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ED | Redbull Summer Edition: Cactus Fruit

redbull summer edition cactus fruit energy drink review apzvalga

I’ve recently learned that future flavors of energy drinks in Lithuania can be spotted sooner by following German social media of said drinks. So I was, patiently awaiting the Summer Edition of Redbull, the Cactus Fruit.

In a darker shade of green with red letters indicating the Cactus Fruit flavor, and a similar red shade of liquid inside, this Redbull is not as daring as the few previous we had, not as unusual as all of those combinations. But it’s interesting and worth a try anyway.

It may not be mind blowing or even very good if you’re not into this type of sweet and sour combo, but it serves well to remind of warmer days and warmer places. For me, at least.

4 out of 5, will drink more once replaying Shadow of Tomb Raider.

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Pumpkins, skulls and bats

In Lithuania we have “All Saints” celebration, which is equivalent to All Hallows Eve, but not the Halloween (we have a similar celebration in spring, tho, called “Uzgavenes”, and it’s considered a celebration to get the Winter out of the place). Sadly that means that Halloween isn’t a thing here and to get decorations is to find a unicorn equivalent. This year tho I planned ahead and got a package of goodies from the UK!


  First are the battery-operated eight led pumpkins, that are bright enough for me to read by at night. I figured it can be considered “Night Mode” reading too! For now they hang on my “wall” of pirates from the east. I can’t remember where I got that moon and sun mask from. Either from Cross Hill in my home country, or from Czech Republic.


  The second thing is an orange plastic goblet. I filled it with (also received, together with instant ramen noodles – main food of the nosferatu’s like myself) Rockstar Xdurance (blueberry). Funny thing this goblet. There where I put it now, stood a water bottle for a couple of years, with blood measures for cocktails on it. I mean, you know how the bottle for shaking up cocktails look? So that water bottle was black and shaped like one of those and on it were stickers with measure of how much of what type of blood you ought to pour in. I won it at a contest, it was always meant for my vampiress friend, but I somehow took a year if not three, to give it to her. And as soon as I packed it up – I received the goblet to fill in the blank spot at my shelf!


  And the last, but not least, the goodies. First is a plastic skull, with bulging eyes that blink red in an uneven pattern. Below there’s a ceramic pumpkin, all covered in orange glitter that made my hands look as if I killed Goth-Tinkerbell. It also has a led-bib in it, it changes colors from blue, to green, to red, looks gorgeous! And a bag of plastic rings in colors black and orange, and shapes of spiders, skulls and bats. They’re great little joy gifts for those like myself, who want halloween, but can’t have it.

  So that’s that. I think I’ll have a halloween afteral. I got myself a few movies, like Paranorman and Ringu 0: Birthday, and Monsters University. Will make myself the largest bowl of popcorn (I have this air-machine to make pop-corn, so there’s no need of oil, and process is more controlled than in microwave, so my cravings for the white edible sponge shall be sated) and if I’m lucky – I’ll have peace and quiet to watch the movies alone. If not, well, I guess I’ll have to socialize with… humans.

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Howling Miller, Monster

I’m a great fan of energy drinks (energy DRINKS, no shots or any substitutes, like energy drink ice cream or gummy-candy). I always seek new ones to try (yet I do indeed moderate the amount I take in), and a few days ago I had luck! A new Monster Energy Drink, one of those non-carbonated, the “Rehab“!


  So here’s my two cents on it. As all of the Monsters, this one too contains a hell-load of fruits and even seeds I am not aware of existing. And as it’s not carbonated – you might want it really well chilled. Why? For it’s very, very sweet AND sour to that. Like a very fresh lemonade drink with tea… Just like the words below “Rehab” say. To be honest, I don’t like sweet drinks. I like sweets, but drinks aren’t supposed to be sweet, so it was a bit too much for me. Still not as bad as the “Ripper” of Monster brand, that one’s my least favorite of all the energy drinks exactly because it’s a killer in sweetness. So all in all, no, I don’t really like this one. It’s refreshing, I’ll give it that, but I’d rather go with a “Khaos“, which is my favorite.

  On monday I of course watched True Blood (it gets to us at Mondays, figure that one out). This serie wasn’t anything special, to be honest. I kinda get Bill, but I don’t get it why he simply didn’t tell Sookie “listen, your blood is sweeter than any other, if we synthesize it – vamps will want bottled blood more than real blood, all problems are solved“, for I bet she would have agreed with that. Instead, of course, we got a whole bunch of nonsense, the “you’re dead to me” things and evil smirks.

TrueBlood_3 TrueBlood_1 TrueBlood_2

  I also began watching a new tv series a friend suggested long time ago. But I’m not the type to sit down and watch, so only when I had nothing better to do and was unable to play video games, I began watching it. It’s called “Hell on wheels” and damn, is it good! Pretty much: South, USA, The end of Slavery, Natives, Cowboy lads and Gunslingers.

Opening is marvelous and I’m starting to suspect that great things have great openings. In two series that I watched so far there was so much awesome action that I don’t know where to start telling you. Say, Natives, they came out of these bare-woods (in Lithuania that wouldn’t be called “woods”, it’s just too small) with the sun rising. First arrow pierced a man right through, coming out his back fully. Second arrow took his neck. And then the battle began. And what a wonderful little mess it was. Then there’s the other side of the similar story, of a gunslinger who has some morals and this weird, weird man called The Swede. So far I’m in awe.


  And the last thing I’m ought to mention is that I finished a quite a great book by Arto Paasilinna, a Finnish writer who is quite known. Or at least I hope he’s quite known. The book is called “The Howling Miller” (Ulvovo mylläri). It’s all about the human beings being human beings. You can act mad, talk loud, howl if you so please, pretend to be a bear or a dog. But when someone else does it, you wonder – are they mad? Are they out of their wits, acting so stupid!? They must stop! Miller is exactly the man who was just trying to be kind and fair, avoiding things he’s told to avoid, doing loads of great work for himself and community. But he’s odd, he’s different, and thus he’s intimidating, even if he does little more than anyone else. Through most part of the book one watches him being persecuted. And one often asks – what for, really? All bad he does is somehow justified, yet in other’s point of view – it’s justified by madness, instability, danger.


English, Lithuanian, Finnish

  So that’s that. In general view to my life, not much has changed. Nothing bad happened, but not enough good things happening either. Sister tomorrow returns for vacation, which might be a bit annoying, for we don’t get along that good for many, many reasons. Then there’s a big question mark on UK this summer too. But at least my crafts and art goes well enough.

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Water, Water…

  Yesterday was somehow a semi-fun day. How did that happen – I don’t know, but I won’t look a gifted horse in the teeth either.

  Some local store provided me with a new Energy Drink, called “Black Dragon”. I’m a sucker for dragons and I do like new energy drinks to sip.  Sadly, I don’t know what I expected. Usually all ED’s are generic in flavor and only some big brands specialise in flavoring and adding stuff to their ED’s. This one tastes just like any other cheapish brand in smallish can. But as whole day was hot, it was pleasing enough to have this cold can and a couple bags of salted nuts (I know it’s a bad combo for when it’s hot, but I can’t eat regular food either, so this or nothing), for it was my dinner and almost my supper. Almost, because for supper I was happy to receive a bowl of soup. I love soup. I’m all mad about soup. I’ll take a IV with soup.

IMG 1583

  And today was an odder day. Dad went fishing, as he often does when summer nights are warm and wind is not too strong, and he dropped his cell into lake. Naturally therefor, from 10am I’m cleaning mud out of it. I dare saying – it’s dead. First of all – he said screen light up when it fell into water. Then – he dried it in the heat of sun and I wouldn’t trust leaving any device on the sun in summers, sun is kindly  burning everything you give it. And third – I even changed the battery and still – no luck. Nothing seems different, but, so to speak, there ain’t no pulse no more.

IMG 1586

  For me the biggest problem is to teach either of my over 50′ parents to use a different phone, and I have no idea where to get this old little piece now. Even my old nokia is too new for either of them, and it’s the one that still uses number-keyboard (three letters per digit, new generation won’t know what it’s like to be able to type like crazy using that).

  All of these things aside, I finished reading 12th novel of Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. The usual stuff – she made it best when there was 30 pages of the book left. I hope Sookie is not planning to stay with the guy she saved at the end of the book (see, no spoilers!), and I also hope she stops being a bitch towards some completely cool guys, like Quinn. Not everyone can give you whole day, Sook, it’s admirable that this weretiger cared for his family as much as he did and now that he only seeks a friend – you still give him a cold shoulder, Maker, let me into that damn book! Right away I, of course, started the 13th and the last book in the series. Not sure how will author manage to fix up everything, but please please please make it good, for these were if not the best series in general, but very, very dear series to me.


  After this I intend to get into Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice with full force. So far I’ve read 3 first books, being Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned. I also read The Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle, because a beloved friend of mine gave me a gift of Tarquin Blackwood, and idol I still can’t let go of. And it’s not unusual for me to start series from the wrong end of it, and she said – it’s quite alright too, and I do believe also, that I understood everything plenty enough.

  So that’s that for the past two days. Oh, wait, I watched The Great Gatsby – the old movie. My my, how accurate to the book it was! I haven’t seen the new one yet tho, we don’t have a cinema locally and one nearest is 50km away from me, so I need a good enough opportunity. But as I said, the old one was good, very to-the-book, which I do like (althought I do understand the necessary changes, so, for instance, while many people hated The Hunger Games movie – I found it very good, all changes made sense, all differences were understandable and the rest was given in a non-shallow way, which in my opinion is also, very important). Here’s a few caps of the movie, irrelevant I believe.

vlcsnap-00003 vlcsnap-00001 vlcsnap-00002

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Chaos, Chaos

Heath Ledger. You freaking bastard. You were great and will be immortal because of that.

Anyways, our team-leader managed to get mine and my friend’s schedules to be the same, so we worked three days and now have two off’s. Problem is, I still don’t have my documents to get my bank account, which means – hell knows when my first pay check comes around. I don’t like living off sister, I’d like to owe her NOTHING.

There’s a polish man in the packhouse with hair of a God, I tell you. I couldn’t even describe his face over the ave the mane put me in. And he’s a kind person. When I was sent to washline, where water runs practically everywhere, my gloves got torn somewhere and chlorine started seeping into cuts on my hands, he brought me gloves (my size too), and told me to change them and until then he’ll stand in my place, sorting onions. Afterwards when my work finished and I didn’t really know where to go, he went out to find out what I SHOULD DO NEXT for me too. And yesterday, he waited 6 extra hours to drive one older woman back home, because we got extra work (it was 2 hours more for me, and for her it was full work’s day, normal one, but he finished job way before us). So when I asked people who is the guy with nice hair, everyone right away said – it’s Piotrek, he’s very kind.

Yesterday we received 15 more people, one lithuanian, one bulgarian and thirteen poles. Guess who decided to befriend me in two seconds? One of the poles. Not sure what’s with me and them, but it’s nice they don’t care I’m a lithuanian and there is no tension like in our own countries would be. I guess here we all become equals – immigrants.

Well, what else? My friend is leaving soon. Seems everyone CAN study except me (so YOU and I are on the same boat, hun, just you at least try to get in. Come work here with me, maybe?? Eitherway, I’ll see you SOON. And then we visit Romania, find Vlad and look around everywhere).

Now, if anyone’s wondering how I got my internet, it’s a funny little story. One cell-provider gives unlimited slow internet “all you can consume” so to say. So I made my cell phone into a modem to provide internet into my death-notebook. Look at me, eh? Problem is, they block DeviantArt as adult-content-site. ALL MY ART IS THERE!

Btw, found and overload of all sorts of new untasted energy drinks, different monsters, Relentless Energy Drink and my god that one is Supernatural. Angel, if you’re reading this, know that I’m bringing a couple cans for you XD You need to try this. On the sides of the cans they even have little poems on them, creepy, dark, connected with the subtitle of the drink (say there’s Relentless Origin, Relentless Inferno, etc). I like these, same much as Monster. Yes, I’m nuts, I know, I know.

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Damn Creepers

I got a pair of really nice creeper shoes, let me see if I can find a picture of them somewhere on the internet (can’t be bothered to take a picture of my own)… 

Here, these are the ones. All around the internet people say the same – it’s hart to break them in, wear them out. Put on bandage, as thick sock as possible and walk, walk, walk. Today I did just that, after almost a year of not touching them after it rubbed my heels to raw meat. Well, it almost did the same today too. It’s synthetic leather, how hard can it be to make it stop rubbing my heel? Either way, I did all what my mother and my grandmother told me too, just in case. First I went to the lake, I live near one, so it wasn’t far, but walking that way was still rather torturing. I went to water with them, to soak the socks. Afterwards, as it got a bitsy bit dry, I spilled high-spirit type of perfume (couldn’t find just spirit to buy, which is odd beyond my understanding!). And lastly, after THREE MORE HOURS OF FEET-HELL, I came back home and stuffed the shoes with as much newspapers as it fit pushing by force. When my poor little heels heal, I’ll try it again, because I want to wear them badly. I’m short and these give height without being a girly-girl shoes (I know these aren’t exactly ‘boy-shoes’ either, but bear with me), AND it’s only later that people notice why are you suddenly taller, which is nice too. Damn you, lucky tall people…

As you may guess, after a little yet serious torture, I didn’t feel as up as I’d like, so my last stop from this trip was to get a can of Monster Energy Drink and a chocolate muffin. Often this would be my breakfast, but whatever’s good to up the mood a bit.

Yes, I am still deeply in love with Khaos. And that dark blob is the muffin. They don’t look so good, but they sure taste good, tho bit too big for what I can fit to my belly. As is Monster can, but what can you do?

Later I did a bit more crafting, as idea struck me out of nowhere. I call myself an elven craftsman to add to that, heh, even thou my skill is no where near as amazing and gorgeous and amazing, but I try and it motivates me. If I could be an elf, hell, I’d be one. Now, what I did was I cut off a leather glove finger and sewed it about in metal beads, looks pretty good, but pictures will come later. It’s comfortable (I’m a ring freak. I just love rings) and in a way it looks like semi-armor ring (afteral, armor was made out of leather too, thus lets say it’s a ranger-armor-ring).

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  Okay, let me start from telling you, that I love energy drinks badly. They help me balance my insomniac brain a little, it tires mind enough to have me sleeping at least three hours in the night and sometimes a couple more in the morning. Thus today was a lucky day. In the little town I live at at the moment there were only three main Monster Energy Drinks (those are my favorite SO FAR), Green one, Blue no-carb one, and the Yellow one, The Ripper. But today in such shitty little store, where one would never expect to find something new and nice I was put in awe. Among the three lines of three different Monsters stood a fourth one. Orange, Khaos. And I must say, it tastes a lot like Christmas. While tangerines or oranges just don’t grow here, and winters are as white as in Siberia at it’s mammoth times, still, many of my natives would tell you – tangerines are the flavor of Christmas. Khaos Monster tastes like tangerines, oranges and white grapes (something else too, but I can’t be bothered now). I’m not sure whether it’s because I was born at the fall of Soviet Union and tropical fruits were still mainly received during proper holidays and wasn’t just something you could get easily daily even if you had the money for it, or just because as a child and even now, the only citrus fruit that I like is tangerines. Either way, the flavor is great, less horribly-sweet like the Ripper, yet same rich with flavors that may not be your truest from the fruit, but still great for the tongue. The only thing that I would still like to get here would be the 250ml cans. 500ml is a bit much for me.

By now you probably already assumed correctly, that I will not speak of the promised graveyard. That will come tomorrow or so I wish to believe.

At last I managed to finish the previously mentioned Lady of the Shroud book by Bram Stoker. Sorry mr Stoker, but this was just too much. The man was just too lucky. Not even Montecristo went so smoothly through everything as this main hero did. It irritated me beyond the words, must say. Last ten pages were pretty much a wasteland through which I had to drag myself through. It’s well written, nothing bad there, but the story itself… Lets hope the next book I take is a better one. Also, I wish to add here a picture of what I saw a couple days ago. Rain poured whole night and morning began with sun not being shy on heating the place up, thus soil was steaming. I found that gorgeous.

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