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Painting, Grav3yardgirl

Disclaimer: I watch Grav3yardgirl because she’s different, interesting and just a marvelous spirit. Your excuse that “she’s a beauty guru and I don’t care for make-up” is not valid. She makes plenty of different videos to keep us entertained.

Some time ago she committed to get rid of her statement black hair strands in her blond mop of hair (which is a wonderful mop of hair). She had black in her blonde hair for forever. We made fan art with her blacks, she took pictures with her blacks. Thus no wonder she was stressed out to tears when she finally went there and got rid of the black. And, honestly, I missed her black hair too at first. I kept looking at her and something was amiss. But I know how it is to feel pressure to look this way and not that way, so I didn’t make any comments about it (and you should take example).

Then a couple days ago I felt this urge to watch her old videos. I subscribed to her after watching this video, I remember. But I have seen her before, and I have watched her to this day too. And you know? I think she looks much better without the blacks in her hair. And I hope others see it too.

As for all the memories documented of her with black in her hair, I thought I’ll be among those who will now stand firm with her and document her by painting her without the black in her hair. Thing is, I’m a bit stupid, so I forgot to take step-by-step of this drawing (I will try to do this next time), so instead here I offer you how I work in a picture of my OC : The Engineer, and then we move on to the Swamp Queen of ours : Grav3yardgirl


So, obviously this isn’t Bunny. This is Lailes and he’s all I have to show you the basics of how I start my painting. Bottom layer is any shade of grey you want. I usually take the middle one, the one right in between white and black. On top of it I make a lineart, rough one, just something to remember what’s where. The best way to learn to make these rough and fast, I figured, is to take a picture of someone or your own even, and outline what you need. Shape of the face, nose position, eye position and size, lip position. If there’s good light in the picture, you can outline that too with some dotted line or something. afterwards all layers must come in between these two. Start with the darkest, my advice. If light layers on top – that’s good. But when shadows layer on top… Well, that just doesn’t happen. BUT, as one of my fav artists said in one of the live streams: do what fits you best, there are no rules to define you.

From there just blend things, add lines, etch in hard lines where needs be and soften others. Yes, I draw in grey, I can then concentrate on one thing at a time: Lights and Shadows now, proportions then, sharpness and softness, and lastly – colors.


This is all I have of Bunny.  Above you see the same process. As you see, sometimes my grey overlaps the background grey and I end up with invisible bits. That’s a mistake – use either a shade lighter or darker, depending on how the light works in your drawing. Since we’re 3D objects – we don’t usually go as flat as the wall to match the shade, that’s all I’m saying. Color would of course render that piece of my mind – pointless. Thus, again: don’t let me stop you, you do you. bunny2

Next step for me is Photoshop. I use Paint Tool Sai for painting and pardon me for saying so, but Photoshop is just NOT meant for painting. IMO if you can make what the epic artists of DA make with Photoshop – you have divine talent or never gave other programs a chance. AGAIN: Find your own way to this. Do try programs. I’m sure a friend, a cousin, a co-worker or just someone – has something you don’t, something you could test out.bunny3And then there’s just the colors left. One layer after another.Take some brown, lessen the opacity of the soft brush, paint the face, change the blending, brush twice (that’s why you need opacity) to deepen the color, trice to work it into a shadow. Then a layer for hair, for the dress, for the eyes, for the lips, for the eyeshadow, for shadows in general. Background is the easy part, employ a lessened opacity soft eraser, find some texture picture (I used my own picture of sky with a cloud, using hues to change it into this teal-ish color), drop it on the drawing, change the blending, erase where it shouldn’t be.

  • Gradient maps are your friends.
  • Selective colors are your best friends.
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