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Pumpkins, skulls and bats

In Lithuania we have “All Saints” celebration, which is equivalent to All Hallows Eve, but not the Halloween (we have a similar celebration in spring, tho, called “Uzgavenes”, and it’s considered a celebration to get the Winter out of the place). Sadly that means that Halloween isn’t a thing here and to get decorations is to find a unicorn equivalent. This year tho I planned ahead and got a package of goodies from the UK!


  First are the battery-operated eight led pumpkins, that are bright enough for me to read by at night. I figured it can be considered “Night Mode” reading too! For now they hang on my “wall” of pirates from the east. I can’t remember where I got that moon and sun mask from. Either from Cross Hill in my home country, or from Czech Republic.


  The second thing is an orange plastic goblet. I filled it with (also received, together with instant ramen noodles – main food of the nosferatu’s like myself) Rockstar Xdurance (blueberry). Funny thing this goblet. There where I put it now, stood a water bottle for a couple of years, with blood measures for cocktails on it. I mean, you know how the bottle for shaking up cocktails look? So that water bottle was black and shaped like one of those and on it were stickers with measure of how much of what type of blood you ought to pour in. I won it at a contest, it was always meant for my vampiress friend, but I somehow took a year if not three, to give it to her. And as soon as I packed it up – I received the goblet to fill in the blank spot at my shelf!


  And the last, but not least, the goodies. First is a plastic skull, with bulging eyes that blink red in an uneven pattern. Below there’s a ceramic pumpkin, all covered in orange glitter that made my hands look as if I killed Goth-Tinkerbell. It also has a led-bib in it, it changes colors from blue, to green, to red, looks gorgeous! And a bag of plastic rings in colors black and orange, and shapes of spiders, skulls and bats. They’re great little joy gifts for those like myself, who want halloween, but can’t have it.

  So that’s that. I think I’ll have a halloween afteral. I got myself a few movies, like Paranorman and Ringu 0: Birthday, and Monsters University. Will make myself the largest bowl of popcorn (I have this air-machine to make pop-corn, so there’s no need of oil, and process is more controlled than in microwave, so my cravings for the white edible sponge shall be sated) and if I’m lucky – I’ll have peace and quiet to watch the movies alone. If not, well, I guess I’ll have to socialize with… humans.

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