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Things to craft from

Today I went out to get some crafting supplies. Believe it or not, I still forgot the most important things. Nevertheless, rest of the stuff I bought almost blindly – I went out to FIND things, without ahead knowing what I want.

Thus I got a couple of belts, to make bracelets off, one feels like leather, other is more like this other leathery substance, yet I do believe both are of faux. Third belt had these chunky heavy beads of black, white and brown, plenty material to work with. And fourth was all made of strings that will be greatly appreciated in my crafting fits.

I also got myself a blue bandana. Got a red one somewhere, blue seems to fit me better. And a small chain, old lady wanted 2.50 dollars for it for “it’s brand new”, but it’s just an iron chain, most likely taken off some jeans… So she agreed to lessen the price. Also I found a wonderful burgundy striped tie, a wonderful piece of cloth that might be some kind of sheet, all halloweenish – orange with cobweb pattern, AND lots of string!

For all that I paid 12 dollars, I dare to say, now that I look into it, it looks like a bit too much. But it was my very first PROPER attempt to hunt the items like this. I’d like to have a friend for this, but I’m pretty sure people would be too lazy to walk as much as I did and carry as much as I did.

Here are pictures in a darn bright and intensive way…

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