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The perfect little mold

There’s a magical place called, where artists and craftsmen of all kinds gather up to sell us their pieces of art. Some even sell us help. Help like molds, which you can use to make your own gorgeous bits and pieces.
Three weeks ago, I bought one from there, a silicone mold for cameo settings/frames. I paid seven dollars for it, plus, probably six for the shipping (etsy always has expensive shipping prices). I don’t regret a cent. Plus, it got sent in this lovely little cloth bag with a store tag on it, which I find to be a nice touch in compare to usual zip-lock bags I get.
I tried it out today, for the first time since receiving it yesterday. As for now I only have old open fimo’s laying around, so with advice of a friend, I grabbed the gold one (it’s been around my drawer for a year now), and I rolled it until it got somewhat workable. I also moistened it up to reach every little small detail in the mold, for the Devil is in the Details, you must make it worth the heaven and hell (pardon my misuse of the phrase). The next day, today, that is, I popped it into the oven for it can perfectly withstand the heat Fimo needs (not sure about other brands of polymeric clay tho, check the etsy store info, it says what heat mold can hold and then check your clay package to find out what heat it needs to set). And, well, what do you know? I took it out, allowed it to cool down, for it got real hot, which is a good sign if you bake clay in molds, and then I just pressed the center back of it and off it went! Like the Etsy store says – like magic.
My advice: get soft fimo. Or any soft clay. And get more than one mold at a time, I mean, not necessaraly the same one (thou now that I think of it – it could be real useful), they have a lot of all kinds, I could name ten more I will buy in the future. And then be very very precise in filling the frame from the smallest creases.

Bought from: MoldMuse 

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