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Joe Hill – Nos4a2

15729539I’ve read “Heart-shaped box” by Joe Hill a fair while ago. I didn’t like it much, which, I guess, resulted in me forgetting all about this author. Until his “Nos4a2” (Nos-Four-A-Two; ISBN 0062200577; 704p.; Goodreads) appeared in my sight. And while this book wont become my favorite any time soon, it was still better than the previous one. But whether that is because I’ve read a translation of that one, and original of this one – who could tell now?

Charles Manx is a nosferatu in more sense than one. He feeds on human happiness and youth to remain youthful, and seemingly, immortal himself. Of course, he doesn’t have to drink blood for that. Not that he’d want to either. All he has to do is save the abused, underloved children, and take them to the Christmas land, where happiness is eternal, and frowns are against the law! Charles Manx wholeheartedly believes that what he does is right. And so, no one will ever stop him, he will save as many kids from their awful parents, as he absolutely can!

Victoria McQueen was likely the only Manx’s victim to ever escape, and that only thanks to the ability both she and Manx have, which is to open a way elsewhere. Manx opens a road to Christmas land riding his car, and Victoria opens hers to just a general place elsewhere, wherever she needs to be, a sort of a shorter way. Her run-in with the Christmas land got written down as mental illness, caused by stress of being kidnapped by a molester. She was medicated all her life for it, so, naturally, when Manx’s body disappeared from the morgue, she’d rather not hear about it. Even if she is the only person who can possibly stop him.

As I said, I do believe this book to be better than the “Heart-shaped box”, but I’m still not a fan. 3 out of 5, no more, no less.

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Joe Hill – Heart-Shaped Box

heartshapedbox   It seems that sometimes I like books for a completely irrelevant to the story reason. This is the case with Joe Hill‘s “Heart-Shaped Box“. I was recommended this book for it’s a horror story, and I try to justify my Nosferatu name. Sadly, all the horror seeped out of it before the second half of the book was reached. Yet I kept on reading, because this was the vice-versa damsel in distress story. The metal music vocalist Jude Coin, a mighty man with a mighty beard, required saving by two thin and damaged goth ladies. I applaud the author for that.
Jude Coin, previously a vocal in a metal band, now a solo-career pursuing metal-star, is as good an artist as they come. To keep up the “bad guy” profile, he dates depressed goth girls and kicks them out when he’s bored of them. He also collects all sorts of occult rubbish, as must be. Thus, no surprise there that he bites the bait when his assistant finds online an offer saying that a woman will sell her step-father’s ghost to anyone willing. Apparently, the famous hypnotist died without any place he could call his own, thus now he haunts this old suit. Jude bought the suit with the ghost attached to it. I assume he did not expect to actually get a ghost. At least not that tremendous of a being…
Soon after Jude gets acquainted with the ghost, the story makes a less fun turn and the horror story becomes a run-for-your-life story. I do believe that a moving candlestick and broken mirrors would’ve been scarier than running to all of those relatives. Oh and did I mention the love story it all involves? It’d seem that every soon-to-be-goth girl was molested in her early teen years, and now knows not what to do with their lives. And he has a pair of smart-ass dogs, but hey, that’s not the bright side of the story either. So all I can give is 3 out of 5, and even that’s a bit much, I feel. Mostly it’s for the first half of the book. Joe Hill has the potential to write horror stories, but this one was far from a good one.

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