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Bookish | Halloween


I don’t know about you, but this cooling down of the summer gave me mad Halloween vibes straight away. I mean, for real, give me skelly decorations, serious vampire books (not the stuff I flood my blog with right now), horror movies, all the things!

Epic bookmark by: Pen and Pin

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Work and how it affects the life

I’m a freelance translator here, in Lithuania. I translate texts out of English into Lithuanian and I do it well enough for people not to go disappointed. Last week, to be precise, I worked for 6 days in a row, 12hrs each day. I’m my own boss and I’m one strict ass… Now, thing is, today is the first day when I am fully, absolutely done with everything from that order and… I kinda forgot what I used to do when waiting for orders. I guess I read and read more, and probably play minecraft, for I sit at PC up until around 8-9PM, when I go sit at my laptop and play video games for as many hours, as I can bear to do so (depending on when I should get up tomorrow, if there’s a hours I need to be up at). But, really, anything else? And, don’t get me wrong, I read a lot, it’s not a small feat for me to say “I’ve been reading“.

I guess, few days prior to this particular order (two texts with 3300 words and one text with 6600 words, well, more, but I round it up for the sake of the client), I spent a lot of time in Amazon. Why? Coz they have this weird thing, called 100% discount for kindle edition books. I don’t have a kindle, I have a prestigio multi-tablet (or tablet pc), but they serve you with an app too. So, now, I’m a proud owner of several hundreds of books… And hey, some I bought for money, not just… Took them coz they gave them free. Eitherway, a great thanks to them and a sarcastic thanks too, because I wasted many, many long hours picking through their books.

Next thing I tend to waste time on is Minecraft. Oh yes. On laptop it works funny, sometimes dropping about random lag, while my laptop is more powerful than my pc, and, say, can work skyrim smooth, when pc can’t even turn skyrim on. On pc minecraft works smooth tho. Anyways, I can live with that. Thing is, that while messing about in settings, trying to get perfect balance to play on laptop, I accidentally clicked on 3D thingy. And, Maker, was I stunned. I do have 3D glasses, so I put them on and Glorious Mother of Cubes! It. Was. Beautiful. Right to the point when I turned around to make sure cow is still following me into it’s place and saw a creeper. Here, look at random picture I made in 3D, if you got blue/cyan & red glasses – put them on and maybe it’ll tease you into trying it out. On ebay you can get 3D glasses for like 0.99$.

javaw 2013-09-18 20-37-52-68 javaw 2013-09-18 20-38-44-70

  And of course, more things happened. Say, some days ago I received a newsletter from BookDepository. I really like them, they ship books free, even if prices slightly (really, not much) vary from country to country, but I haven’t been buying much books lately. Mainly because I don’t have enough room to store them and first want to figure out what to do with the ones I have without the worry of where to put the new ones. So they sent me a letter, with this witty little poem, asking why I’m gone and such and I felt guilt-driven into using their 10% discount. They sum up such discounts, so… I bought what I said I won’t buy. Kim Newman’s fourth Anno Dracula book “Johnny Alucard“. Honestly? No regrets. It had 10% off of itself, plus the 10% off they gave me and here comes the most gorgeous hardcover I ever seen… And on the back it says “Dracula comes to New York”. I won’t tell you anything, but if you’ll read the third book – you’ll know why I doubt the sentence and this you’ll know why I didn’t want to buy the book. But I am intrigued. Kim Newman REALLY did a great, amazing, fantastic job in writing his books and giving justice to Dracula’s character as needs be (he’s still a monster, but Maker, what a monster he is! Perfect balance). And if he did what I hope he did in this book, I hereby swear I’ll write him the nicest, the most praising fan letter ever.

KimNewman_AnnoDracula4_JohnnyAlucard_msg2theming AnnoDracula_msg2theming

  As for – I’d never leave you, people. Never worry. And the bookmark they added is, as always, amazing. My favorite so far is still the one they sent me last year, around halloween time, that hand glow-in-the-dark monsters drawn on it from classic literature, but this one is the most practical I ever had. It has this hole in it, meant for putting over a quote, so that you could take a picture and share it, without having to blur out the rest of the text with photoshop or whatever it is you do in cases like that.

  Past two days I feel a little sickly. Nose is slightly runny, temperature is kinda on the side of “hm, I think we’re to start the heating season today”, and throat is a little bit achy. Not yet a flu, but definitely something hovering around it. So today I went to get some instant soup, because when my throat hurts – I kinda don’t feel like having tea, it makes it more dry than it should be. I found this marvelous one, but that’s not the point. The point is, how simple little drop of caring can be all it takes to make a day seem brighter. I sneezed while standing by the soups (not on the soups, I do the Dracula motion and sneeze into my elbow), and lady who wasn’t far with her daughter said “bless you” (in our language it’s “to your health”, actually). That was kind of her, for I’m a complete stranger, sneezing two steps away. Oh, and I found the perfect size metal pot for clay bead boiling, and it was on sale too. So today gets thumbs up!

  When I feel less rushed by the fact that I didn’t update my blog in a while, I’ll tell you all about the books I finished in the mean time. Not many of them, but at least one of them is real interesting.

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