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Jeaniene Frost – Once Burned [1]

7039218Geez, I’m a sucker for Dracula, and so I read anything with him in it, even the questionable romance books. Like “Once Burned” by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince 1; ISBN 006178320X; 346p.; Goodreads). It wasn’t bad, but it’s one of those romances. Like stand-alone’s by Nora Roberts or Jude Deveraux. Vampires were pretty cool thou, and Dracula wasn’t a complete disaster. Heck, it feels like author actually did some research before writing, which I respect.

After an accident in her childhood Leila carries a physical scar on her body, and one in her psyche too. She pumps actual electricity out of her arms, and if she wishes to touch someone – she has to first let the charge out into some lightening rod or something. And even then she’s doubtful, because touching a person means seeing their greatest sin. And sometimes their future, which soon gets her into trouble. For after warning a woman of hey boyfriend’s plans to murder her, she’s soon kidnapped by a vampire gang. They want her to find another of their kind. Yes, no other but the prince of the darkness himself, Vlad Draculea.

The problem arises when Leila actually finds him mentally, and sees him. For he opens his eyes, and looks right at her… Leila needs to decide, and decide fast with whom she has better chances at survival.

It’s not a good book, but by far not a bad one either. I will read the other ones, gladly even. They’re simple, vampires are quite alright, and as I said before – Dracula had some research done on him. Author knew important details, and used them to her advantage well. I can give it 3 out of 5, but that’s not a bad rating.

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Patrick Sheane Duncan – Dracula Vs. Hitler

draculavshitleOh happy day for me! I’m a fan of Dracula stories, always in want of new, good ones. It was impossible to not notice “Dracula vs. Hitler” by Patrick Sheane Duncan (ISBN 1942645082; 441p.; Goodreads), so I saw it, I took it, and I’ve read it. And I loved it. I believe anyone who loves action-packed movies with Dracula, Van Helsing movie, or Hellsing in any form, will also appreciate it.

Monsters in human form roam the earth, Nazis. Bit by bit they’re occupying Europe, same tactics, same alternative facts on importance of “racial purity” bullshit. Their brutality is unmatched. And as Van Helsing watches guerrilla not only fail, but get slaughtered, as he watches his daughter Lucile, named after a tragic heroine, risk her all for it, he has to make a decision: could a monster vs monster work?

Some years ago he, and a few brave men, captured Dracula, overpowered, and imprisoned him. Not many know he is not really dead thou. And while Van Helsing often thought of coming back to the sarcophagus with the immortal creature within, he always thought it’d be for science sake, for experiments, research. By far he did not expect himself to stand over the prince’s body, prepared to wake him from the possibly eternal slumber, in hopes that Vlad the Impaler will be willing to defend his homeland once again, against a new enemy.

It’s a very amusing, action filled, and fast paced book. Dracula is well written, and I love that once again he is portrayed as a relentless reader. He muses about new creations humans have made, and doesn’t smell of rot. But then he kills like a walking fortress. I can give it full 5 out of 5, and hope to someday add a physical copy to my collection, for this is a worthy piece to my shelves.

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Of 2013 books

In 2013 I’ve read around 70 books. 22 of them were e-books. 4 of those e-books I had taken from the library and mid way brought them back to read them in e-versions, for it was easier for me.

Some books were great, some were awful. Some re-inspired me to continue writing myself. Some taught me a lot, others made me re-consider my values. Eitherway in the end I can say it was a decent reading year.

I owe apology to Karen Essex – her book on Dracula, the “Dracula in Love” is actually a really good book. I just took the topic of Dracula too seriously, forgetting that not everyone is as obsessive as I am. I still think that were they Jack and Jill, John and Lisa or anyone else – the book would be a mad bestseller. But it’s Dracula and Mina, thus I fear there’ll be more like me, who misjudged the book too quickly. Don’t do that. It’s a good book. Ignore the names, just take it as a fantasy that it is, it’s worth it.

The Discovery of the year was Dmitry Glukhovski with his Metro 2033 serie. I wasn’t and FPS fan until those books hit me. And it did hit me, like a runaway train. After I finished the first book, and mind you, this happens extremely rarely, some readers will never know what this means, I had to stop reading for a period of time. It took me almost a week to collect myself and move on. Not without reading Metro 2034, mind you. And not without replaying the video game twice. I own the second one too now, no regrets.

The regret of the year is by Lithuanian author, my native woman, the name I forgot, but I spoke of her book in my blog. I recommended that book after getting suckered in by the advertisement it received and am deeply ashamed. Author later wrote to me, asking whether I read the introduction, where she clearly says people like (one doesn’t have to be a “book snob” to judge a book as I did…) me shouldn’t read her book. I won’t point fingers at the great authors who wrote same thing. The moment you release your baby-book into the world – your word means nothing to the reader. The reader will take your baby and form it as their own. But if she reads this by some chance – it’s your first book, isn’t it? Aim higher, the first step is rarely easy and good.

The surprise of the year must be Simon Brooke, who only when asked – told me he actually published a book called “Harem“. Don’t get taken aback by the awful cover, the book is a treasure. I, pretty much, ended my year with it and I think thus it makes it a good ending for the year. And, am I the only one who feels happy that this book is only in e-version of it? It’ll be more common in the future, and I dear hope that that future is not a millenia away.

The admired author of the year would be re-discovered Anne Rice. Her love to her fans is beautiful. Her views and ideas of what a writer is are even more so. This year I intend to read more of her works, in hopes to finish the Vampire Chronicles and see what else is in store.

The joys of the year that I could call little guilty pleasures would be J. Stroud’s Bartimaeus and R. Gordon & B. Williams Tunnel series. Mr. Stroud said there’s likely to be more Bartimeaus eventually and that made me very happy. While G&W last book of Tunnel series finally got translated to lithuanian, so I won’t have to buy an english copy and feel the OCD strangling me for having a serie of books with different editions in the set. Yes, it’s that bad.

The “Funny book story of the year” would be the fact that my bookshelf finally collapsed under the weight of the books. Luckily there were these two planks that went vertical and when the base cracked – those just leaned sideways and got propped against the wall. So it still holds my books. Just… Don’t touch anything without my supervision!

The “Greedy horder of the books” fact would be – I discovered that Amazon provides a 100% discounts on some kindle versions of the books. I own now over 700 hundreds, out of which some are known, famous or classic titles. I bought some for money too, worry not, I’m not a completely “if it’s free – I want it” freak.

I guess that’s that for the 2013. In 2014 first thing I’ll tell you about will be Murakami and a lithuanian author that makes me real proud! See you soon!

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