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Bram Stoker’s Dracula [5th copy]

My fifth copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (I collect different prints). Courtesy of a friend

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Top Ten Video Game Vampires

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Boil the blood

I promise it was not intentional for me to wait for next serie of True Blood to write a new entry. It just happened, because little else happened – to hot for anything to happen, to be honest. To. To. To.

So let’s start a few days back, when I was trying hard to fall asleep but couldn’t. Midsummer celebration was going on and I live not too far from lake, so I hear a lot of echoing on clear nights. This time I heard bells tolling. But in such true melody, that I can’t figure out what sort of instrument it could have been, for there’s no way they could have fit those big, this particular sound making bells anywhere out there. And sound was real clear, yet definitely sounding from somewhere really, really far away, as if muffled by something. And as the area I live in is rather forestry, I shall just presume that supernaturals were celebrating, werewolfs, fairies, other shit. Yep.

Last night it was the turn for my nose to be pleased. The Dew Celebration (it’s actually today, at 24th, but it was sunday yesterday, so I assume it was easier for people to gather) or “Saint John” if you’re a Christian (Dew Celebration is a pagan thing, we got deep roots as pagans, although we’re not the fierce barbarians who kicked crusaders arses anymore, there are still things that while christianised – are allowed to be as they were and no one ever frowns upon people jumping over bonfires, releasing flower girdles with wishes down the lake (last one to drown gets their wish first), and so on) . So the bonfire smell in the summer night air was rather pleasing.

And today, while it’s still barely even evening, I watched True Blood (S6E2). ( SPOILER ) Honestly, a lot of things annoy me. Especially people like those guys who confronted Sam about being a shifter – nobody EVER should tell someone else to fight or to hide. Nor should they take pictures from the bushes instead of helping you when you’re getting a beating. As for Bill – oh screw that part of the story. But honestly, doesn’t it feel like the last season to you? If Sookie uses her magic – she’s no longer a fae, no longer a mind reader according to series (according to books: 1) blood’s blood, you can’t spill out just some particular part of it, like ,you don’t want to be a fae, so you use up magic and puff, you’re no fae. 2) fairies don’t read minds. Demons do. Sookie had a sponsor who gave her the gift. Unrelated to fairies in any way at all.), and Bill seeing future and shit alike, gah. Books ain’t great, but series aren’t either. I’ll watch it, sure, from start to end. But I’m not pleased about the turns of events at all.

To add to that, I got 30 pages of last book of Sookie Stackhouse left. ( SPOILER ) If Ch. Harris wanted to push in a surprise, I’d say – make her stay with purple-eyed Quinn, the Weretiger. Because “got dumped by all vamps” made me yawn, for the road from there was clear, seeing why Erik decided what he decided about becoming a consort in some other state. Bill gone funny tho. With great pleasure he burst into Sookie’s home to rat out on Erik.


And this is how the serie ended. Second great ending song imo. vlcsnap-00010 vlcsnap-00001 vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00003 vlcsnap-00004 vlcsnap-00005 vlcsnap-00006 vlcsnap-00007 vlcsnap-00008 vlcsnap-00009

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True Blood Season 6 – so lets do this.

So who-oo, who are you really?…

  I’m happy. Just so very happy. These series, so far from the books now that for two seasons I’m certain they didn’t even smell the Sookie Stackhouse books, but still so nice, so awesome, so hot with their Louisiana sun, and cold with their fanged nights. Remember how it all started? Well, then you’re just as curious as I was, right?






  As my tradition demands, I got myself a pack of tomato juice to go with True Blood. Naturally finished almost whole liter before the serie ended, so now I’m feeling rather terrible about it. Way too much, way. But it was so very, very worth it.

So what happened without spoilers… Hm. Well, as last season showed – Bill is a bit of a badass near-god-vampire sort of a fanged. Jess is still weird as hell, as she normally is. You never know what stupid thing she’ll do and how she’ll make up for it afterwards and how she’ll screw shit up later on again. Andy now has babies, as you remember. Fairy babies are special. Very, very special. Not Sookie-Special tho. According to official story of the books, Sookie’s talent is not given to her by fairies, fairies don’t read mind. It was her… Sponsor. In non dirty way. Alcide now owns a pack, but has to prove himself, naturally. And a… Well, Jason’s Jason still, so that’s about it.

And this is the ending song, thought you might like it.

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Rainy Rain

Every year I mark the first summer storm. For me, a true summer storm is when previously hot day suddenly turns black with heavy lead clouds, when wind threatens to tear out the birches behind my window and rain pours down in white waves, blinding you for moments.  We had one of these today, plus some thundering and pinkish lightening ribbons. I have a video here:

  So as the day (and days, as a matter of fact) were rolling by, I was poking at my tablet, downloading tumblr, wordpress, blogspot apps and pushing more books in there. At the moment I’m reading a book by Ruta Sepetys “Between Shades of Gray“. The book was assigned by a friend-organised book club, it’s the first book we’re reading.

RutaSepetys_  Here’s the link to GoodReads: Between Shades of Gray.

It’s a book of a Lithuanian family (and many other Lithuanians) who were taken out by NKVD (communists) to Syberia. Dreadful life, conditions and constant bullying is forced onto them, to break them, their spirit. Every chapter is a short little story on it’s own, thus it’s easy to read and it’s very interesting. And while author is Lithuanian, the book is in english, therefor I really recommend it to those not afraid of World War topics.  I’ll add that original is in english, so it’s not even a translation. I’m always pro-original if I can read the language.

From book-club friends I found out that there are more parts of this book (well, not this particular story, but this TYPE of story told by R.S.), so I’m passing down the link to the next book: Out of the Easy. Now this book confuses me a little, it’s of similar topic, therefor I and we say “second book”, but it’s a whole different thing. Story rolls in French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana  which is always awesome read about, isn’t it? But as I haven’t read this book, I can’t yet say whether it’s as good or not. Tho a friend of mine, whom I call vampiress, the founder of this club, says it was great. I’ll trust her on that for now, and later we’ll see.

Here’s the general short summary on author:  Ruta Sepetys was born and raised in Michigan in a family of artists, readers, and music lovers. Her award-winning debut novel, “Between Shades of Gray” was inspired by her family’s history in Lithuania and is published in 40 countries. Her new novel, “Out of the Easy” is set in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1950. A historical tale of secrets and lies, “Out of the Easy” is a haunting reminder that decisions can shape our destiny. Ruta lives with her family in Tennessee.

On other things, as many fans already know, 8th season of Supernatural has ended. Now we’ll wait to September or October for the 9th. Is it the last one? Sad. But on the other hand, this is the longest series I have ever watched. Plus, there are some Supernatural books too (not the way as in series), which I intend to read, so maybe all for the best. Tho I will miss Sam and Dean. And Cas, obviously. And Felicia Day too. Tho last serie with her wasn’t too great, still better than nothing.  


Vikings ended first season too. I’m all for another, tho I didn’t check when it’ll be out. It ended up pretty neatly, and whole scenery is so gorgeous that I wouldn’t even notice if all the people disappeared.  Again, I didn’t even check where it was filmed, for I have my doubts on “authentic places” they keep mentioning. Altho as a sibling from baltics, I tell you, we got all that here. The hills, the fens, the tall beautiful pines…

This will never end coz I want more… More, give me more, give me more.


images (1)

images (2)

If I had heart I could love you…

Oh, and Bones so far ended as well. But on a lighter tune – soon we’ll have another season of True Blood, plus there’s a new book out on Sookie Stackhouse adventures. Series with J.R. Meyers (The King from The Tudors) as Dracula are starting sometime soon too. Of this one I’m slightly afraid. I always liked the character of Dracula, but even more I admire the true man behind the name, Vlad Draculea, so naturally, I’m a bit afraid there’ll be thousands of screaming fan girls to annoy the very hell out of me… But we’ll see how it goes.Am watching Hannibal at the moment – not too impressed, sadly. Nothing too special about it, somehow, nothing captures me. I’m not the person to sit down and watch, so I need to be captured soon into the rolling story. I’m still watching Nurse Jackie too, by the way, that one also is growing worse with every season. I miss the woman with bad back, this woman who’s a former drug addict, who feels no more pain, while she was swearing on everything, that while she wants to get high, but pain is true too, this woman with teen-daughter problem and so many men falling in love with her new, drug-free attitude is not too interesting.  That’s that for now…

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Solstice Scents and how I can’t live without them

Not so long ago, thanks to youtube channel of Grav3yardgirl, I discovered Solstice Scents. And now I’m going nuts.

The first pack of samples I ordered around Halloween of 2012, and they probably had event going on, for with my 3 ordered scents, they also gave 3 more samples free to go. I remember I’ve gotten myself two types of “Forest” smells (Spellbound; Black), “Manor” which stands among my favorites ever since, “Jack and the Devil“; “Dragon Blood” obviously and “Shoikat Grove“. While at first I didn’t like all of them and Manor struck me like a lightening, later other scents became more pleasing too, I guess that’s because of my wicked imagination that connects smells to visions. Jack and the Devil is a bit too strong, but when I smell it, I think of how this Jack could have looked like, thus I imagine a dark figure, strolling in dark, maybe a bit damp and windy night, with a smile on his face and the sense of devil somewhere by. Same way with the forest smells, I right away take in the image of a specific forest, of elves that live in that forest and this specific smell lingering in their dead-silent kingdom, when in disguise they wait for mere mortals to pass by and if you’re to listen carefully, you might hear a bow creak as they wait for a reason to bury an arrow into your neck.


I put most of the scents in there, first and second order

   By the way, Inquisitor smells like Narnia. The first time the little girl enters it – snow, pines, coldness – yea, I can imagine an inquisitor-stature mean looking man with a pelt on his long black robe walking through there in seek of a path towards nearest village.

  Later I ordered more and honestly I don’t even remember what it was that time, but every order I got (and so far it’s four orders total) was bigger than the last. This time no particular scent really captured me and two of them were truly not for me. One got mixed up, as I ordered Cenobite and received Cocoa Mallow. While the latter one was interesting, with scents of pure cocoa in it, I don’t really like the sort of smells so I simply gave it to somebody who appreciated it more. Another I gave to my mother, for she said it smelled “clean”. Go figure, seriously. And one other I still have, wait, no, I just checked my drawer, I still got two of the ones I didn’t particularly like, those were Lace Draped Specter and Moonlight on the Grove.  Don’t get me wrong, scents are good, but some perfumes are too overpowering to me. For instance, the Spectre smell reminds me of grandfather’s aftershave with very old medicine mixed, all that mingling with bakery still in clay oven, baking. Moonlight grove I can’t even describe. It’s a lot more pleasant, but it confuses the hell out of me.

  My third bash is my favorite, for I liked every scent from the start AND found my new scent. Many people who feel themselves better when surrounded by fantasy-based scents are probably seeking “their own smell”. Pharoah is my scent.


  Library and Master Bedroom intrigued me the most when I was ordering it. I ordered five (I took out the pharoah from the pack and just keep it by my side at all times. five means +1 free, they always give one free, but I guess there are events when they give more, remembering my first handful), and left out one blank. When you order it, they lead you to a page where you pick out scents if it’s more than one, if you leave few blank – you can later in order comments add which ones you want to be “filled into the blanks”, because usually not all are on the list. I left one blank and asked to drop me a Library in there and as always – they did exactly that. For free scent I took something Halloweenish but they very kindly contacted me and said they’re out of it, so I just asked for another sample of Manor (the girl said it’s her favorite too). So, as I received my pack (and I cut it with scissors thus ruining the usual presents they add in there – a bookmark, good one to add, a postcard where they thank you, I got two framed, and a card or two representing either the season or the main idea of your package, I think, I could be wrong. Also it’s filled with black confetti mixed with season-colored ones, so for Halloween it was orange bits, for winter it was green and for spring and the Valentine day so to say – hot pink, I keep them in a transparent bottle), I was obviously most curious for Library scent. I call myself a Nosferatu (reference to nosferatu’s, information rats from VtM: B ), and a book-rat, I figure it could be good. And it is good. It smells of leather bound book that got a bit moldy because the wooden cabinets in an old wooden house are slightly damp when it rains and warmth makes water vapor and seep through your windows, but they nevertheless collected dust and thus you open it – this is the smell. Others are great too, but as I said, I was struck even harder than with Manor, when I smelled Pharaoh. I don’t know what the hell it smells of, but I can imagine a parchment scroll, sandy smooth stone floor, incense clouds pouring out of golden pots, decorated with turquoise.

  This smell first time I ordered in a perfume bottle, after trying out this sample. I just don’t think I can get enough.

  Remember I mentioned they mixed up my order the one time? Well, I wrote to them, trying to be as kind and humble as possible, for it can happen to either of us and neither of us would want to be bitched at, and they with same attitude as mine – kindly and humbly gave me a “code” I was to enter in comments, so that with my next order I would receive a free extra sample of Cenobite.  You know, it’s very alike Cocoa Mallow so I slightly regret bothering them about it, but I’m glad never the less.

  In general I am damn pleased with Solstice Scents, got nothing but good experience  and my little treasure of scent vials keep me smiling. I can indeed recommend them.


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