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Dracember | First sighting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Stoker_Dracula_Notes_PersonalBram Stoker’s book Dracula was released in 1897, on May 26th. But Dracula first saw the light of day, as miniscule as it was, on May 18th of the same year in Lyceum theater, London.

Theatrical performance, that is, a theatrical or dramatic reading by fifteen resident theater actors was not a play due to some sort of licensing thing, where, I guess, Stoker needed to preserve some rights to his creations. It consisted out of prologue, and four acts of fourty-seven scenes, and was titled “Dracula or The Un-Dead“, as author hadn’t yet decided on the title. On May 24th the title was set for “Un-Dead”, but as we still have Dracula in our shelves it’s not hard to guess there were some changes last minute. This wasn’t a usual way to do things, and that meant Stoker had to adjust, the way publishers adjusted to him.

On the right side you see a page where Stoker jutted down character notes. And below there’s the first page of the theatrical performance prologue, with the then-title visible atop.

stokers-handwritten-manuscript-for-the-staged-reading-of-dracula dracember december with dracula

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