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Joe Hill – Heart-Shaped Box

heartshapedbox   It seems that sometimes I like books for a completely irrelevant to the story reason. This is the case with Joe Hill‘s “Heart-Shaped Box“. I was recommended this book for it’s a horror story, and I try to justify my Nosferatu name. Sadly, all the horror seeped out of it before the second half of the book was reached. Yet I kept on reading, because this was the vice-versa damsel in distress story. The metal music vocalist Jude Coin, a mighty man with a mighty beard, required saving by two thin and damaged goth ladies. I applaud the author for that.
Jude Coin, previously a vocal in a metal band, now a solo-career pursuing metal-star, is as good an artist as they come. To keep up the “bad guy” profile, he dates depressed goth girls and kicks them out when he’s bored of them. He also collects all sorts of occult rubbish, as must be. Thus, no surprise there that he bites the bait when his assistant finds online an offer saying that a woman will sell her step-father’s ghost to anyone willing. Apparently, the famous hypnotist died without any place he could call his own, thus now he haunts this old suit. Jude bought the suit with the ghost attached to it. I assume he did not expect to actually get a ghost. At least not that tremendous of a being…
Soon after Jude gets acquainted with the ghost, the story makes a less fun turn and the horror story becomes a run-for-your-life story. I do believe that a moving candlestick and broken mirrors would’ve been scarier than running to all of those relatives. Oh and did I mention the love story it all involves? It’d seem that every soon-to-be-goth girl was molested in her early teen years, and now knows not what to do with their lives. And he has a pair of smart-ass dogs, but hey, that’s not the bright side of the story either. So all I can give is 3 out of 5, and even that’s a bit much, I feel. Mostly it’s for the first half of the book. Joe Hill has the potential to write horror stories, but this one was far from a good one.

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Dr Gregory L. Reece – Creatures of the Night

CreaturesOfTheNight   Such a vast topic and yet such a narrow book. I bought Dr Gregory L. Reece‘s book “Creatures of the Night” (isbn 978-1-84885-385-0) on sale in the beloved free-shipping Book Depository site. It cost around two euros at the time, so I figured – another book that mentioned Dracula will not be of harm.

As the greatly scribbled on cover claims – this books grabs on the topic of “so where where the hell did all the vampires, werewolves and demons come from”? Why are we afraid of them? And since we know we are – why do we keep telling stories of them? Don’t expect many answers, for author, sadly, bit off more than he could chew.

Through the well broken chapters we visit ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons and religions that might or might not worship the devil himself. It starts pretty well too, much alike to the famous series Supernatural – all well and good, demons and shit, but a few seasons/chapters in and suddenly we find ourselves torn between heaven and hell. I mean, don’t get me wrong, author himself asks all the right questions: why Lord Byron is so very alike Lord Ruthven, the famous vampire? Or how Mary Shelley, this admirable woman, wrote something like Frankenstein? Again, I found no valid answers beside one: We’re irrational beasts. We’re scared and we want more. We don’t know what scares us, but we want more. And when we do know what scares us, we turn into beasts of terror ourselves and then, obviously, we want more. Our heartbeat dictates how many movies of Dracula we shall see and which religion we shall turn to, apparently.

All in all, I’d say that the literature and movie list this book provides is of a lot greater value than the book itself. Yet I’m happy I bought it. Sure, I’m more happy I only paid a couple of euros for it, but am happy nonetheless. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5, for it wasn’t all that bad, lots of great quotes and sources are given and author was thorough, if narrow.

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So much to do, so little time

Alright, quick update. I got three books to review here and I’ll do it soon. One was written by a friend (another friend I met because of the video games, so don’t tell me it’s a waste of time) and I’m very proud of being able to write a review on it. Later in month I also have a rather different play (theatre) to attend, so I’ll speak of that too. And there’s an art gallery open at the moment, by a local artist, so hopefully I’ll manage to get there before it’s closed too, for I wish to review the local fella too. Other than that thou, my b-day is coming up. I feel like groaning about it, but meh, what are b-days for us, right?

I still gave myself some presents tho. First I bought myself a video game I wanted, it was on sale at Steam, and I got it. Now I have all but one game of Dracula on Steam. Next goal – all the Dracula games on I have no shame and I don’t regret anything. The other presents were of course books. Who would I be were I not surrounded by books and writings? So with a little bit encouragement from a friend, I got myself H.P. LovecraftClassic Horror Stories” (the father of horror and probably the godfather or at least the most favorite uncle of occult arts), and Dr Gregory L. ReeceCreatures of the Night: In Search of Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons“, which could be either great or horrible. Both on discount, both came in just a few days, all thanks to BookDepository.


Library for once made me happy. They found the Robert LoryDracula Returns” for me, for once. I was rather angry the first time, when the very same woman didn’t exactly know the classical Dracula book and rather gave me a blueprint of it. I mean, I didn’t mind getting a book I haven’t yet had in my claws, but come on, know the classics at least.

I’m also almost done with Haruki Murakami 1Q84 trilogy. So far I find it a little bit too expanded, but good. I’ll breath lighter when I’m done with him tho. There’s just something in those books. And I’ve watched a couple of movies, one worth mentioning. Funny thing tho, I haven’t yet watched the last episode of “Free!” anime. I’m not sure why, it just seems that if I don’t – it’ll never end, even if I won’t see anything of it again anyways.

This is exactly how I spend my days – I write, I translate and I read. Then at night I play a video game, get to bed and read some more, or watch a serie of anime or anything. In the morning waking up isn’t the nicest activity, but as soon as I do – all goes well enough. I make a half-hour of exercise, write down my notes on what I’ve done so far and what I should do and continue the day with short breaks to chat with friends, delve into Tumblr or even draw something. And I made some good stuff, drop an eye there: DeviantArt.

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Graveyard in Southfleet

By accident me and my friend ran into a graveyard by a church that looks nothing like the churches I am used to. It was rather gorgeous and something happened to me. Among the pictures I will post below You will see one close-up of a tomb-stone. I touched the cross, marking the lines vertically and horizontally on it with my index finger, pondering the usual nonsense, walking “among the dead” for once. Afterwards we went deeper into the “garden” and I didn’t notice when my friend wandered back off, as I walked slower, taking pictures, mumbling under my own nose. I turn and see him leaning onto a fence (there’s a picture of fences there to…) thus I walk towards him. And in a second or two I understand – no… I do not see my friend, there is NOBODY THERE. And the figure was right in front of the tomb stone that I touched. Rather interesting. Never had this happen to myself, believe it or not. So yea. Here’s the pictures of the little walk we took.


Ps. My health is good, thank you :3


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Paranormal Vlogs

I don’t watch many of these, but this girl I like, especially for her weirdness. I think in future I’ll make one post dedicated to her, passing here all her paranormal vlogs and other links she gave. It’s always interesting and it seems she’s a trustworthy too, too sincere face, if you could say so.

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