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book review | Confessions of an Alien Hunter by Seth Shostak

confessions of an alien hunter seth shostak book review knygos apzvalgaAuthor: Seth Shostak
Title: Confessions of an Alien Hunter
Series: –
Genre: Astronomy; Science
Pages: 309
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Not gonna lie, when I picked up “Confessions of an Alien Hunter” by Seth Shostak, I kind of expected a book by someone who drives around strange roads at night, looking up at the sky, visiting known spots, and not a book by an actual scientist. Strangely… Disappointing. But I learned quite a bit, so there’s that.

About the Book: Author, balancing between skepticism and hope, or rather, trust in science, tells us of his life’s work, and does his best to answer the age old question, and every other that arises out of it: so are we alone in the universe? 

My Opinion: It’s well written, but sometimes forgets about such mere mortals as myself, with gaps in either knowledge or education. Still, was interesting. Just, I guess, not what I expected or wanted.

Can’t fault the author for my shortcomings, so the book gets a solid 4 out of 5.

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