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For the Bold, Beautiful, Brave – by Blackwood

For the Brave, the Beautiful, and the Bold
By Blackwood

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2015, Thank You

So! Better late than never, they say. So let me be late and thank 2015 for the bad and the good. Well, just for the good, for talking about the bad would take forever, and would be a bit pointless, I think. If you don’t know, I’m struggling with manic depression. As a result there are times when I neither write, nor do anything, truly. But as I’m here today, willed into life by friends, I figured I’ll thank for the good stuff, for there was good stuff!


First of all, my favorite last year crafts. In the pictures, currently, only the second row middle is sold, to a Boss out there, I hope you’re kicking ass wearing these! Anyways, let’s start from the start. I waited forever for a chance to order some bat spacers-pendants, and those cabochons. And when I received them, I found myself unsure what to do with the beauties. In the end, I painted a lovingly smiling skull that I called Beloved, for it might as well be a lover immortal. Get it? Also, it’s not related to Skulduggery Pleasant on purpose, at that moment I didn’t yet know of such a fantastic character. Next, top in second row is a bracelet called Alice Hearts, my tribute to Alice in Wonderland. Always wanted to make one of those. Then there’s Saints Row tribute, one of my all time favorite games. I just had to give it its due therefor. And the last is Midas Gold earrings, all set in gold colors. To be honest, when I was making them, I was wondering if Varric (Dragon Age) wouldn’t be willing to get a pair (matching his own chain) for Bianca. The rest can be found [here]

And don’t you get me wrong. This year I have made many beautiful things. I sold a lot of them too, and people gave me kind reviews for each one. It was one of the most artistically rich and muse smile filled years for me. May this year be no less in this department.2_paintings

Starting with arts, let’s continue to where I started in the first place. I painted a great ton this year. I learned a lot about painting too. And putting together this little collage taught me I draw extremely similar faces, so I guess I have plenty to improve yet.  Anyway, there’s my own characters there, there’s Grav3yardgirl, Floki from Vikings, a comic book version of me, and quite a few postcards. I learned I loved making those, for I work best when I see full picture at once. I also just now realized I didn’t enter Vikings as my top hit of 2015, so letting you know right now – wow, loved it, wow! The rest of the paintings are [here]3_bestmoments

There were a lot of small moments that got to me too, although for the lack of pictures, some couldn’t end up in here. In spring I saw a woodpecker peck wood. I saw a ton of squirrels playing about. In summer my friends took me out to watch Inside Out and gave me a haircut upgrade, a very nice bleached undercut. We played Cards Against Humanity and had a blast therefor. And while my bookshelves were broken apart: this year was the year we put on a metal brace on it, and now it holds! I got a ton of presents for birthday, so many postcards from all over the world, so many tea packets, sweets, and kind words, I never ever got this much before. One of the many top hits is that Moriarty tie you see in one of the pictures. Loved how the envelope said “man’s tie” and the postcard pointed out Tarquin Blackwood was a chic guy, so I should be too.

Then there’s those moments I couldn’t mention, forgot, or just had no pictures of. Like getting review requests from publishers (yes, that equals free books). Authors contacting me, just to talk, or even them leaving me a comment or two somewhere. I’ve received a phone just because, had a pleasure of trying a lot of different energy drinks, including Monster: The Doctor, which is currently my favorite Monster flavor. Then there were other wins, like Grav3yardGirl liking and reblogging my painting of hers [here], Mortisia reblogging some of my stuff, Katers17, now known as KateInRealLife replying me to actually all of my messages. I re-opened my personal art Facebook Page and became part of Crowley Emporium project for crafts and jewelry, made by me and two of my friends.

And best of all, I realized what a bunch of amazing friends I have. Some found me brooding over the darkest moments in my life and helped me back up. Others just got there for a word or two, or an exchange of music that they heard and “thought of me”. I guess in this department I’m just lucky like that. I’ve people who go an extra mile to help if they’re means to do so. I hope they know that I love them all. 4_books

Then, as this blog demands, there’s the book wins. I admit, this year was indeed unyielding in time and will to read, and yet never the less I have something to rejoice about. For one it’d be me finding myself a new series to read and love, which are Skulduggery Pleasant books by Derek Landy. That skeleton mister just has the most perfect vibe about him. Got a lot of unusual, unique, and otherwise different reads this year too, those being Into the river by Ted Dawe, apparently a banned book following the story of this Maori boy in all-boys boarding school. Yakuza by Gabriel Loidolt, which I’d call “Irezumi” instead, a pretty damn nice book, very short, with very slight Murakami vibe to it. Very slight, mostly by the whole go-around. The Radleys by Matt Haig was a serious surprise. So simple, so mundane, and yet not at all, because every seen-a-hundred-times thing that family did was done by vampires, for they’re all vampires! And, of course, my own pick for the book club, Neuromancer by WIlliam Gibson. I wanted to read that one for so long! This blog of mine is mainly meant for horror, suspense, fantasy, and books alike, while I do realize I don’t follow the pattern. That is why I have made the Nosferatu Shelf category, to have those books put in a list. But this year I hope to fill it in a little more with Cyberpunk too. After all, we do await Cyberpunk 2077, don’t we?5_games

Speaking of games, here’s my nine hits. They’re not the releases of 2015 per se, but something I discovered, got to the end of, and loved last year. First was definitely Bastion. It somehow reminded me I like games, and that I should actually finish them now and then, and not just spend hundreds of hours doing anything but main quests, as so many games these days allow you to. While not the second one, still, Transistor, being a creation of same developers, is a beauty to behold. Mind you, not for the weak of mind. It’s heart-breaking at more than one point.

Saints Row was in my inventory forever, and so one day I got around to playing it, on co-op non the less. Can’t play first one, second one gives me motion sickness, so I started at the third one and merely read the wiki’s for the first two. Must say, there’s rare a game that makes me so happy inside as these games do. Definitely my favorite co-op of all times, and probably my favorite gangster games too.

Eye Divine Cybermancy fits the theme of me seeking out Cyberpunk stuff. My friend wanted a first person shooter we could play together and have fun doing so (some fps co-ops are lame, just that). She spoke of Cybermancy and I just thought I’ll go see how much is it on Steam, since it was Summer Sale and there it was, for 2.49eur. We took it and we had  a blast.

Shipwrecked is in a sense merely a DLC for Don’t Starve, but there it is. I got it, I loved it, can’t wait for it to become part of Don’t Starve Together. By the way, one of the highlights was getting that game free for myself and my friend, since they took me into the beta testing group!

Payday 2 was a nice surprise, I’m still playing it and loving it. Satisfies a whole different need of bold nihilistic sense of freedom and courage (not bravado). Wicked jokes, fun characters, and caring Developers just make my dark little heart happy.

Dragon Age Inquisition… Ah well, I don’t even have DLC’s yet, got it for my b-day in 2014, still playing, still loving, still happy to see Dorian throw a fit over lack of books in my library…

The Wolf Among Us was a discovery of the year, I believe. I really disliked the graphics from what I saw when my friends played it. But then I watched Drive with Ryan Gosling and that vibe got me. Now I can say it’s an amazing game and I am extremely sad there’s no more of it. I guess I’ll just have to indulge in the comics…

And, of course The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Unlike some, I’ve no disappointments to express over the length of it. Unlike many, I didn’t grind, because I explored and leveled up naturally doing so, by sheer need to beat off a Leshen off a chest I wanted. The only disappointment I did get was the shortness of the Hearts of Stone. Truth is, CDPR gave such ‘expansion packs’ free back in the day, audio and all, free for all with a registered game. The quality and length seemed quite alike to me, so I’m glad I got it free as a gift, for I’d be a lot more disappointed if I paid 10 bux for it! Other than that – yes, it’s very good!


And the last are the things I watched. First of all, let me just mention Vikings. Loved it so very much, it was a far better season than the previous one, and the music is just mad good. Truly a blasphemy that I forgot to include it here. And I guess I can also add I loved American Horror Story: Hotel a lot too, although I haven’t finished it yet!

Let’s start with the movies now then. First is the Legend, a story of brother Krays. Strange in so many senses it was a perfect little fun-drama-bang piece after such disappointment as Black Mass was. I’m a bit sad I’ve no books on these guys, but I’ll have to fix that I guess! Any publishing houses who want to provide me with those?

I somehow rediscovered Dracula (1931) [here], and crafted my four favorite pairs of black and white gothic earrings. For once I appreciated how beautiful this movie is, and what a wonderful actor Bela Lugosi was.

Mr Holmes was a happy little piece for me too. I’m a great fan of Sherlock, and Sir Ian just fills in those shoes so well! It’s just great, go watch it.

Drive and Gangster Squad were on my Ryan Gosling marathon that I required to have all of a sudden. Now I can say I really enjoy that actor and the often superbly weird things he stars in. Gangster Squad is full of those good goofy, naughty, and otherwise good jokes you might also find in Saints Row. And Drive is just an amazing original movie. Never have I watched anything like this, but I do hope to watch something like this again, someday. When first 5 minutes you spend staring at a character who doesn’t even say a word (not a mute tho), and your face is glued to a screen in suspense…

I watched quite a few series too. Orange is the new Black got me by a mention in Supernatural. Was the last drop, more or less. It’s good in it’s own way, really. Mad men was more or less an old recommendation. Was mentioned in Orange is the new Black, so of course it was a natural chain… Banzai was a Lithuanian show, six episodes total, of these two Lithuanian men, educated people with sense of humor, traveling. This year they went for Japan. One of them, being tall and big man, had the funniest troubles concerning shoes! And the one zombie show I liked: In The Flesh. I liked the different approach to it, to zombies. I liked the Englishness of it all. I loved the strange-fam thing of “let’s pretend there’s nothing wrong”, and misleading prophecies everywhere. And I loved how protagonist was gay and no one bat an eye at it.

So all in all, as you see, I had a rich year spiritually, if I may say so. And I do believe many things I didn’t mention here for I merely forgot about it all, having so much. Those big and small things don’t let me say it was a bad year. No, it wasn’t. It just wasn’t good either. But that’s not a bad thing.

Stay happy and survive. 

Links to find me: [Instagram]; [Tumblr]; [DeviantArt]; [Twitter]; [Facebook]

My Shops: [Etsy]; [Facebook]

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The Saints Row : Jewelry

Saints_Row_IV_promo_image_-_crossing_the_delawareI’m an addict, I admit. I replayed the third game twice, and started a third row around with a different friend. I didn’t play the second one, because I have extreme motion sickness and that game is uncontrollable in the worst sense, but I watched it played on YouTube. I have finished the fourth game once, and began a second round around with the same friend, she’s very patient with me. I don’t yet have other games, but if luck’ll be on my side – there’ll be some good Steam Sales eventually.

The game is definitely a masterpiece of satire, irony, sarcasm, and a few other things I can’t even spell. It mocks many pop-culture things, some – obviously, others – via references that only some will notice. And it just makes me feel so happy inside. The boss? The boss you control is a damn leader. You’re never too small for him to come to your rescue personally. He’s not above getting lip from you. And absolutely up for any mad adventure. And I say “he” because I play a male character as a preference, but you can choose your gender, your race, your built, your character even. You can be a chubby cracker, or a lady with literal balls, and it’s GREAT.


My addictions often seep into Outernet or Afterlife too. I had a Dandy brooch from AC: Black Flag multiplayer character that I made for myself, and thus Fleur De Lis is not a strange symbol to me (I have a conspiracy theory that Boss of Saints is a descendant from that particular Dandy man), so now I’m indulging in the purple shades my good friend Medeia has once sent me, trying to make a more… Manly shade, like Purple for a brooch background. But until then I do simpler things. Like earrings. And dream of deep purple shirt. Hey, that’d fit Joker too. And yes, if you wonder, I did indeed steal a Temptress and painted it purplish pink in Joker’s colors.

Both pairs are available to buy unless I update this and state otherwise. If you can’t find them on either of my sites: please contact me directly via email [Etsy] [Ebay] [CrowleyEmporium] [Tumblr]

P.S. [My Own Home?] is one place to help me out a little. Another is the [donation button] in my profile. And third one is sharing. Trust me, it’s definitely help enough.There’s of course the fourth one, my very favorite: you buying things I have made things are here: [CrowleyEmporium] ; [Ebay] ; [Etsy] – everything’s available unless stated otherwise on Crowley Emporium, it has FULL gallery of things available, unlike Ebay or Etsy

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How Roses Eternal are born


  • First we get the aqua colors and get them a little soggy. You might not want to do this if you have decent kind of aqua colors, but mine turn into wet-chalk-like substance, so I must.
  • I paint the cabochon setting black. Used to use black paper, but figured black paint is to my advantage when it comes to shadows.
  • Start with the darkest color of usable red. I use pure red or add a speck of black in it. That is advisable.


  • Next I mix up some pink. It has to be a shade of dusty dry pink rose, so the basic one already pre-given in the pallet doesn’t fit my needs. Might fit yours tho, give it a shot.
  • Dab the light with pink. Then with pure white. You can play around a bit and make dew drops. Did it a couple times, it can really save a slightly messy looking miniature.
  • I don’t usually do mid-shade for the stems and leafs, but you can. And I should, and you should probably too.


  • Instead I just dab basic green with pure white where light would hit it the hardest. I admit, this is a little messy. Mostly because my best and most favorite paintbrush has met its end.
  • Enamel.
  • Just enough of it to cover up the picture.
  • I hold it in pliers and heat it over an open flame of a candle since I don’t have a heat gun. I can’t advice this.


  • It melts and it hardens, making a gorgeous glass-like shine over the miniature. Much like resin. Can’t say what I prefer, since I didn’t work with resin. I do, on the other hand, have a couple pendants made with resin-finish. Or should I say had? Resin turned yellow and popped off completely, besides scratching up. With enamel – you can always re-heat it, it’ll melt and re-harden and be as good as new, as long as you don’t burn it up.

IMG_4656And this is the finished product that you can see on my [DeviantArt], buy on [Etsy], or like on [Facebook]. Or follow me on Twitter][Tumblr

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A day in life when you try to avoid thinking

  When I wake up, I usually pop the kettle to boil and go wash up. Then, with a large mug of fruity tea that smells of far away countries, with elves roaming about and merchants counting gold coins and possibly flying carpets carrying the goods they mean to sell, I sit down to read. Often I do that on the trainer bike, but on other days, I just sit on the couch I sleep in too. My goal for the day is a 100 pages. Any 20+ pages mean I can treat myself for a video game, a serie of anime or just whatever I wish to do that night. At aroud noon I stop and that’s when my first meal happens. I eat twice a day, as bad as that is. I turn up my laptop at the same time too, sometimes serving myself lunch by a youtube video.


Currently I have a brand new lovely laptop meant to sate my second great love in life – video games. It’s Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P with two graphics cards. Yes, I bought an external dvd-rom because of that. To someone who has Steam and all the games that I used to own in hard copy – on it, I shouldn’t need a rom that much, but I did need it. Mostly because by now, after so many trips to UK without any annoying “friends” by my side, I collected a ton of Dracula dvd’s and the highlight of my guilty-obsessions – Sherlock (BCC, yes). So I did need it.
So, when I turn my laptop on and am done with my lunch-breakfast (I always dreamed to be the person who goes out for brunch with a book at hand and maybe a friend), I fire up this silly browser game on facebook, just because. Reminds me of RuneScape days, altho that one was better and is fairly good now too, with all the fancy new things happening there. I go ahead then and check my DeviantArt, accept art into groups or decline, reply to some comments and leave some more on beautiful, well made art. I move on back to youtube and turn on the videos one after another while browsing Tumblr. Email is last, because usually it demands a lot of responses, questions and answers.
After I’m done with that, I move back to reading, because 100 pages usually is no where near done. I like finishing it all by 5PM, but often that’s but a fancy dream that I nourish with more fancy tea’s. Mostly because I prefer starting all the work at around 5PM, after my second meal. I translate texts, and if they aren’t too big, I’ve plenty of time if I start at 5PM. I try very hard and I enjoy it plenty too. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I work a couple hours a day for my money, no, often enough it keeps me up to 5AM, but I don’t complain. If you work good, people will appreciate it and pay up well, and even come back with other texts they need in the future. Naturally if you translate with Google Translate then you’re probably doing one-time jobs for which people will be angry with you, earning you plenty of shitty Karma points.
If I have no translations, I try to at least come up with an idea for possible jewelry. My books, my games and my dreams lead me to the state of mind that I am in now, where I dream I lived in one of the books, where I could be an elven craftsman and my work would have no equals. So I make jewelry, there’s a link to my etsy on the right. And yes, I’m not good NOW, but heck, if I won’t die or suicide, then I’ll get better. With practice comes perfect. And I enjoy it a plenty. That witchy-piece I made is beautiful. And earrings are strange in their own way. And new Hellsing pendants I made have so much sentimental value, that I don’t even care of the fact that their making can’t even be credited to me, because it’s just THAT easy: take a pic, cut a pic, glue the pic, enamel the pic. Put a chain on it. The red one isn’t for sale btw, only the grey ones, sorry.


I try to be done with work at either 10PM or 11PM, which is when I decide whether I’ve done enough work today to allow myself a bit of gaming, pleasure reading, anime or anything else I might fancy at the time. Often enough I go ahead and cut myself a slack even if I didn’t do enough. Mostly because if I stop – I start thinking of things. I am a very depressed person. And I don’t think you can truly escape it or get cured of it ever. You can subdue it. You can fight it. And eventually you can cage it. But it’s always there. Mine got out of the cage recently, with a lot of force. Enough to break the locks. Situation got even worse when I understood that some of my friends don’t exactly care about it all. They live their lives and I can’t blame them now, can I? Sure, I wish them luck. I hope they’ll be okay forever. But that thing that now roams loose in my gothy little mind mansion giggles every time. I can hear it and I can feel it. And I am alone to fight it or give up. And this little routine is the last thing that helps me not to think of it all. Because like all the people who are depressed – I shouldn’t think of it. That’s the best cure. Avoid that thought. Just avoid it like it’s the devil, the hell, the lava from Mordor. Avoid it no matter what. Hold on for each other, if you can’t hold on for yourself, because when one of us falls – others waver too.

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Crafts and paintings

Okay, this’ll be purely to show my progress on being an elven craftsman. Ever since those pointy-eared peoples flew into my life, I feel motivated to make pretty things (at least I’m trying to make them pretty) happen. Let’s start with digital art: DeviantArt 


Fenris: The Sun


Cotton Candy


Actias Luna



These are the newest at least.

  And now lets roll to the crafts. Some are real old, some are brand new: Tumlbr


Made of Dior Silk tie and studs


Made of Dior Silk tie and studs


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


Luck Talisman


Skull earrings, Burton earrings, Orochimaru earrings, Colorful earrings, Car-Crash Queen earrings


Rubber cockroach ring, Vials and Goblet ring, Bracelet: Glass, wood, clay, paper, string

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Damn Creepers

I got a pair of really nice creeper shoes, let me see if I can find a picture of them somewhere on the internet (can’t be bothered to take a picture of my own)… 

Here, these are the ones. All around the internet people say the same – it’s hart to break them in, wear them out. Put on bandage, as thick sock as possible and walk, walk, walk. Today I did just that, after almost a year of not touching them after it rubbed my heels to raw meat. Well, it almost did the same today too. It’s synthetic leather, how hard can it be to make it stop rubbing my heel? Either way, I did all what my mother and my grandmother told me too, just in case. First I went to the lake, I live near one, so it wasn’t far, but walking that way was still rather torturing. I went to water with them, to soak the socks. Afterwards, as it got a bitsy bit dry, I spilled high-spirit type of perfume (couldn’t find just spirit to buy, which is odd beyond my understanding!). And lastly, after THREE MORE HOURS OF FEET-HELL, I came back home and stuffed the shoes with as much newspapers as it fit pushing by force. When my poor little heels heal, I’ll try it again, because I want to wear them badly. I’m short and these give height without being a girly-girl shoes (I know these aren’t exactly ‘boy-shoes’ either, but bear with me), AND it’s only later that people notice why are you suddenly taller, which is nice too. Damn you, lucky tall people…

As you may guess, after a little yet serious torture, I didn’t feel as up as I’d like, so my last stop from this trip was to get a can of Monster Energy Drink and a chocolate muffin. Often this would be my breakfast, but whatever’s good to up the mood a bit.

Yes, I am still deeply in love with Khaos. And that dark blob is the muffin. They don’t look so good, but they sure taste good, tho bit too big for what I can fit to my belly. As is Monster can, but what can you do?

Later I did a bit more crafting, as idea struck me out of nowhere. I call myself an elven craftsman to add to that, heh, even thou my skill is no where near as amazing and gorgeous and amazing, but I try and it motivates me. If I could be an elf, hell, I’d be one. Now, what I did was I cut off a leather glove finger and sewed it about in metal beads, looks pretty good, but pictures will come later. It’s comfortable (I’m a ring freak. I just love rings) and in a way it looks like semi-armor ring (afteral, armor was made out of leather too, thus lets say it’s a ranger-armor-ring).

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Egyptian pieces

The earrings were made in honor of one my fav book sequence by Jonathan Stroud – Bartimaeus books. The Trilogy and Ring of Solomon. And the other piece… Heh, as you see I failed hard. I didn’t glance twice to that book and this is what I got because of that. Funny little piece, gotta admit, yet not what I wished to make. I’ll attempt again at some point, hopefully for once making something ancient-looking and not ridiculous-looking.

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