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Neil Gaiman – American Gods


How can one both hate and love a book? Well, that’s the case for me with “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman (ISBN 0747263744; 635p.; Goodreads). I really dislike Gaiman’s writing style, but the plots, so far, are always brilliant. That is, after you get through the rocky start of the story.

After three years in prison Shadow can hardly believe he’s free to go. At last he’ll see his beloved wife Laura. He’ll start life over! No more nonsense this time…

There’s a saying: we plan and the gods laugh. Laura died in a car-crash just a day or two before Shadow left prison. Together with his best friend, with whom she was sleeping. And in this moment of unbelievable madness, when things don’t look as they seem due to this new angle off of which you’re sliding down, Shadow accepted an awfully simple job, offered by an awfully strange little man who just happened to sit beside him…

Immigrants from all over the world came to this Brave New World, America, bringing their culture and beliefs with them. Their gods. The man beside Shadow is one of them, and there’s many more he will soon meet. That taxi driver over there? A djinn from Arabian Nights, no less. That prostitute over there? Goddess of love and femininity, demanding clients to worship her during the act. That fat little boy? Technical boy, he still can’t believe there are places on Earth where internet is provided via fat cables plugged right into the computers. And Shadow now has a role among them. A divine duty, if you please.

It’s a wonderful story, and I regret greatly I didn’t get to read it when it was first translated for us, some years ago. I will give it a very firm 4 out of 5, and would give more if not for a few unforgivable hiccups. Gaiman’s style may not be the easiest to get through, but once you do – plot is very rewarding.

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Neil Gaiman – Trigger Warning

22522808  Short story collections are the most difficult when it comes to making a review. Even if you don’t like it whole, it’s just somehow tough to explain what was it. But “Trigger Warning” by Neil Gaiman (ISBN 0062330268; 310p.; Goodreads) wasn’t bad at all, and therefor got even harder when it came to me writing down the thoughts of so why did I like it.

Stories are very varied and I do believe everyone would find at least one they’d like among them. Simple ones, complex ones, disturbing ones, scary, fantastic, etc. One has Dr Who as main character, another – Mr Sherlock Holmes himself. That one is among the two favorites of mine. Sherlock is an old man, the beekeeper Mr Holmes. He travels out to far Asia in search of strong enough bees to withstand an ancient experiment… And the other one was The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury. Now this one hits home, for I felt like author described my very brain in it, with a hole in a shelf where a dictionary used to be, and another hole for a word that went missing, with only descriptions left of what that thing was.

All in all, I really did love this book, this collection. The fantasy stories were the best, in my opinion, so I’ll look into whether Neil Gaiman has more of that Tolkien-vibe filled works in his repertuare. The collection gets a firm 4 out of 5 from me. It missed just a little tiny something to be loved completely. Still, very recommendable.

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