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I need to write the stuff down

So many random little and big things happen daily and I just forget half of them before I got the time to write about it. There’s books, theatre, tv series, tea, birthday presents and all that jazz, including the last episode of “Free!“. Not to mention the video games. So lets make this very short and I’ll just go deeper onto these or those things later on in separate posts!

I don’t celebrate my b-day, even thought I was born just one day after the famous late j-artist Hide (Hideto Matsumoto). I love his music, so I like to think that birth day does matter thus. Maybe I’ll create something as wonderful too! Anyways, I tend to take out my birth date out of all the possible places just to avoid the “Congratulations!”. Why? Because the more people congratulate me, the more annoying things happen the day after. Nevertheless, some people know, some people remember and thus I still get the congratulations and even presents, which, lets face it, are always nice to receive. This year was a bit different for I was allowed to chose what I wanted in either a general area (book, game, item of sorts), or even something specific, so I spat to it all and went for it. I’ve got books and gorgeous notebooks, and true wax candles, and tea, of course! And first time ever I had too much home-made sushi, made by a friend who actually knows how to make sushi! But what about the day after? Yes. Sucked. But it’ll pass, as all passes in this world.


Now, the video games. As you know, or maybe you don’t, Steam had a black-friday sale week-or-two. Around the time I bought Lovecraft book I mentioned two posts below, it all was happening and I spoiled myself a little bit. There were reasons for me to do so, worry not, I’m not a big-bad-waster. I already finished the “The incredible adventures of Van Helsing” once and will play it the second time around, for it was great. I’m half way through first Trine too, for a game that didn’t cost a full euro – heck, I did not expect so much awesomeness (and the same voice actress for a thief-rogue in there, as in DA2, the Isabela actress, I recognized her on the spot), second one coming up. And I began the “Dishonored“, which so far was pretty damn nice. Obviously the “Dracula: Origin” and “Dracula: Love Kills” were the first I bought and finished. I can’t help it, I want everything with Dracula in it. All of these games were on discounts of at least 75%, one below an euro. And no, I don’t feel anymore guilt over playing video games. They break the layer of chalk I get covered in while reading stuff other people wrote, and I can write my own stories more freely at the end of the day. So far it’s going pretty good!


  I’ve also been drawing a lot with water colors. Trying to gain a level, sort of. I’m on a project, for a long time now, but I’ll make it good even if I have to paint a hundred pages every day. Beside the painting I finished the “Free!” anime. Ending was a little funny and dumb, but I’m okay with it. And then my evil friend spoke me into watching Sherlock (yes, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch). Evil of her to do so, for not only I’m an addict from the very first serie, I already have dreams of it too. It’s amazing. The first thing that struck me was how nicely it was made/filmed. The second thing that lured me was the voice of Cumberbatch. And then the mad geniuses, obviously. Everyone loves the smart ones, right? Everyone but the stupid ones, I think… Those feel offended when someone’s showing more light than they are.


  Did I tell you that I watched Hamlet and Paganini plays? Lithuanian ones, Hamlet was amazing, all the little details, the expressiveness of the actors. Paganini had good singing voices, but side-roles lured me more than the main ones. I do love theatre…

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Work and how it affects the life

I’m a freelance translator here, in Lithuania. I translate texts out of English into Lithuanian and I do it well enough for people not to go disappointed. Last week, to be precise, I worked for 6 days in a row, 12hrs each day. I’m my own boss and I’m one strict ass… Now, thing is, today is the first day when I am fully, absolutely done with everything from that order and… I kinda forgot what I used to do when waiting for orders. I guess I read and read more, and probably play minecraft, for I sit at PC up until around 8-9PM, when I go sit at my laptop and play video games for as many hours, as I can bear to do so (depending on when I should get up tomorrow, if there’s a hours I need to be up at). But, really, anything else? And, don’t get me wrong, I read a lot, it’s not a small feat for me to say “I’ve been reading“.

I guess, few days prior to this particular order (two texts with 3300 words and one text with 6600 words, well, more, but I round it up for the sake of the client), I spent a lot of time in Amazon. Why? Coz they have this weird thing, called 100% discount for kindle edition books. I don’t have a kindle, I have a prestigio multi-tablet (or tablet pc), but they serve you with an app too. So, now, I’m a proud owner of several hundreds of books… And hey, some I bought for money, not just… Took them coz they gave them free. Eitherway, a great thanks to them and a sarcastic thanks too, because I wasted many, many long hours picking through their books.

Next thing I tend to waste time on is Minecraft. Oh yes. On laptop it works funny, sometimes dropping about random lag, while my laptop is more powerful than my pc, and, say, can work skyrim smooth, when pc can’t even turn skyrim on. On pc minecraft works smooth tho. Anyways, I can live with that. Thing is, that while messing about in settings, trying to get perfect balance to play on laptop, I accidentally clicked on 3D thingy. And, Maker, was I stunned. I do have 3D glasses, so I put them on and Glorious Mother of Cubes! It. Was. Beautiful. Right to the point when I turned around to make sure cow is still following me into it’s place and saw a creeper. Here, look at random picture I made in 3D, if you got blue/cyan & red glasses – put them on and maybe it’ll tease you into trying it out. On ebay you can get 3D glasses for like 0.99$.

javaw 2013-09-18 20-37-52-68 javaw 2013-09-18 20-38-44-70

  And of course, more things happened. Say, some days ago I received a newsletter from BookDepository. I really like them, they ship books free, even if prices slightly (really, not much) vary from country to country, but I haven’t been buying much books lately. Mainly because I don’t have enough room to store them and first want to figure out what to do with the ones I have without the worry of where to put the new ones. So they sent me a letter, with this witty little poem, asking why I’m gone and such and I felt guilt-driven into using their 10% discount. They sum up such discounts, so… I bought what I said I won’t buy. Kim Newman’s fourth Anno Dracula book “Johnny Alucard“. Honestly? No regrets. It had 10% off of itself, plus the 10% off they gave me and here comes the most gorgeous hardcover I ever seen… And on the back it says “Dracula comes to New York”. I won’t tell you anything, but if you’ll read the third book – you’ll know why I doubt the sentence and this you’ll know why I didn’t want to buy the book. But I am intrigued. Kim Newman REALLY did a great, amazing, fantastic job in writing his books and giving justice to Dracula’s character as needs be (he’s still a monster, but Maker, what a monster he is! Perfect balance). And if he did what I hope he did in this book, I hereby swear I’ll write him the nicest, the most praising fan letter ever.

KimNewman_AnnoDracula4_JohnnyAlucard_msg2theming AnnoDracula_msg2theming

  As for – I’d never leave you, people. Never worry. And the bookmark they added is, as always, amazing. My favorite so far is still the one they sent me last year, around halloween time, that hand glow-in-the-dark monsters drawn on it from classic literature, but this one is the most practical I ever had. It has this hole in it, meant for putting over a quote, so that you could take a picture and share it, without having to blur out the rest of the text with photoshop or whatever it is you do in cases like that.

  Past two days I feel a little sickly. Nose is slightly runny, temperature is kinda on the side of “hm, I think we’re to start the heating season today”, and throat is a little bit achy. Not yet a flu, but definitely something hovering around it. So today I went to get some instant soup, because when my throat hurts – I kinda don’t feel like having tea, it makes it more dry than it should be. I found this marvelous one, but that’s not the point. The point is, how simple little drop of caring can be all it takes to make a day seem brighter. I sneezed while standing by the soups (not on the soups, I do the Dracula motion and sneeze into my elbow), and lady who wasn’t far with her daughter said “bless you” (in our language it’s “to your health”, actually). That was kind of her, for I’m a complete stranger, sneezing two steps away. Oh, and I found the perfect size metal pot for clay bead boiling, and it was on sale too. So today gets thumbs up!

  When I feel less rushed by the fact that I didn’t update my blog in a while, I’ll tell you all about the books I finished in the mean time. Not many of them, but at least one of them is real interesting.

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Some are mad, some are lazy

Well, at least I’ve been reading, right? I’m too lazy to even watch True Blood new series come out, that’s why I kept silent on mondays. But here I am. Decided to just go ahead and force my self to write something, because that still makes more sense than not writing at all.

First of all, through the silence time I finished four more books, one of them being a short story collection by Edgar Allan Poe, and those stories are: 1.  The Fall of the House Usher (a great, very short story); 2. The Murders in the Rue Morgue (not bad piece of detective); 3. A Descent into the Maelstrom (not so good, about a man descending into a whirlpool and surviving it); 4. The Pit and the Pendulum (also, not so good, about a man tortured by inquisition and saved at the last minute); 5. The Gold Bug (a very fine story of pirate treasures); 6. The Spectacles (a very funny story of a short-sighted man); 7. The Purloined Letter (also, not bad piece of a detective, but less good in compare to Rue Morgue); 8. The Cask of Amontillado (the carnival description was the best part, that sums it up); 9. Hop-Frog (a rather scary story, not a bad one, if short and thus not a really good one either).

I knew Poe best as a vampire from Kim Newman‘s work “Anno Dracula 2: Bloody Red Baron“, and there he was superb. And now I can say I’m not disappointed, he is good at what he does. He explains his stories a lot, through narrator telling the story, but not a sentence is boring, everything seems to fit into places really well and in the end it’s a light and good read.


  The next book I finished was “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” by Susannah Cahalan. This book should be spread world wide and find a place in every medical school library, for if not the best thing you could read – still the extremely important thing you could read. Especially if you’re a medic. Pretty much, to sum it up, story is a very short biography written by S. Cahalan, a great journalist. And maybe I’m putting this wrong, it’s not exactly HER biography. It’s biography of the illness she had and – thank your and her gods / god – she got cured. It takes not only extreme skill and mind of a doctor to go from “well, she’s schizophrenic, send her to mental hospital, ciao.“, to “lets just see this, just in case, it could be…“. Naturally it takes a hellish amount of money too and you can’t be certain you’ll get better, or worse – even survive it. So what the hell did she get? She got something anyone could get and anyone could be misdiagnosed and sent off without a proper treatment. She was lucky or she was blessed,  you choose, and go read this book. The further the word of this spreads, the better for all. Oh and to answer what did she get, I’ll just put it in the easiest words possible – her body attacked her own brain. Yea, that happens!

The third book I finished was “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. Let me just say that every movie I saw based on this book in compare to it – sucks hard. The book is brilliant, purely amazing horror-survival, with good and proper vampire lore to admire, with apocalypses without the zombies, but with those more threatening, with minds of their own, with ability to unite against one last enemy… The further you get into this book, the less you wish to close it. It’s a one-day read, if that, even if you are a slow reader as I am. And it’s just so strange, this book was written in 1954, what, barely a little more than half a century after Bram Stoker put out his “Dracula” for public, and yet books differ like day and night. It’s amazing and I loved it.

And the last, fourth book I read and finished is “Pocket atlas of Women” by a polish authoress Sylwia Chutnik. Now that was a true brain wreck, I’ll tell you. At first you’re just horrified. Sarcasm and satirical darkness is flowing from every page, overwhelming. It’s degrading, terrifying and pitiful. But the further you go, the more you see. All four heroines (even the male (gay) one) are called Maria’s (Mary’s, with the man called Marion, which is equivalent of same name in male form), and each one of them has their own crosses to bear. The question is – will they bear it? Some can’t stand it, it’s too hard, too weighty if I may say so, and they just can’t see any way to improve their being, thus the last resort is The End of it all. The other one might choose to lay down under her cross and just wait death with it on top of her. The next one might just pick it all up and go on. While the fourth will fight the very need to bear it. What for? Who said you must?

This very last story, when the fight of the last little woman began, I figured why my brain has been blinking all this time, reading. It reminded me of Salinger‘s “Catcher in the Rye“. You’re boiling inside, you want to scream, cry, yell and roar. But you can’t. And your face is calm. For even if you did – nobody would give a damn, no one would care, no one would understand. No, they might even get angry for disturbing their peaceful obedient lives, the firm order they’re used to. So you pretend to be a mute. No, you don’t even pretend, you BECOME a mute, for there’s just nothing you can tell them. What, will they believe you if you’ll say you had no dreams that night? Will they care if you say school/work was fine? And if they will – do they genuinely care in the first place, or just find it in their duty list to ask and pretend they care?

And that’s why I liked this book. It could be “Pocket atlas of a Human“, for gender specification seemed rather useless to me. But then again, I guess if a man rebels – it’s less surprising than to see a woman burn down a building, right? Still. We ought to remember that no matter what, we’re all humans.

Going further from that, I’m reading probably the last thing I could find of Charlaine Harris on Sookie Stackhouse, which is her short stories collection book, barely 200 pages long, called “A Touch of Dead“. So far so good. Reading very first story on how Claudette died, eldest of the fae triplets (with brother Claude and sister Claudine). More interesting for me were the authoress’s introduction to all the stories. One is called “Dracula Night” or something similar, and it claims that Eric Northman celebrates Dracula’s birthday every year, for he’s his hero! Eric, you just gained a fat approval point from me. We’ll see how it goes tho.


  Some time around I finished one long-time-made-beads pair of earrings and am rather proud of them. Called them “hanged gold“, for the little loop I made on top of the earring. Other than that I did clean my jewelry box (imagine, I have one. Altho you are probably not surprised, for you probably think you know who or what I am, right?), and finally, after a whole year, I found the keys from my safe-box. I thought I lost them forever, thou in the back of my brain I knew I put them somewhere where it seemed quite safe to put them.


  At the moment I’m trying to finish Da Vinci’s Demons series and am still watching True Blood. But there’s a whole line of things I must watch for this or that reason and thing is, I kinda miss watching Anime, but because of all the series (many of them being worthless), I just have no time to spare. Oh, and naturally, I’m now a proud owner of many Steam games, like Legendary Edition of Skyrim, and Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Origins, and four games of Assassin’s Creed (the first one with Altair and the three of Ezio’s). Time is scarce!

Oh, okay, and lets not forget that suddenly I’m thrown into the world of Haruki Murakami, as I bought my very first book of his, which is “A Wild Sheep Chase“. Before I began reading it, I did what I usually do – I googled it. And found out that it’s third book out of four (trilogy + ), so naturally I went head over heels trying to get the first two, for I will just feel terrible with my stupid OCD, if I start from the middle AGAIN. For that happened before, quite a few times. And with the book club book, I ended up having three books in line, reading one paper book, and thus having that paper book of Murakami in line with e-books. That’s a messed up sentence, let me re-think that… I try my best to read as many paper books as I can, for I own a lot, and I just want to either get rid of some, or be able to visit library more often again without the pressure in my consciousness “hey, you have a ton of books home, what the hell are you doing??“. So as I have third book out of four in paper, I ended up requiring some kind of e-books of the first two, making third book unavailable to read right now. Hm. Doesn’t seem any clearer, so I’ll leave it at that, okay?

Alright, so for now that’ll be that. I’ll take pictures of the books I hunted down last month and filled my home library with AGAIN. Let me just say that it includes a very old copy of Sleepy Hollow (or is it “Headless Huntsman” afterall? )

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Enderman by ~Soukyan on deviantART

I think I had enough of Minecraft… Nope.


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