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Dracember | December with Dracula | 2022

Some of you have noticed, some of you have not, but last year during December I’ve only read Dracula books, starting with The Dracula Tape by Fred Saberhagen, that is now one of my favorites. And while this year I’ve found and read quite a few Dracula books too, I didn’t think to save them for Dracember (drac-sem-ber – D-ecember + D-rac-ula). So, I admit, it was a bit tough to find enough material for the book blog this year. And yet I’ve decided to go on with it as is, because the entire point of Dracember is to have fun in December with some Dracula.

During the December with Dracula there are two notable dates. One is my birthday, that happens to be the same day Romanian Wikipedia claims Vlad the Impaler has died. And another is Yule, Christmas, other Holidays, or even just simply winter solstice, which isn’t at the same day as Christmas, but let’s not get too deep into the details where we don’t need to. This date I celebrate as a made up birthday of Count Dracula. What better time than the darkest night of the year on which miracles are expected to happen. Not to mention the perfectly fitting meme of Lord and Savior Dracula…

  • December 14th – my birthday, Vlad the Impaler’s death day
  • December 25th – a winter holiday, and a (belated) solstice, and thus a made up (by me) Dracula birthday.

lord and savior dracula meme

During this December I plan to finish Fred Saberhagen Dracula series, as I’ve still four books to go, and read Quincy the Demon Hunter omnibus books. I’ve read a few loose ones before, and… I messed up big time. Titles and covers are not for the books I’ve actually read. How did I manage? I do not know. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen, okay?

I really do hope you’d like to join me in this slightly unusual revelry, where’s people go about their Christmas and cozy mysteries (no shade, good stuff), and I’m just here, with Yule and Dracula, like it’s the Wild Hunt in the sky, and not a jolly beardy old man in a red suit. Even one book, one day you’d dedicate for it, a nice movie with Bela Lugosi, Hotel Transylvania for the cozy vibes – is enough. There’s no pressure other than the will to have fun in a Vampire Lord kind of way.

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