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book review | Dracember | Draculas – A Novel of Terror by Blake Crouch

draculas a novel of terror crouch blake dracember book review read like a villain dracula book nosferatu reads night mode readingAuthor: Blake Crouch
Title: Draculas – A Novel of Terror
Series: Konrath / Kilborn Collective
Genre: Horror; Thriller
Pages: 326
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Randomly discovered this book here, “Draculas – A Novel of Terror” by Blake Crouch and a few other authors, who each wrote a character for this one, edge-of-the-seat tale. My second book of Dracember, December with Dracula, brings us to a hospital about to be overrun by vampire infestation.

About the Book: Elderly man who’d fit Stephen King‘s novels, has bought a strange, seemingly human skull. Greatest difference between actual human skull and this is, of course, the set of teeth. Sharp, pointy, and hollow. He even hired an assitant with appropriate knowledge to tell him whether it seems real enough. Really, his only mistake has been not sharing the information with her. For as he pushed those fangs into his neck, he knew what he was doing. While she, unknowing, in shock and fear, took him to a crowded hospital, full of wounded, bleeding patients who can’t escape… For, you see, the skull has likely once indeed belonged to Dracula, whose headless body has been discovered previously.

My Opinion: Action packed humorous horror thriller, an absolute pleasure to read. It’s almost sad to take a point away for where writing left plot or logic holes. You’ve likely seen a movie or a few just like this, and so know, this book is better. Trapped in a hospital, with stalking, mindless monsters hunting them down, protagonists each apply all their wit and skill to survive and inform the outside world of what’s going on, convince them of this unreal reality. Read on the edge of my seat, and occasionally laughed at… well, you’ll see. Lots of lovely nightmare fuel.

Fantastic. A very solid 4 out of 5.

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book review | Dracember | Children of the Night by Dan Simmons | Seasons of Horror 2

children of the night by dan simmons dracember read like a villain nosferatu reads night mode reading book review a month of draculaAuthor: Dan Simmons
Title: Children of the Night
Series: Seasons of Horror 2
Genre: Horror books; Thriller
Pages: 453
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Dracember (drac-sem-ber) is here, and so, I return to you with a month of Dracula, and a great worry for next year, as there simply aren’t enough of these. But, for starters, read Children of the Night by Dan Simmons, the most boring interesting book I’ve ever read. Yes.

About the Book: Post-communist Romania, still running on not yet uprooted remnants of nasty regime, is where Kate’s source of frustration and salvation lies. A child with supernatural immune system, so powerful that if only she could get the kid out of the country, and into a proper, state of the art lab, there’d be no more incurable illness or disease. But Romania has long since been the cradle of Dark Secrets, and so, forces that serve them are unwilling to give up the child they could use to revive Him with…

My Opinion: The book is told from two perspectives; Kate’s, and Dracula’s, who tells his tale, and explains how he’s learning of things happening around him. Mythos of vampires is well woven, and in general it was a very interesting read. Except that I almost died of boredom when author saw the need to describe bureaucracy in such detail and extent, and then provide all of the characters who just happen to know all the right people, and have all the right skills. Kate was annoying too, unusually so, and her co-workers were the worst by being the best with their praises to Kate, oh, if anyone, you can surely do it. Yes, okay, great, fun. The book is good enough that I’d read sequel if there was one (series is not of connected books, they’re all stand-alones), but bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend it.

It really had its moments, so a firm 3 out of 5.

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book review | The Bookshop from Hell by David Haynes

bookshop from hell y david haynes book review read like a villain horror night mode reading nosferatu readsAuthor: David Haynes
Title: The Bookshop from Hell
Series: –
Genre: Horror; Paranormal
Pages: 227
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Forget what I was looking for originally when I discovered The Bookshop from Hell by David Haynes, and won’t likely ever remember now. But this one sounded too intriguing to pass.

About the Book: A new bookshop opens in a small, relatively peaceful town, where a door left unlocked wasn’t a safety hazard. Strange one, with an older gentleman running it, seemingly no electricity, and rarely even open. Yet, despite all that, soon townspeople find themselves with a book in their hands, gifted to them, one they cannot put down, for it’s a tale tailored just for them, a tale that has all the answers…

My Opinion: It’s a very classic kind of a tale: some kind of paranormal thing rolls into a very tidy town, and starts pulling and twisting the darkest strings, causing mass hysteria, mayhem, murder. While it might feel dull reading it, there’s value in the books that aren’t boring, books where you can just sit down and relax, simply read, not thinking what’s ahead, not keeping tabs, or trying to connect the pieces together. So, all in all, pretty good for what it is.

A firm 4 out of 5

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book review | If It Bleeds by Stephen King | Holly Gibney 2

if it bleeds by stephen king book review read like a villain night mode reading nosferatu readsAuthor: Stephen King
Title: If it Bleeds
Series: Holly Gibney 2
Genre: Horror books; Short Story Collection
Pages: 447
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Don’t feel like giving up the horror just yet, so, read If it Bleeds by Stephen King, a short, but not so short story collection on various creepy, unnerving, and scary themes.

About the Book: The main story in the book is that of Holly Gibney, and is a stand-alone sequel to The Outsider, which I’ve not read, nor, judging by this book, will I ever want to read. Holly, watching news on tragedies, notices a reporter who seems to be first on the scene in all the worst ones. Not just there before any other reporter, but at times even before the police, before the ambulance. With a bad feeling in her heart, woman starts to investigate the man, dreading he might be a thing from her past, a thing that fed on human misery, sorrow, pain. Because if that is the case, then this creature here just learned how to make himself a meal. And then Holly will have to stop him. Or die trying.

My Opinion: In all the stories present, I highly preferred two. The very first one, with this cybernatural vibe to it, of a young protagonist calling the phone he left in the pocket of his dead friend. And another one that felt almost Murakamish with that Hard Boiled Wonderland tint to it, about a man dying in a coma, and how that death takes effect. The others I didn’t like as much, but none at all bored me. Writing reads easy, but that’s to be expected from such an amount of experience.

A solid 4 out of 5.

if it bleeds by stephen king book review read like a villain night mode reading nosferatu reads bookstagram

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book review | 100 Fathoms Below by Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann

steven l kent nicholas kaufmann 100 fathoms below book reviewAuthor: Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann
Title: 100 Fathoms Below
Series: –
Genre: Horror books; Vampire books
Pages: 272
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Does the TBR pile ever get smaller? Especially the e-book one? Pulled one that was gathering digital dust by now, 100 Fathoms Below by Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann, a decent horror tale set in an atomic American submarine.

About the Book: After their final night out, crew returns to the submarine where a mission so secret awaits that not all even know about it. But once the sun was far away, and they were deep in the darkness of the ocean, strange things began. Some men fell with fever. A rogue or a few let loose breaking lights, and even mirrors, without anyone able to catch the bastards. People disappeared, and dead were seen walking… It seems that the crew didn’t return alone.

My Opinion: The idea is superb – limit of space on the submarine, no where to run; sun is far away up; limited amount of weaponry; even more limited supplies, such as spare lights. Plenty of bodies though, bodies that can disappear; plenty of ways to die, plenty of places to hide in. Story, while good, a submarine in foreign waters, can’t call for help, can’t emerge into the daylight either, is very poorly executed. That, paired with very shallow and two-dimentional characters, makes for a very mediocre read.

Decent in it’s own way. The fatalistic feeling it had in the confined space, with beings immortal, reminded me a bit of Ramesses the Damned by Anne Rice. It’s just that… Well, this one is set on an USA atomic submarine. Yeah, a 3 out of 5.

100 fathoms below book review read like a villain nosferatu reads

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book review | Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

medican gothic silvia moreno-garcia book reviewAuthor: Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Title: Mexican Gothic
Series: –
Genre: Horror; Gothic
Pages: 301
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Finally found myself a copy of Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and just in time for the end of the spooky month. It was a very unique, classically gothic tale.

About the Book: A Victorian style manor high on the hill in a remote Mexican town. Full of dark secrets, as appropriate for such a place, and unpleasantly strange lords, the Doyles. This is where Neomi will have to venture to find her cousin, who has recently married into the family, and has sent her a cryptic message requesting help, saving. But saving from what? Or whom?

My Opinion: This was a completely unexpected tale, and a gothic one to boot. Events are very well muddles together, you read, and believe you know answers, but as more information is given – additional ideas are introduced, and what the reader thought they knew turns out to be something entirely else. It reads like Harker’s visit at Dracula’s, all while a tale is unlike anything I’ve read before. Highly recommend it to those who enjoy classic gothic, but aren’t into reading classics (or got none left).

A very fine book, 5 out of 5.

meksikos gotika silvia moreno-garcia knygos apzvalga vakaris vakare nosferatu skaito

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book review | Tender is the Flesh Agustina Bazterrica

tender is the flesh by agustina bazterrica book review night mode readingAuthor: Agustina Bazterrica
Title: Tender is the Flesh
Series: –
Genre: Horror; Thriller
Pages: 211
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

In search for October horrors I’ve stumbled upon “Tender is the Flesh” by Agustina Bazterrica, and it’s the freakiest pieces of horror that I’ve ever read.

About the Book: A virus made all animals unsafe to consume for humans. Needing or wanting the meat proteins anyway, people both found the justification for what they did, and the means to do it without guilt. They started eating other people. In a post-purge world, where humans were the only commodity in abundance, processing plants began emerging, offering “special” meat, bred and raised as cattle. And it didn’t take long for black market to appear for it too…

My Opinion: It’s absolutely vile, and incredible. A well woven story of society’s moral collapse, lines between right or wrong blurring, then outright shifting elsewhere. A perverse humanity where people are taught how to keep their “stock” alive, all while taking parts for food. A world where you’re cheap meat post death, or expensive one if the client wanted their steak with a name. Place where a billionaire can buy you for your debt and a chance of hope. Honestly, protagonist’s struggles and drama were in the way of the good stuff I wanted to read more of. Terrifying, yet can’t look away kind of situation.

A solid 5 out of 5.

mes gyvuliai agustina bazterrica tender is the flesh book review knygos apzvalga biblioteku nosferatai

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book review | The Mist by Stephen King

stephen king the mist rukas knygos apzvalga book reviewAuthor: Stephen King
Title: The Mist
Series: –
Genre: Horror; Sci-fi
Pages: 230
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

It’s always been difficult for me to find good horror books, so any and all recommendations are very highly appreciated. Meantime, I got lucky, and read The Mist by Stephen King, that hit the spot.

About the Book: After a havocking storm town wakes up to broken trees and things, torn electric lines, nasty hum of chainsaws and human struggle. Figuring they’ll need some basic supplies, David takes his son to the store, not realizing he’s saying goodbye to his wife for the last time. As the storm broke more than just nature and private property. Off the lake slowly creeps a mist, impenetrable, and bearing death…

My Opinion: I love horror books where threat is unidentified, and hard to comprehend, that is, more than just a well hidden killer. Such was this book. Fog rolled in and trapped people in the store. Out the windows – only impenetrable wall of mist, unearthly screams, sirens, scratching and scraping, strange whispers. Inside – human beings slowly but surely losing their grip with sanity, common sense, and even reality itself. While characters all were extremely annoying, plot was truly pretty good.

Solid 4 out of 5.

stephen king rukas mist book review night mode reading

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book review | Bridge of Souls by V.E. Schwab | Cassidy Blake 3

cassidy blake bridge of souls victoria schwab v.e. schwab book review knygos apzvalgaAuthor: V.E. Schwab
Title: Bridge of Souls
Series: Cassidy Blake
Genre: Urban Fantasy; Paranormal
Pages: 304
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

It’s almost October, the only month in Autumn that I do enjoy. When every corner of the internet floods with reviews of all things spooky, pumpkin, horror, and gloom. And since the vibe’s already there, I think I’ll call the start of it today, with Bridge of Souls by V.E. Schwab, third book in Cassidy Blake series.

About the Book: Cassidy’s family takes their show on paranormal activities to New Orleans, where they’ll seek supernatural. Sadly for Cassidy, she doesn’t need to seek them. They find her. Sometimes they need her help. Other times they just want to do their things, and she’s the one who gets in the way, with the unasked for, but definitely needed help. But this time one found her to exert a punishment for something the girl stole from beyond…

My Opinion: It took two books and half a world for some dark spirit to figure out Cassidy owes them one. Accountants in the beyond aren’t great, I guess. Additionally, upon finding her, they lose her to a point where girl and her friend had to try pretty hard to get their attention on themselves again. Felt a bit like an accidental plot hole, or not a fully thought through idea. I would’ve rather read New Orleans related lore, a place famous for Voodoo magic, vampires, and other things. 

So far this is the weakest in the series, gets a 3 out of 5 from me.

victoria schwab bridge of souls book review night mode reading

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book review | The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural by Ray Russell and others

the playboy book of horror and the supernatural ray russell book reviewAuthor: Ray Russell and others
Title: The Playboy Book of Horrors and the Supernatural
Series: –
Genre: Horror, Short Stories
Pages: 390
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Playboy magazine, created as men’s lifestyle magazine (and not, per se, what’s it’s mostly infamous for), has a long history of publishing short stories that were otherwise deemed “too much” for the mainstream printers. Many of said authors we all know and love (Chuck Palahniuk, Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood), to name a mere few), and I think that speaks for itself. Today I’ve read “The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural” by Ray Russell, and several other authors, an anthology of horror.

About the Book: A large handful of horror tales, where the goosebumps running down your skin are as much from the supernatural beings that keep appearing, the strange powers, curses, but due to the human nature too.

My Opinion: Some were mediocre, still, usually they proved to be at least interestingly written, if not at all good in the tale they told. Others were pretty good. And then, some were absolutely amazing, making the whole book very worth the time it took to read. All the stories are short, so it’s easy to get through.

Solid 5 out of 5, greatly enjoyable.

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