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Dmitry Glukhovsky – Metro 2035

2035Let me tell you straight away, I’m angry. I am very angry at “Metro 2035” book by Dmitry Glukhovsky (ISBN 1539930726; 497p.; Goodreads), the final book in the story. All that you might have loved about those books is destroyed here. You’ve been lied to, you’ve been deceived. This is no better than another Silo/Wool book, because all I hated about those is now true here.

Artyom, for hell knows what reasons, keeps fighting his way out of the station, onto the surface. There he climbs the highest towers, undisturbed by anything living, with not a single monster in sight. Then he takes out his radio, and tries to contact the rest of the world, hoping that the Moscow Metro, the same one that thinks him a hero for ridding the world of the Dark Ones, is not the only humanity left. Only his own station knows the truth, and thinks him a madman. They believe that the Dark Ones, back in the day, cracked his brain a tad bit, and constant exposure to radiation is by far not helping the condition. They’re getting more annoyed by a day, for, by going out, what’s he dragging back in? All that opening and closing of the seals can’t be healthy. And it’s hardly a coincidence, that the mushrooms, the same ones whole Metro is eating as main source of food, is now suffering a devastating plague.

Homer travels all the way to the station Hero lives in, hoping to hear his story from his own lips, hoping to write a book. In the end, it wasn’t just Miller who mentioned Artyom, but Hunter too. He has to see this legendary young man, and find out why he, he alone, the savior of this Metro, believes that he doomed the humanity by destroying its worst enemy – the Dark Ones.


I loved the first book. Nothing was real in the darkness, and you could trust no senses. The voice might be real, but it might as well be the dark seeping through your ears, telling you lies. Artyom, in the dark, was told to stop once, and he did. And that saved his life. I loved the second book too. Hunter was a broken man. Dark Ones tried to communicate, but found his mind incompatible, thus accidentally, or purposefully, splitting it. Now he lives with madness inside of him, and constantly battles his other self. And then there’s this shit. Whatever you loved – is a lie. Whatever you liked – was faked. To add to that, the plot has ridiculous holes to it too. So I give it 3 out of 5, merely because of good wishes, and memories of those other good books. Metro 2035 is a book about mushrooms. Metro saga ended at ’34.

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Tag: Sick Book

The usual. On regular basis I check P.S. I Love That Book blog, and steal the tags I liked the most. If you do it – drop me a link. And if you do interesting tags – also drop me a link.

1. Diabetes: name a book that’s too sweet, like REALLY sweet.
I’ll be boring and say, in a good way it was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl

2. Chicken Pox: Name a book you only picked up once and never will again.
Anne Rice “Memnoch The Devil“, fifth book in the chronicles.

3. The Flu: Name a popular book that spreads like a virus.
I am glad to say it’s C.S. Pacat “Captive Prince” trilogy for me, since right after I read it, I realized it is being read all over, and it even got some awards in some places I follow. Not the Twilight level, but then, not the Twilight level.

4. The Cycle: Name a book that you reread yearly, or at least often.
Old, basically first love – John E. Stith “Reckoning Infinity

5. Insomnia: Name a book that kept you up all night.
Andy Weir – The Martian. Morning came. Morning went.

6. Amnesia: Name a book that you’ve forgotten or failed to leave an impact on your memory.
Andy Loriga – “Tokyo Doesn’t Love us Anymore

7. Asthma: Name a book that took your breath away.
Dmitry Glukhovsky – Metro 2033

8. Malnutrition: Name a book that lacks food for thought.
Elizabeth May – The Falconer. That’s because I’ve read many just like this one, with differences too minor to make a dent. Otherwise the book and the story in itself is not bad, and if you’re not too oversaturated with these – it’s a decent read, really.

9. Travel Sickness: Name a book that took you on a journey.
V.E. Schwab – A Darker Shade of Magic. Parallel London counts, right?

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Of 2013 books

In 2013 I’ve read around 70 books. 22 of them were e-books. 4 of those e-books I had taken from the library and mid way brought them back to read them in e-versions, for it was easier for me.

Some books were great, some were awful. Some re-inspired me to continue writing myself. Some taught me a lot, others made me re-consider my values. Eitherway in the end I can say it was a decent reading year.

I owe apology to Karen Essex – her book on Dracula, the “Dracula in Love” is actually a really good book. I just took the topic of Dracula too seriously, forgetting that not everyone is as obsessive as I am. I still think that were they Jack and Jill, John and Lisa or anyone else – the book would be a mad bestseller. But it’s Dracula and Mina, thus I fear there’ll be more like me, who misjudged the book too quickly. Don’t do that. It’s a good book. Ignore the names, just take it as a fantasy that it is, it’s worth it.

The Discovery of the year was Dmitry Glukhovski with his Metro 2033 serie. I wasn’t and FPS fan until those books hit me. And it did hit me, like a runaway train. After I finished the first book, and mind you, this happens extremely rarely, some readers will never know what this means, I had to stop reading for a period of time. It took me almost a week to collect myself and move on. Not without reading Metro 2034, mind you. And not without replaying the video game twice. I own the second one too now, no regrets.

The regret of the year is by Lithuanian author, my native woman, the name I forgot, but I spoke of her book in my blog. I recommended that book after getting suckered in by the advertisement it received and am deeply ashamed. Author later wrote to me, asking whether I read the introduction, where she clearly says people like (one doesn’t have to be a “book snob” to judge a book as I did…) me shouldn’t read her book. I won’t point fingers at the great authors who wrote same thing. The moment you release your baby-book into the world – your word means nothing to the reader. The reader will take your baby and form it as their own. But if she reads this by some chance – it’s your first book, isn’t it? Aim higher, the first step is rarely easy and good.

The surprise of the year must be Simon Brooke, who only when asked – told me he actually published a book called “Harem“. Don’t get taken aback by the awful cover, the book is a treasure. I, pretty much, ended my year with it and I think thus it makes it a good ending for the year. And, am I the only one who feels happy that this book is only in e-version of it? It’ll be more common in the future, and I dear hope that that future is not a millenia away.

The admired author of the year would be re-discovered Anne Rice. Her love to her fans is beautiful. Her views and ideas of what a writer is are even more so. This year I intend to read more of her works, in hopes to finish the Vampire Chronicles and see what else is in store.

The joys of the year that I could call little guilty pleasures would be J. Stroud’s Bartimaeus and R. Gordon & B. Williams Tunnel series. Mr. Stroud said there’s likely to be more Bartimeaus eventually and that made me very happy. While G&W last book of Tunnel series finally got translated to lithuanian, so I won’t have to buy an english copy and feel the OCD strangling me for having a serie of books with different editions in the set. Yes, it’s that bad.

The “Funny book story of the year” would be the fact that my bookshelf finally collapsed under the weight of the books. Luckily there were these two planks that went vertical and when the base cracked – those just leaned sideways and got propped against the wall. So it still holds my books. Just… Don’t touch anything without my supervision!

The “Greedy horder of the books” fact would be – I discovered that Amazon provides a 100% discounts on some kindle versions of the books. I own now over 700 hundreds, out of which some are known, famous or classic titles. I bought some for money too, worry not, I’m not a completely “if it’s free – I want it” freak.

I guess that’s that for the 2013. In 2014 first thing I’ll tell you about will be Murakami and a lithuanian author that makes me real proud! See you soon!

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