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For the Bold, Beautiful, Brave – by Blackwood

For the Brave, the Beautiful, and the Bold
By Blackwood

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Sputnik Sweetheart Brooch

My last piece of Haruki Murakami inspired brooches. This is a Lithuanian cover of “Sputnik Sweetheart”. More of my made is at

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The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful


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The Saints Row : Jewelry

Saints_Row_IV_promo_image_-_crossing_the_delawareI’m an addict, I admit. I replayed the third game twice, and started a third row around with a different friend. I didn’t play the second one, because I have extreme motion sickness and that game is uncontrollable in the worst sense, but I watched it played on YouTube. I have finished the fourth game once, and began a second round around with the same friend, she’s very patient with me. I don’t yet have other games, but if luck’ll be on my side – there’ll be some good Steam Sales eventually.

The game is definitely a masterpiece of satire, irony, sarcasm, and a few other things I can’t even spell. It mocks many pop-culture things, some – obviously, others – via references that only some will notice. And it just makes me feel so happy inside. The boss? The boss you control is a damn leader. You’re never too small for him to come to your rescue personally. He’s not above getting lip from you. And absolutely up for any mad adventure. And I say “he” because I play a male character as a preference, but you can choose your gender, your race, your built, your character even. You can be a chubby cracker, or a lady with literal balls, and it’s GREAT.


My addictions often seep into Outernet or Afterlife too. I had a Dandy brooch from AC: Black Flag multiplayer character that I made for myself, and thus Fleur De Lis is not a strange symbol to me (I have a conspiracy theory that Boss of Saints is a descendant from that particular Dandy man), so now I’m indulging in the purple shades my good friend Medeia has once sent me, trying to make a more… Manly shade, like Purple for a brooch background. But until then I do simpler things. Like earrings. And dream of deep purple shirt. Hey, that’d fit Joker too. And yes, if you wonder, I did indeed steal a Temptress and painted it purplish pink in Joker’s colors.

Both pairs are available to buy unless I update this and state otherwise. If you can’t find them on either of my sites: please contact me directly via email [Etsy] [Ebay] [CrowleyEmporium] [Tumblr]

P.S. [My Own Home?] is one place to help me out a little. Another is the [donation button] in my profile. And third one is sharing. Trust me, it’s definitely help enough.There’s of course the fourth one, my very favorite: you buying things I have made things are here: [CrowleyEmporium] ; [Ebay] ; [Etsy] – everything’s available unless stated otherwise on Crowley Emporium, it has FULL gallery of things available, unlike Ebay or Etsy

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Everything’s a Story

Okay, I admit, I somehow enjoy making these. Probably mostly because it’s a challenge to fill the mold precisely, for it’ll come out all nasty otherwise, incomplete or spilled-over. And then there’s my inability to imagine and project things for myself, meaning if I want to put gold on blue, I will not be able to imagine how it’ll look or what frame would fit it best, so for me it’s one of those chocolate egg treats – there’s a surprise inside when you pop the mold out of the oven.
My favorite must be the black and gold one. It turned out so very very messy, you wouldn’t believe. But I didn’t ditch it, no. I worked it until it turned into something quite nice. Even Petronia [reference goes to Anne Rice’s “Blackwood Farm”, my favorite book in the Vampire Chronicles] wouldn’t scold me for that, I think. besides the fact that I used a mold to make it…


The white-red one is a very personal piece for me. Since teen-hood, as many, I was madly in love with Japan, and then the rest of the Far East and East in general. Dir en Grey, Miyavi, all the regular ones and some less regular ones, like Hide (And the Spread Beaver), Hyde, X Japan, Malice Mizer and so on. It’s a bit sad for me to dwell back on it and see that in more than ten years I haven’t learned the language and the plans to visit Japan aren’t anywhere near fulfillment. But then again, now the internet is more familiar and so I can continue cherishing that little ember that lit up. I was deeply depressed, I needed to cling on something and that helped. Thus the personal piece – a red skeleton lady on a pure white background.
Cream-Black was an experiment and Red-Black was an accident, done with a friend beside me. In a way they’re all somehow special.

  The black-black-cream was one of the first ones I made, I think it’s the most classic combination right there. Together with the bat, it was meant and is now sent to my lovely friend in Louisiana. I call her my Vampiress, for she was the reason I got into old movies with Dracula and Nosferatu, and it’s thanks to her purely that I know who Tarquin Blackwood or Petronia is. Those two, thus at the base of it – she, changed me and my life completely. I’m not sure what sort of a creature I’d be now where it not for that girl. I hope she’ll like it.

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