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“An Easy Death” by Charlaine Harris | Gunnie Rose 1

3Author: Charlaine Harris
Title: An Easy Death
Series: Gunnie Rose 1
Genre: Western, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 336
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

I like the easy Charlaine Harris books. They’re simple, but by no means too simple, so it’s always interesting to read. I thought a little on it, and picked up her latest work of Gunnie Rose. Sadly, it was not my cup of tea, even as much as I like alternative history pieces.

About: Lizbeth Rose is a gunnie. Means she’s real good at shooting, and can be hired according to this skill. Due to this profession being real dangerous, what with bandits, wild animals, and other things lurking outside the settlements (and sometimes inside of them too), gunnies don’t tend to live long, and so, for a goodbye wish each other an Easy Death. Yet easy death was not what most of her crew got, all slaughtered. Being the only survivor, Liz picks up her guns and sets off to finish her mission, as any good gunnie would do. Better than mourning or going to find herself a new crew to work with anyway.

Yet due to her fine reputation she didn’t need to look for a job. The job found her in a shape of two Russian wizards. They’re on a mission to find blood descendants of no other than Grigori Rasputin in hopes it’d help save Tsar. And while they can cause enough trouble and death on their own, a gunnie would do good to travel more low-key. Soon they learn the dangers are far greater than anyone anticipated. They learned to trust only each other, and even then doubt, watch for signs. Too often familiar faces were worn by unfamiliar evil. For by far not all love Tsar.

Mine: It was an interesting alternative reality piece. I’m not sure about the exact time, even though I could’ve probably had a better understanding of time if only I paid more attention to the cars mentioned. But if wizards don’t live longer than regular people, then the setting should be somewhat after Rasputin has died. Speaking of wizards, that was the best part of the book. It reminded me a little of Dragon Age magic: circle of magi, a sort of college for mages; they get separated from parents for their own good and safety; tattoos for representing and enhancing powers; people seem wary of them, hateful even, even if they are the most dangerous things walking. But the story itself was lacking. Just as any right western movie, while packed in action, with story inching towards the goal in a steady pace, it was very limited to a camera angle.

I’m not yet sure if I’ll read the next books in the series. We’ll see, right now I have no wish, but I do change my mind time and again. This one gets 3 out of 5 from me.

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Jasper Fforde – The Eyre Affair [#1]

  It’s becoming more difficult to describe a book than to read one. And don’t even get me started on the horrors of choosing the next one. But first things first. At last I finished the month-long, apparently, book-club book by Jasper Fforde (yes, two f’s) “The Eyre Affair“. And now I wonder if words “alternative reality” suit it correctly. Like Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud, just without magic. With vampires, tho. Little of them, but leaving a mark. Or a dent. Most of the things, yet, that make it different than actual reality are all the SpecOps and the things they cover. From supernatural being control, to time change guards, to hell knows who. Reminded me a little of Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter, so it’s one big thumbs up for using that and not making it any worse.
It all starts with super-villain Hades stealing an old original manuscript of some book, pardon me for lacking the memory for details, devil be with them. No one knows neither why nor how. There’s no ransom requests, no contacts. And cameras didn’t capture him either, no finger prints and even the glass that covered the manuscript is still in spot, if a little bit… out of shape.
Thursday Next is our main hero, a fantastic woman with whom I not always agree, but who am I to judge. She reminds me a little of Temperance Brennan from the books, just that this one’s in an alternative reality. And there she is, dropping us onto a one hell of a slide for a story with little take-a-breath breaks, right after the very first actual meeting with Hades that left her battered in hospital. She is told she shot some granny and did all sorts of crazy things. They also tell her that Hades is dead, burned in a car accident. But can you believe that sort of nonsense, when you saw bullets flatten and fall down off the man’s body? When you saw him change appearance, when cameras don’t capture him, hell, how can you believe a man with no shadow is dead just like that? And to put a cherry on top, the moment everyone leaves her be – a bright colored sports car materializes in her hospital room, with her behind the wheel, telling HER to take the job in Swindon.
It’s a handful, this book. In a good way too. And while it is meant for already older crowd of readers, I dare say I would’ve loved it madly when my age was still in singular digits form. All those difference Special Forces! Time jumping and travel, entering a book, altering a book! A comic in a book, I dare say. I’ll give it 4 out of 5, for while good, it had some irritating flaws in it anyway. But, here me out before burning me on a stake. I do intend to pick up the rest of the books in this serie, right? Right.

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