boldly marched ahead of the trends, setting them in stone for all I know, seeing how the last glimpses of clubs he described sounds so familiar still. It’s a great book of what smart determination can bring you, and just how much work it takes outside of “dreaming big”, if nothing else.

A great book. Firm 5 out of 5.

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book review | The Secret Lives of Planets by Paul Murdin

secret lives of planets paul murdinAuthor: Paul Murdin
Title: The Secret Lives of Planets
Series: –
Genre: Nonfiction; Science
Pages: 288
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. And so I knew all the planets on the Solar System, and lots of facts about them. Alongside dinosaur names. That’s likely why “The Secret Lives of Planets” by Paul Murdin amused me so. A fun little book.

About the Book: Author introduces us to planets like we’re all just having afternoon tea. Telling us their names, name origins, who, how, and when discovered them. What’s their path across our sky and around the sun. What could they be made out of, what we know, and what we can speculate. Each fact, even the driest one, was presented in a kind, almost telltale style, easy to read and absorb.

My Opinion: Author has a great writing style. I appreciated the light humor, facts and side-facts. Nothing felt dry, nothing was boring. In fact, it painted a beautiful mental image of each planet, making me appreciate the sunlight pouring in through the windows, away from the cold, ice, and distant parent star.

This was definitely my cup of tea. A 5 out of 5 from me.

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