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Ten Inch Hero and more of Felicia Day

Yesterday was one fancy day. Another serie of Supernatural, a can of Khaos Monster Energy Drink, joining the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim (I now look like this and feel like I was just dropped out of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut), some interesting news about The Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. And many other things I don’t remember. But most fun were two main things. First of all, my prayers have been heard and Felicia Day will be in another Supernatural serie. I love her there, I think her character there is perfect. And it’s not that I love red-heads, which I do, I simply in general like most of her ideas and ways in life, plus she really fills in the gap with the Winchester brothers, especially when Cass is not around. So that’s that.

Second thing is maybe even greater. A cheesy romance comedy with Dean Winchester (for lets face it, most watched it for him, even thou movie isn’t about him and shows a lot of great things, believable things and not as crappy-portrayed things as most movies do. I mean, a teen mother who was forced to give up her child goes to find her child but what she founds is a whole different love – I think that was rather unique, especially as it turned out with that little girl). Maybe I’m a bit lame, maybe I just miss these things after watching so many, so grand, so awesome movies they build nowadays, with all the sequels, remakes and other unoriginal crap we’re fed and told to enjoy. But I liked so many things about that movie, including the rib-breaking laughter it caused.

I liked the simple music and the love nonsense, when at the beginning you wasn’t sure who’s into who, and what will go where. Simple subway store, three ladies, owner and a cook, each with their own personal drama’s and personalities they try to hide or express. Watch the t-shirt of the cook, seriously, I’d gladly own them all.

I can repeat and repeat – it’s simple, it’s funny and yes, it’s a bit cheesy. But unless you see it, you won’t know a thing about it. So if you got a hour to spare, you go ahead. At least you’ll laugh, I’m sure of that.

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