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book review | Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs | Bones 4

kathy reichs fatal voyage temperance brennan bones book review kaulai apzvalgaAuthor: Kathy Reichs
Title: Fatal Voyage
Series: Temperance Brennan 4
Genre: Thriller; Crime
Pages: 448
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Crime detective for a comfort read. Though, in the Age of Pandemic, where Netflix docuseries on true crime entertain us all, it’s likely not even strange. So I’ve read “Fatal Voyage” by Kathy Reichs, fourth book in Temperance Brennan series, also known by the title of loosely based on books series – Bones.

About the Book: Plane explodes in the air, landing a debris of plane scrap and people, bodies, often not even in tact. Testimonies of something being flown out or shot into the sky before the tragedy happened. And pressure from higher up that keeps trying to get Brennan off the case… Someone truly doesn’t want her digging. But why?

My Opinion: I don’t have a firm opinion on the series as of yet. These books are neither good nor bad. It’s just comforting to read, have that familiar name around and such. And this particular one was not bad either, lots of twists and turns, some got to me completely unsuspected, turning the whole story into… something else.

Not bad. A 4 out of 5.

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book review | Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs | Temperance Brennan 3

kathy reichs deadly decisions book cover reviewAuthor: Kathy Reichs
Title: Deadly Decisions
Series: Temperance Brennan 3
Genre: Detective; Crime
Pages: 368
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

I bought these Kathy Reichs books in flea markets and second-hand stores. Meaning I bought what was there, and not necessarily got everything in the series. And so it happened, I am missing the third book in the Temperance Brennan, also known as Bones, series, called “Deadly Decisions“. Ah well, there’s always ebooks!

About the Book: Disappearances, ordered hits, drugs, violence, and bones have brought Temperance Brennan to outlaw biker gangs. And they are absolutely not happy to see her. Still, this would just be another Tuesday at work were it not for the awful and personal warnings thrown her way. A note there, a picture here, an eyeball in an envelope… Someone really doesn’t want her digging.

My Opinion: There’s a lot of nothing in this book. Where characters just exist in their fear, anxiety, worries and thoughts, with nothing happening around them or in the plot. Usually I don’t mind these, I’m patient with the outfits, the haircuts, the occasional internal monologue. But in this particular book the plotline got fairly well buried under it all. To a point where I can’t coherently tell you what happened or the time it happened.

This is a good book if you don’t want to get too involved, maybe something to read outside that won’t distract you from your surroundings, sunlight. A firm 3 out of 5, but no more than that.

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book review | Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs | Temperance Brennan 2 | Bones

death du jour kathy reichs temperance brennan bones book coverAuthor: Kathy Reichs
Title: Death du Jour
Series: Temperance Brennan 2 | Bones
Genre: Mystery; Crime
Pages: 451
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Took a book that needed excavating, that’s how long it sat somewhere there. “Death du Jour” by Kathy Reichs, second book in Temperance Brennan series, probably better known by the television series title Bones, loosely based on these books.

About the Book: It began as seemingly peaceful return to the roots as Brennan had to find and dig up a to-be Saint. But it wasn’t meant to be. A call, remains so charred she was irreplaceable. Family with young children, babies. To escape the image burned into her brain Brennan took her daughter to her sanctuary, but death followed her here too… And it seems this was meant to be. Through fear and decay Temperance Brennan digs up a cultish secret that connects more people in her life, dead and alive, than she’d like.

My Opinion: A cult story is always a good story in my book. This was interesting, fun to read, very captivating, but a little too predictable, with too many conveniently forgotten facts, remembered facts, slipped facts…

I like these oldies, they’re always interesting, if not in plot, then at least in the way it paints the world. A solid 4 out of 5.

death du jour kathy reichs temperance brennan bones

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Dr. Bill Bass – Beyond the Body Farm

95092Have you ever heard of Body Farm? If you ever watched series Bones, you likely did. And this book here, “Beyond the Body Farm” is written by Dr. Bill Bass (ISBN 0060875291; 282p.; Goodreads), creator of one of the very first such farms.

What is this body farm, you ask? Well, if you ever considered donating your body to science, and I dare being so brave as to say yes, please do, no matter how gruesome some things they might do to you post mortem might be, imagine the mark in science you could leave, instead of a mount in the ground. But if you had considered it anyway, without me kindly prompting you here, body farm is where one could end up. Bodies there are kept in various conditions for decomposition research purposes. Basically the “what happens if…” corpse edition. And what’s this macabre thing for, you then ask? Dr Bill will tell you all about it. How little it takes to learn so much about the life a body was leading!

Small things, things as the filling in your tooth, can identify you. Your skull can tell them what race, and possibly what sex you were, what was your approximate age. Any possible oddities or less common traits you had, might assure your family – it is truly you.

The book is very interesting, and I jutted down pages worth of notes. The author is not dry, he jokes, he even teases. Say, he tells us about the C.S.I. fans, and how series, and reality are pretty damn different, especially when it comes to time everything takes. But then adds: at least they taught people to not mess with the crime scene, in case of contamination, but rather wait for experts to roll in. I must give this book a 5 out of 5, it’s only fair.

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Kathy Reichs – Deja Dead

DejaDead¬† Some know, some don’t, but I really enjoyed series “Bones“, especially the older stuff, where Brennan was less of a human, more of a genius who didn’t go evil on everyone’s arses. This year, around March, I went to UK and visited every second-hand store I could find, daily. Only because they had strange little bottles sometimes, the ones that look like they had potions in them (I’m a Severus Snape fan, no secret, and I loved that woman who taught potions in the children-young-adult series of the witches and one very lame witch… Hm, how was it called, I have a book of it too…) and most importantly – books. Old books, new books, slick and shiny, battered and dirty, cheap. Many a time one could find a white A4 printing paper sheet hanging on a shelf with pink and green letters offering you a very neat deal of taking five books for one pound, which is around two dollars. By the time I picked up the four Agatha Christi books and looked around for a fifth, I had a luggage full of books, so I steered my eyes as far from thick hard-covers as possible, thus avoiding King and others. When in doubt, read the annotation. It might lie to you, but it might not. And read I did. I knew that Bones was based on books by some woman who writes that stuff, but I didn’t know her name and wasn’t that interested to go check it. I had too many on my list of “get these books if they’re recycled” (I believe in e-book). So, naturally, when I turned Deja Dead around, I did not expect to find name of Temperance Brennan at the back of it. And this is how I got Kathy Reichs “Deja Dead”!
Brennan, waiting for the just-glued-back-together skull to dry dreamed of a little vacation, of an escape from her tiny office with a window. Yet as balance of probability dictates, or better yet, how any detective book dictates – no rest for the wicked. Bones were found at the grounds of, if I remember right, archaeological research of some sort (digging, sweeping). Brennan tries to be optimistic. It’s her job to go there and tell – murder office or archaeology office. If she’s lucky, in a hour or two she could be packing for some beach. But her mood is finally ruined by the two cops who meet her. They found the bones by the smell. Old bones don’t smell.
A woman, killed, chopped and dumped. Brennan’s work is to name murder or accident, maybe a murder weapon, most accurate age and if possible – an ID. All well and good, but a feeling that she saw such a murder before is nagging at her. Yet¬†detective Luc Claudel will need a lot more than same saw pattern on the bones. And she must work quickly, for if she is indeed right, then by the third murder she knows for sure, the murders appear in shorter intervals. Even worse than that is the fear for her friend who works with night-ladies, doing her project. She claims there’s a stalker. The murderer who chops his victims up apparently also stalks his women. Could it be the same man? Is her friend in danger?
The detective itself is lukewarm. Some things just didn’t process to me and you have to very carefully follow the threads Brennan is waving, for if you lost one, in the next page you will not understand of why the hell she has a laptop, but no cell phone, nor why she’s stalking that man, not the other one, or how the hell is she missing the details Bones would never miss. It is indeed hard to put this Brennan with that Brennan of the series together, but when you realize that there’s no reason to even try, for this Brennan can crack a sarcastic joke, has a daughter and lives with a cat, you’ll feel much better about this book. This Temperance is just as smart, but not yet in hand with what she’s doing on the murder sites. She’s just as daring and just as stubborn. It’s just that she’s also more human that Bones. I’ll give the book 4 out of 5 and say it was a good find, all in all.

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Lots of work and all the schedules

Been gone, been working my butt off. I dare saying it’s the articles season, for I translated over six per last month. Some barely a page long, others over thirty. Nobody complained, everyone paid up on time and so on and on. In the spare time I try my best to read as much as I can, to catch up on “paper stuff” (books at home, library books), so that I could truly dig into the e-books. As per this year, since I have my multi-pad/tablet since, I think, March 16th, I’ve read total 20 e-books, and the year is not yet done. Hopefully next year I can read even more e-books, sell off the unnecessary paper books, and enjoy the tidiness the thing called “less stuff / minimalism” provides. And if anyone’s interested, per this year I’ve read over 60 books so far. It’s not much, but still a lot more than most people do. It made me wonder whether the “the more you know, the more you don’t know” is truly true. Not that I’m getting any smarter, it’s just that those who pretend to be a lot smarter than me or anyone else – are usually those who barely manage to read a book a month even if time is given. And don’t give me that “life-smart” thing. Nor the Cersei’s “Power is Power” – Cersei was the dumbest one in the line after Joffrey. Without the knowledge – what would exist? And just think of how much you can do because someone had the knowledge which empowers you too, including your damn cell phone, or the screen you’re reading my blog on right now.

I’ve decided to keep a better track on things I do and things I watch. Say, Supernatural started – I’m enjoying this season greatly. American Horror Story provided me with Witches, and I love stories on witches… Then there’s Dracula’s series, The Last Witch, Sleepy Hollow, Bones, I even started watching Masters of Sex, which, two series in, imo has an interesting subject, but is not fantasy-enough for the likes of me. I guess I’ll watch it anyways, not everything has to be decorated with pointy ears and shiny eyes afteral. I should, maybe, dig into the other seasons of Hell on Wheels, but maker sees, that’s a lot of stuff to watch, and for me, to sit down and watch something… Ugh.

Did anyone notice Halloween Steam Sale? I bought myself VtM: B there. Wanted Castlevania too, but figured – I’ll never finish all the games I now proudly own, if I’ll be jumping from one to another. Thus that one will wait some other sale. Afteral, I haven’t even finished Skyrim yet (I’m with the Empire, racism by folks who took over somebody else’s land and then claim it’s theirs – not my cup of tea. But I don’t judge, play as you like, maybe replay differently if you got the mood for going through that game twice, etc.), nor Deadpool, which is, must say, fantastic. Never laughed so much, nor took that many screenshots. Well, maybe I did in DAO… Anyways, nice that Steam keeps us all happy by throwing discounts at us, with hopes that we’ll jump in and they can snatch our wallets then. I admit, I know it, and yet I still give in without the remorse I should feel.

I also treated myself with another book on Dracula’s topic, for I figured – I don’t have enough yet. A cheap, half-accurate-half-cut-up book, so to say “biography”. I didn’t receive it yet, but when I do – I will boast about it night and day, worry not. I tend to keep books on Dracula for rather long periods of time, in fear it’ll suck, be very inaccurate or so. It doesn’t happen that often, but it still happens. I need to remember, I guess, that people know him more as a fictional character and it might never change. For me, he’s but a warlord, as immortal as any great warlord is.

So that’s my update. Could tell you how some authors can’t take critique, after you spent days reading their book, how they ignore who you are and pay no attention to WHAT you are, but expect you to treat them as delicate wall flowers. I could also tell you how movie “Young Adult” sucked, and how I found no comedy in that comedy-drama. I could tell you how disappointed I am in Nurse Jackie series, for from the “nurse with a bad back”, she turned into a nothing, but a lame drug-addict. I could also tell you of how much I want vacation and some rest, away from everything, except maybe a few dear friends, but how my priorities demand I work more now, rather than later. Or is it my laziness? I can never tell. All of that – I will not tell you. Why? Because everything is fine even with those things around. Air is cool, no more bugs around, I got myself plenty of books, there’s nice things to watch, people to talk to, work to do, work that I don’t hate. Everything is fine and therefor – all the little things that ain’t as bright – don’t matter.

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Season 8 of Bones

Well, those who know me, know that I am crazy about tv series of “Bones”. Here in Lithuania they’re heavily censored, say, they put a blur on a corpse and such. I guess it traumatized somebody, somebody complained and ended up victorious. Anyways, I really like that show.

Today I began watching season 8, just the very first serie. Fingers crossed that in this season Jared Booth would appear at least once, that one I like the most (even when he was a brat-like little brother of S. Booth).

It all began where it all stopped, fugitive with a child, genius of evil mind still on the loose, nothing else I will tell. Why? Not because anything is wrong or so… No, wait, it is very wrong. I liked the series because they were of this amazing and strange woman, awesome guy who struggles to make the right choices and decisions, and a bunch of weirdos. What do I get now? Love and unsolved crimes. I liked one case per serie, not one case per season. I miss watching the line being balanced on, between right and wrong, between justice and crime, between, most importantly, mastermind and insanity.

Don’t get me wrong, I intend to watch it to the end. But I cannot be as big of a fan as I used to be, ever since Brennan lost her mind (“it takes three days for the brain…”) and became human-like, ever since everyone bit by bit settled with their mates and began making more babies than solved crimes.

So, hooray and uuuugh for the new season of Bones.

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Nurse Jackie got me

Not so long ago I decided to give a shot for tv series called “Nurse Jackie“. I like series of medical and criminal subjects (yet am not a fan or Dr. House, don’t judge me, it’s good, but not for me). I’m a great fan of “Bones“, for instance. And as “Bones” new season just started and series are aired way too slow for me, “True Blood” ended, so did “Game of Thrones“, both for now of course, I began watching “Nurse Jackie“.

And now I am an addict.

It’s an amazing series of a nurse with bad back. And what is a nurse with bad back? Unemployed. Thus she uses all kinds of painkillers, tricking, stealing, buying, getting them, the strong, good stuff, any way she can, to keep her mind steady and body – painless. Actress who plays Jackie is amazing, her way of acting, in my opinion, is perfect, at least for this role, for before I never saw her anywhere.

Eitherway, it’s a comedy with some drama about it. She has two kids, girls, a husband… A lover too. Her life is one big mess and the only thing keeping her steady is the same thing you could blame all her problems on – drugs. Painkillers. Yet what I admire about these series most is her sense of justice. Say, here’s an example, a youngish-man on a skate-board rides right past a granny, boo-ing her and scaring her. Bad for him, he rode past Jackie, who casually, like she did nothing, knocked him out with her elbow. And denied it without a blink. Of course, her best friend Doctor O’Hara senses the truth behind her lies, but their minds are wicked, and it’s probably the glue that keeps them together.

All the different patients also show how important and often more important is a job of a nurse than a doctor. Nurse not only has to take care of everything for the doctor, but sometimes do the doctor’s job too, at same time working as a psychologist, calming people down, assuring them that everything is going to be okay. Jackie would definitely find some common language with Dr. House, after two seasons I am sure of that.

Thus, I do not regret that I started watching these series. So far there are four seasons and fifth one is to be produced yet. I will gladly continue watching, seeing how quality didn’t fade through the seasons. After I finish the fourth one, I’ll give a better review, but so far it’s 5 out of 5.

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And Yet – No News

Still no news of the trip to United Kingdom. They must approve my application, they MUST.

Did a little and a bit late spring cleaning today (that always gets me thinking of Jared Booth and the Conspiracy Theorist in tv series “Bones“, I think that particular serie was called like “a hero on hold” or something? Jared was great there and ever since!), made myself some more space, which I lack badly. Books everywhere, crafting material everywhere too. Random things in random spots. So I threw out some things. On the way doing it, found my National Insurance Number, which I needed. Sadly I didn’t find my pin for the bank card, thus I will either have to make myself a new card, or be lucky enough to have sister still have my card with her. I might want a new one, not too sure. That is, if they keep it on the same account, which they should, I guess?

I should do this spring cleaning more often. I tend to find a hidden stashes of money. I make those often and often I forget about them, like some squirrel with nuts. But it’s always fun to find it. Once it was a black envelope with around 50$, now it was a red box with 25$.

With that I’m also trying to finish a book by Bram StokerThe Lair of the White Worm & The Lady of the Shroud“. It’s the most deceiving book I ever ran into. First it speaks of a ghostly activity. Then it gives you a vampiress. And then it takes everything away! And the only occult thing that is left there then is the main heros aunt that can foresee the future. Which is not that impressive to me, somehow (I read Tarot cards, maybe that’s why). 50 pages or so left. Eh, and I so hoped for something better. And secretly I indeed expected Stoker to once more name The One he wrote about before. Either way, I do believe he had a thing for both the area of where Romania is (including the places around it) and vampires too. He’s speaking fondly of what his hero calls “maybe a bit barbaric people in compare to the British” (take no offence, it’s not my words, I personally believe my own country is the most barbaric).

If anyone’s interested, tomorrow I will put up some pictures from the local graveyard and tell you how my trip there was. Nothing special tho. And even if you’re not interested, it’s what I will do tomorrow.

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