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Dark Shadows

Just watched another great movie by Tim Burton, with such amazing actors like Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and even Alice Cooper! Must say, it was a very pleasant surprise.

I expected a funny, fairy-tale sort of dark story, maybe like earlier works of Tim Burton, but he dropped a gold coin on the table, instead of an expected silver. Story was as funny as it was serious, with classical things that might have not ended in such classical ways and this hint to sequel gave me a smile too.

Somehow it seemed that movie is quite short, I’m not sure why, but as soon as everything started to roll – everything unrolled. Some characters lacked The Character because of miss-concentration on something else in the movie, things like amazing decorations maybe. Even the crazy-boy lacked proper crazy scenes, or the nanny-lady, she started so good, so damn good and later was quite forgotten. But at least, I tell you, side-details went smooth and were fulfilling. Say, like a ball with Alice Cooper music, or random Season Of the Witch song in the background, this angry teen girl and this crazy pale man with nosferatu-fingers and most strange haircut.

I loved the make-up in this movie, theatrical, heavy, yet exactly where it should be. Decorations all around – gorgeous beyond the words, and unexpectedly – all or most in theme of sea. Usually you see carved lions, dragons, wolfs. Here? Seahorses, octopuses… Main hero, if a bit troubled and messed in the head – still, just right, neither too melancholic and dramatic, like I’d say Edward Cullen was, neither too vicious and evil, like the big bad bats tend to be.

So yes, all in all, it was indeed a pleasant surprise. Nothing too grand maybe, but worth the time by all means!

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