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Bookish | Time of Disdain


I love this new re-release of Witcher Saga in Lithuania. First edition was a mere one book. Second edition released them all, even before the games were a thing. But now we’re getting these!


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The Witcher | Sword of Destiny


I am so happy they’re doing new releases of The Witcher for us. I will, of course, forever be grateful to Dagon, for that very first publishing, and Eridanas, for the whole Witcher series that we got before the first game ever came out, and many other great books they published while they still lived. But I am thankful to Alma Littera too, for the covers are wonderful, and the shape of the book is great (it’s narrow and tall, with beautiful separations between chapters)

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Earned Break: Re-release of Witcher books


Making sure the new translation is good.

So far – it’s good.

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