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book review | Driven by James Sallis | Drive 2

james salis driven drive ryan gosling movie review bookAuthor: James Sallis
Title: Driven
Series: Drive 2
Genre: Crime; Noir
Pages: 158
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Never have I ever reread a book so short so many times, because plot was too messy to properly follow. That was my experience with “Driven” by James Sallis, sequel to “Drive“.

About the Book: Driver enters new life, having ran from the previous chaos and danger, the double-crossings. And all goes truly well up until someone finds him again. Pushed to run with his life getting systematically destroyed, driver is preparing to face whoever is doing this and find out why.

My Opinion: I really hate scattered plot. Especially those that are more philosophical monologues than any distinct action. So while the book is well written, even if lacking in some kind of order, and there’s even good plot twists, it just got too dull and became too much work too soon.

Not for me, no. A 3 out of 5.

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book review | Drive by James Sallis | 1

james sallis drive book review ryan goslingAuthor: James Sallis
Title: Drive
Series: Drive 1
Genre: Thriller; Crime
Pages: 168
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Drive” with Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite movies. So when I spotted James Sallis books by the same title on which it was based, I had to read them.

About the Book: He drives. Nothing less and nothing more. Stunts for movies at day time, heists at night time. No details, just where, when, and where to. And still it went sideways! He tried to fix it… But you can’t expect others to have same principals as yours.

My Opinion: The story is interesting, short, but a bit tough to read. It tells a tale of a man we know as the driver. From his childhood in a chaotic broken home, to his driving talent and where it landed him, to crime business and that one job that went wrong. Tales are parallel and it’s not always clear which one you’re reading until some major detail pops up.

Saying that, the book is short, so it’s worth reading it if you enjoyed the movie enough. A 4 out of 5.

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