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book review | Xenos by Dan Abnett | Eisenhorn 1

Dan Abnett inquisitor eisenhorn xenos pasaulines fantastikos aukso fondas pfaf eridanasAuthor: Dan Abnett
Title: Xenos
Series: Eisenhorn 1
Genre: Space Opera; 40k
Pages: 320
Rate: 5/5 | goodreads

What a strange story. I’ve finished “Xenos” by Dan Abnett, first book in the Eisenhorn trilogy, and a part of Warhammer 40.000 universe. To say it’s unique would be an understatement.

About the Book: Inquisitor Eisenhorn has finally caught up with his enemy in this desolate planet, encased in ice and darkness. But the victory soon turned sour by the death toll it took and the awful realization that this man was merely a cog in a far greater, Chaos fueled machine. Now Eisenhorn is in a hurry to follow up the trail before it got cold and hopefully stop the catastrophe before it starts wrecking havoc.

My Opinion: For starters, this was a pleasure to read, the way it is written, the language used. Good pacing, a very interesting story, extremely rich lore. This will be unlike anything you’ve read before, as you’ll begin to listen to this mighty Inquisitor hop planets both accommodating and harsh, meet strange people and beings, fight extreme battles, and get ever closer to the Chaos, unimaginable, maddening…

Definitely a good read. A 5 out of 5.

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book review | Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness

over the top jonathan van ness book reviewAuthor: Jonathan Van Ness
Title: Over the Top
Series: –
Genre: Biography; LGBT literature
Pages: 273
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Since I remember old Queer Eye with nostalgia, announcement of the new crew got me very happy. The fact they turned out to be so passionate about what they do made it all even better. So I’m slowly going through their biographies as I find it. Today I’ve discovered “Over the Top” by Jonathan Van Ness and it was a magical read.

About the Book: Jonathan starts early and tells a tale of life full of love, joy, tragedy, addiction, and illness all the way up to Queer Eye. Power of will, love for life, and an infectious positivity in every, even the very darkest page.

My Opinion: A beautiful and magical soul, inspiring with the tales of beaten struggles, problems solved, and a choice to work for better, authentic life, despite all the odds. I love me a survivor story, but this was more. This was a story of life itself.

A very worthy read, 5 out of 5.

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book review | A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel

a practical guide to the runes lisa pischel book reviewAuthor: Lisa Peschel
Title: A Practical Guide to the Runes
Series: –
Genre: Occult; Runes
Pages: 192
Rate: 2/5 | Goodreads

Hm… Okay, finished “A Practical Guide to the Runes” by Lisa Peschel and it was both good and bad.

About the Book: This book will teach you rune meanings, both the alphabetical and the ones for divination. With a lot of great tips, examples, and resources, it’s a well put together book for beginners.

My Opinion: There’s very little history. A lot of opinions and interpretations that don’t seem to be based on anything other than feeling. And way too many “do this, but if you don’t want to, then don’t do it“, or “you can make up your own rituals too“.

Best I can do is 2 out of 5.

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book review | Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

anthony bourdain medium raw book reviewAuthor: Anthony Bourdain
Title: Medium Raw
Series: –
Genre: Autobiography; Nonfiction
Pages: 288
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I miss watching Anthony Bourdain travels. They used to inspire me, revive this love for the world in my heart. So I picked up “Medium Raw“, his autobiography, in hopes to get a little bit of that. And I will surely read what other books he put out there too.

About the Book: The book is a bit of a jumble of things. He tells us of restaurants, chefs, and very deep behind the scenes of the industry. Some aspects of his life, tales of adventures. Gives opinions on people, certain, named ones, and just general crowds. And goes into philosophical debates over aspects he was passionate about.

My Opinion: It’s a fascinating read, start to end. And, truly, I wish there was more. Looking forwards to the other books, at least.

You don’t have to agree with everything he says to appreciate the inspiration, the strive for the better. A 5 out of 5.

anthony bourdain medium raw


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book review | Vampire Lord: Conquering a Bloodthirsty Earth by Logan Jacobs | 1

vampire lord logan jacobs book reviewAuthor: Logan Jacobs
Title: Vampire Lord
Series: Vampire Lord 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy; Vampires
Pages: 418
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Sometimes my TBR scares me. Then I pick up some book that’s not on it. Like “Vampire Lord: Conquering a Bloodthirsty Earth” by Logan Jacobs, first in the series. It’s a strange one…

About the Book: Sam wakes up in a new world, and not in the dreamy kind of way. After getting vaccinated from airborne AIDS, majority of the folks went berserk soon after. Riots on the streets as rabid humans tear each other apart to drink blood and eat flesh. And somewhere in this awful hell there’s his girlfriend whom he must reach no matter what. But the problem is… Sam got vaccinated too.

My Opinion: It feels in poor taste to read a book about vaccines from pandemic that cause people to turn berserk. One must just hope that all the conspiracy theorists will not find it. There’s also a nasty whiff of sexism or outright stupidity as the hero keeps calling his girlfriend and her friends “brunette” and “long-legged girl“. Do you actually call your partners by their hair color, even in thought? Then he jumps to google if women can use some weapons, all while unable to use any himself. Dude, really? Found answer was “yes, with training” as opposed to guys not needing any training, I guess. Anyway, the one plus would be the fight scenes, and surprising vampire characters.

I both sort of want to read another one and not, so we’ll see. This one gets a weak 3 out of 5, and not one of those stars goes to character dimensions.

vampire lord logan jacobs book review vakaris vakare kidonzydrate


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book review | Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir | The Locked Tomb 2

harrow the ninth tamsyn muir locked tomb necromancer book reviewAuthor: Tamsyn Muir
Title: Harrow the Ninth
Series: The Locked Tomb 2
Genre: Fantasy; Sci-fi
Pages: 512
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Holy… I’ve noticed there’s “Harrow the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir, second book in The Locked Tomb, already out, so I grabbed it. Remember in the last review I said I love me a good book on necromancy? Well, score two.

About the Book: When Deathless Emperor beckons – you come. Even if he’s drafting you into a war you could only win in your dreams, and even then – unlikely. And it absolutely does not matter that you barely just rose above being the last necromancer of your house, that your body is failing and trying to fall apart, that you’re nauseated and can’t trust any of your tools, even your damn eyes. Nor does it matter that you’re possessed by an angry spirit. Or several. Death is everywhere at all times. So what’s a few more crumbs to the tar of demise? The only true question here is, should you let go or must you fight?…

My Opinion: I don’t even know where to begin. Harrowhark is barely keeping her head above the water. Even in the previous book she put all her efforts into survival – small house, little power, not enough of anything new, not yet chewed up or sucked dry, with other houses trying to swallow you whole at all times, no one to trust. And now it’s a voyage to unwinnable war with the Deathless Emperor, Teacher. Imagine a gothic tale full of decadent nobles in haunted surroundings full of spirits and walking skeletons alike. And now put that into space, spaceship. All while hopping around, killing planets, fighting monsters, entities. Insane.

It’s a colossal tale. The only thing I didn’t like was the way it was told. But when such things are being told – I’m prepared to suffer. A 5 out of 5, firm.

harrow the ninth tamsyn muir locked tomb necromancer book review vakaris vakare instagram


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book review | Critical Mass by Craig Alanson | Expeditionary Force 10

craig alanson critical mass expeditionary force book reviewAuthor: Craig Alanson
Title: Critical Mass
Series: Expeditionary Force 10
Genre: Sci-Fi; AI
Pages: 500
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Oh, I have waited so long and so patiently for “Critical Mass” by Craig Alanson, tenth book in the Expeditionary Force series. And it was worth it.

About the Book: Joe Bishop is in mortal danger. His crew is in mortal danger. Heck, the whole of human kind is in, you guessed it, mortal danger. With Skippy’s help humans, the Merry Band of Pirates, have caused havoc. From this mysterious ghost-ship that kicks alien ass. To hacking, breaking, masking, leaking super secret and impossible information, and manufacturing things that no one should ever be able to manufacture. To a terrible mess they made out of wormholes by moving them, opening them, closing them… Aliens are pissed, and because at the center of these events there’s this annoying little human called Joe Bishop, whom Universe hates a lot already, they’ve decided to go visit that damned Earth he came from. And unite at doing so, just to be sure. But if you think that this is all Joe’s problems – save the Earth or evacuate the humanity – he he, you’re not going to like this…

My Opinion: The book is amazingly good. SPOILERS: Yes, yes, Skippy has returned, groveling and apologizing. He regrets not only the decision to betray his friends, but his whole damn life, for how could he, how could he ever? After profound promises he’d never do such a horrible thing again, Skippy goes ahead to prove his words with actions by helping Merry Band of Pirates kick even more alien ass all while stringing together and duct-taping a plan of how to save the rest of the humans. END OF SPOILERS: Book started with an epic proportions action. Proceeded to slow down, but banter and jokes kept it going well, and then exploded once again. And this time the explosion was actually hopeful.

A great book. Amazing series. 5/5.

craig alanson critical mass expeditionary force book review vakaris vakare instagram


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book review | Gilded Cage by K.J. Charles | 2

gilded cage kj charles book review historical romanceAuthor: K.J. Charles
Title: Gilded Cage
Series: Lillywhite Boys 2
Genre: Historical Romance; Mystery
Pages: 248
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Oh how I miss just reading one K.J. Charles book after another. Lillywhite boys is one of my favorite series too, so “Gilded Cage“, second book in it, was a treat.

About the Book: Templeton Lane, one of the Lillywhite Boys, notorious jewelry thief, is obsessed with opals. So when news spread of an exceptional piece out there, he can’t contain himself. But solo job went awry as soon as it began, in the eerily quiet house, with a dead man on the floor. Now Templeton is wanted for murder he didn’t commit, and there’s only one person on earth who might both believe him, and help him.

My Opinion: Opals, Templeton’s love for them, are so well described, that now even I want one or two. The story is cleverly written, with detective Lazarus, a former con artist herself, navigating intrigues, secrets, plots, and seemingly everyone’s feelings. To add to that there’s a whole bunch of lovable characters.

If you got this far, I probably don’t need to sell you on another KJC book. Go take yourself a treat, I give it a 5 out of 5.

gilded cage kj charles book review historical romance vakaris vakare instagram


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book review | Dark Matter by Blake Crouch | sci-fi lit.

blake crouch dark matter book coverAuthor: Blake Crouch
Title: Dark Matter
Series: –
Genre: Sci-Fi; Thriller
Pages: 342
Rate: – | Goodreads

I didn’t rate “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch due to the story theme itself. I simply dislike such topics in general, any repeated need to jump over hoops in a game-like reality to reach the goal or find the right one gets on my nerves for no known reason. It doesn’t reflect the quality of the book though.

About the Book: We all make choices, and live with consequences. Rarely, we get to take second chances at life, if we did indeed fail at something not wholly finite. One dark night Jason gets kidnapped. He wakes up in a lab. In a world where he never married the girl who said she’s pregnant with his child, his now teenage son. He pursued his career as a scientist, and the breakthrough in research is what got him all the way here. To his second chance at life. The life that isn’t his.

My Opinion: The choices we make lead us further. But the choices we don’t make… They lead a version of us further. A version who made that choice. Then, just after choosing eggs or toast for breakfast, we’re faced with another choice – bike or bus to work? And so reality branches out again. And again. Infinitely. We get this trope in time travel most commonly, I feel, where a character goes back, chances something, and then tries to go back again, and again, because their reality isn’t theirs anymore. Until they do it right, and it is. And I absolutely hate it.

Which says nothing about the book itself. The story is very well written, and if you like stories like this, I can absolutely recommend it to you. But I myself will refrain from rating, for I simply can’t apply one here.

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book review | All Systems Red by Martha Wells | sci-fi

all systems red murderbot diaries martha wellsAuthor: Martha Wells
Title: All Systems Red
Series: The Murderbot Diaries 1
Genre: Sci-Fi; Humor
Pages: 144
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

There’s something magical about humorous sci-fi books and AI’s that develop personality. Such is, more or less, “All Systems Red” by Martha Wells, first book in The Murderbot Diaries series that I intend to consume whole. The dash of horror it contained really helped too.

About the Book: Murderbot is a security android for rent at the Company that gives permits to research groups to go and dig around on certain planets for research. The only difference between it and the rest is that it hacked its systems a while ago, and doesn’t technically have to obey all the commands. Especially not ones that demand it defend Company’s good name if anyone wants to tarnish it. Lucky for the humans Murderbot is protecting, it prefers watching series, alone. But this damned planet they landed on could not be peaceful now, could it?…

My Opinion: The story got a great balance of humorous android diary who refers to self as Murderbot due to certain aspects of its job; and horror when they have to flee the danger that’s coming for them, and Murderbot is humans only chance of survival. Murderbot is awkward, funny, strange, and very likable. The plot is told in such a way that reader gets to figure things out as the rest of the crew does, and nothing’s made too complex to follow if you’re not into sci-fi per say.

This was a very fun and light read. A very strong 5 out of 5 from me.

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