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The Saints Row : Jewelry

Saints_Row_IV_promo_image_-_crossing_the_delawareI’m an addict, I admit. I replayed the third game twice, and started a third row around with a different friend. I didn’t play the second one, because I have extreme motion sickness and that game is uncontrollable in the worst sense, but I watched it played on YouTube. I have finished the fourth game once, and began a second round around with the same friend, she’s very patient with me. I don’t yet have other games, but if luck’ll be on my side – there’ll be some good Steam Sales eventually.

The game is definitely a masterpiece of satire, irony, sarcasm, and a few other things I can’t even spell. It mocks many pop-culture things, some – obviously, others – via references that only some will notice. And it just makes me feel so happy inside. The boss? The boss you control is a damn leader. You’re never too small for him to come to your rescue personally. He’s not above getting lip from you. And absolutely up for any mad adventure. And I say “he” because I play a male character as a preference, but you can choose your gender, your race, your built, your character even. You can be a chubby cracker, or a lady with literal balls, and it’s GREAT.


My addictions often seep into Outernet or Afterlife too. I had a Dandy brooch from AC: Black Flag multiplayer character that I made for myself, and thus Fleur De Lis is not a strange symbol to me (I have a conspiracy theory that Boss of Saints is a descendant from that particular Dandy man), so now I’m indulging in the purple shades my good friend Medeia has once sent me, trying to make a more… Manly shade, like Purple for a brooch background. But until then I do simpler things. Like earrings. And dream of deep purple shirt. Hey, that’d fit Joker too. And yes, if you wonder, I did indeed steal a Temptress and painted it purplish pink in Joker’s colors.

Both pairs are available to buy unless I update this and state otherwise. If you can’t find them on either of my sites: please contact me directly via email [Etsy] [Ebay] [CrowleyEmporium] [Tumblr]

P.S. [My Own Home?] is one place to help me out a little. Another is the [donation button] in my profile. And third one is sharing. Trust me, it’s definitely help enough.There’s of course the fourth one, my very favorite: you buying things I have made things are here: [CrowleyEmporium] ; [Ebay] ; [Etsy] – everything’s available unless stated otherwise on Crowley Emporium, it has FULL gallery of things available, unlike Ebay or Etsy

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

AC4_Black_Flag_novel  So there goes my last Oliver Bowden book on Assassins, the “Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag” (ISBN 978-0-425-26296-2). There is one more, of course, newly written to cover the story of AC: Unity, but I intend to finish the current books of Song of Fire and Ice before I pick that one up. So “last” for now.

Gentlemen! As is custom among our kind, we do not plunge headlong into folly on the order of a single madman, but act according to our own collective madness!” 222p.

Edward Kenway began his days as an honest sheep farmer (“I was a sheep-farmer, not one of the sheep“) who was never content with only the things he had. He wished for more. He wished to not only marry the marvelous Caroline Scott, but be worthy of her too. And thus, when fate and men who later turned out to be Templars, took away all he had, including the approval of his parents, he turned towards the sea.
A privateer was a type of a legal pirate, if you please. And Edward firmly stood among those against piracy. Yet circumstances seemed to be forcing him into all sorts of things he didn’t want and thus, the moment he seemed to be saved from the life of a Black Flag – England disowned her sons at the sea. Then and there in waves legends were born: Blackbeard, Mary Read, Captain Vane and of course, Edward Kenway.
Edward didn’t give a damn to what assassin’s might be, but he hated templars for what those have done to him personally. Thus when he took off a hidden blade of a corpse, he had no idea where he was getting into. And who he was crossing.
A great book, I say. Piracy is not glamorized as much as I feared, no, in fact it’s gory and ugly, always ending up in rot if the men in it aren’t quick enough to grab a Pardon there or here. Yet while reading I enjoyed imagining the warm breeze, the possible sounds sails would make, and the smell of a hot-sanded shore, overgrown with palm trees. I’ll give it a firm 5 out of 5, must say this is the best one so far. I’ll miss you all, lads and lasses.

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

There we go. Even thought this isn’t the last book by Oliver Bowden on Assassin’s Creed, but “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations” (“Ace Books” 2011; ISBN 978-1-937007-42-3; 498p.) is the last one on Ezio Auditore. The famous assassin mentor of whom even Altair would’ve been proud. And out of all books on him so far, this one is the best written.

My name is Ezio Auditore. When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it; I had time, but I did not know it; and I had love, but I did not feel it. It would be thirty long years before I understood the meaning of all three.” – 475p

Ezio’s journey takes him to Istanbul, where once, bidden by their master Altair, friends of assassins hid keys to the greatest library of all. A library so full of knowledge, that naturally – templars need it too. Funny how those guys never seem to have anything of their own. And when they do – it’s something they stole from assassins. Which leads to Ezio not only requiring to find the other keys, but steal back what templars stole before.
New allies and new enemies await him in Istanbul, among them – assassins with plenty of knowledge to share with their old mentor. Weapons he never seen, new ways to travel across the city and best of all – a resourceful woman named Sofia. A woman that helps him start a whole new journey and bring up the courage to finally put it to an end.
Ottomans are at war with each other, and while Ezio has been warned to stay away from their affairs – sadly their interests cross with the assassin interests. Which leads to many grave mistakes. And this is something I truly like in these heroes of ours. Including templar Haytham – each one of them, the assassins, was a flawed one. They made mistakes, stumbled, cried over it, got up and went forth again. Non of them was perfect or inhuman.
Thus, I give this book 5 out of 5, a long awaited perfect score. And do let me remind you, that these books are good to those wishing to recall the story AND to those who have no interest in the games. They’re just good books of people who are neither good nor bad. As Geralt of Rivia said: there’s no evil or good, just decisions and consequences.

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

brotherhood  I find it somehow difficult to review these particular books. I’m unsure whether it’s Olvier Bowden‘s writing style or these stories per se, but so far the easiest one to sum up was Connor/Haytham Kenway story. But we’ll attempt with this one anyway.
A great battle rages out in mids of Ezio and the remnants of his family rest and relaxation, once again taking the Apple away from him. He saw what it can do in the wrong hands, back in Florence, thus no matter all that happened that day, he must retrieve it for the very sake of humanity. And all signs lead to Borgia family in Rome.
Rome, once a great city now stands as a city of dark cults in darker ruins. Oppressed people don’t even oppose the Borgia bullying anymore, there seems to be no hope for it anyway. But Enter Assassins! Ezio puts out a hand and a word: Borgia are not almighty, we can fight them if we stand united. And people seem to be regaining their hopes of beautiful, bright Rome once again.
Yet this little victory is darkened yet again. There’s a spy among the Assassins. Someone important enough to know of the operations being conducted, or at least enough to sabotage them by selling the information off to Borgia. And then there’s the young lion Il Principe, Cesare Borgia. With signs of New Disease on his face he’s just as fierce if not fiercer. He seems to wish to not only take over the Italy, united under his banner, but also claim the Grand Master post of the Templars, which now belongs to the Pope, who happens to be his father. He claims, and people under him start to believe him, that no chains can hold him, and no man can kill him. Can that be true? Can the Apple give such power? Or is Cesare merely mad with the New Disease rotting off his brain?
As I said before, this book is best for those who want to remember the story or it in, whether because they didn’t want to play the games, or replay them. Yet to this book I can only give 3 out of 5, for it sort of seemed a little stretched. But, the story telling is much, much smoother now!

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance [#1]

AC_renaissance  All in all, Oliver Bowden‘s book “Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance” is the first in the series of books on Assassin’s Creed. I started from the fifth, a book on Haytham and Connor Kenways, since I had just finished the game back then, and just wanted more, since I loved it so much. Then, thinking that since games begun with Altair, books must do so too, I’ve read third book in this book series. At the end of it it is Ezio who closes up someone’s journal on Altair, which makes it clear – I made a mistake. Again. But now I hold a finished book, a first book in this book series.
Book tells a story of a still young lad, Ezio Auditore who is learning, bit by bit, how to take over his father’s work as a banker. He’s not happy about it, but he’s not about to go against his father’s will either. And besides, being a banker is not all that bad. And for now he still has time to go racing with his older brother through the rooftops of Florence, ruffle up his sister’s stupid wooers and pick up some eagle feathers for his little brother. All seems well and bright until Florence is darkened by a heavy cloud bearing Templar Cross upon it. It is that tragedy that makes Ezio leave it all behind, his love, remnants of his family, his home and even his birth city. Leave it all and done the cowl of an Assassin. And seems he did so just in time, for among the shadows there are whispers of a Prophet who will enter the Floating City when a Piece of Eden is brought into it. It’s where Ezio must make his way, for both the Prophet and the Apple of Eden MUST be protected at all costs!
This book will fit those who wish to remember the story before playing a new one in the series of games, but do not wish to replay the games. I, personally, love replaying games before I play the newest ones, yet in two Ezio’s games there’s this cursed flying contraptions Leonardo has made… It will also fit those who hated the jumping back and forth between the times and the heroes.
As for story itself, I will give it 4 out of 5, for while story is great and I did love the game, sometimes actions in the book were left unclear, lacking description. Text would lose its integrity, something I witnessed many a time in translations, but this being the first time I saw it in original text. And all those Italian words… But have no worry, I’ve read 3rd and 5th books, I know the writing gets MUCH better.

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade

ac_secret_crusade Apparently this Oliver Bowden book “Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade” is actually a third one. You see, I played the video games, all up to the Unity, which I don’t yet have and thus couldn’t play it, I thought I knew the chronology of this. In a way, it’s not a big deal, because story’s chronology is correct, it’s just that… Well, read it and at the end of it you’ll know why it’s third, not first.
Master Assassin Altair got over-confident and failed miserably in retrieving an artifact crucially required. In fact, not only did the best of the best fail to retrieve it, two of the assassins sent with him died, with mere chance that he was left to live himself. Thus, with aching heart, he returns to his Master. A man who was like a father to him, whose disappointment will be worse to him than mockery of those who hate him in the Creed…
Here the book is fairly same as the game is. Altair is led to believe he was stabbed to death by his Master, just to awake with realization that he’s given a second chance, a chance to set things right. One of the assassins that was with him still lives and he did indeed manage to secure the treasure, thus not all is lost. Not to assassins at least. Altair is yet stripped of his rank and is given nine names to clear his own. Take these lives and gain back your status! But every victim, hearing of death of the another is more cautious, more careful and is awaiting a man in a scholar robe more prepared. To add to that, each one of them has a reason to give Altair, a word to justify their work that makes the twice the master assassin doubt his own work. If they are taught to question everything, even their own beliefs, why are they asked to believe the codex of the assassins unconditionally? And if they preach freedom and kill for peace, why men with different view on freedom must die?
Second part of the book is something we did not see in the books. Altair sits down to study the Apple of Eden. And here comes the same duality once again. Apple offers the right things, exactly the right ones in your need. Meaning it can corrupt as well as enlighten. With one hand Altair can make the Creed better than ever, with another – he can sweep Creed’s enemies. So how does one balance the good and the evil?
I’ll give the book 4 out of 5, even if it was hard to read in, with the fine print and a ton of pages out of which not all were relevant. I am yet again proven that Altair is indeed one of the most marvelous Assassins out there, even if he lacks Ezio’s charm.

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Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken

forsaken   Some might already know I do enjoy my video games and the story books of those games. Assassin’s Creed is no exception. Oliver Bowden‘s book “Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken” tells the other side of the story of the third game, the one with Haytham and Connor (the native american boy). Non, thou, probably know that often enough I somehow end up loving the characters others do not find appealing. While Ezio is charming and wonderful, with his bright little heart and sillyness, it’s Altair I find to be the best of the best among assassins, and it’s Connor’s reasons that I find fit. And since the books are as stand-alone as the games (if we won’t consider Desmond’s story as part of Altair-Ezio-Connor story), it’s okay to start from the one you would’ve preferred. As I did.
Haytham’s father, Edward Kenway, was an assassin, and Haytham was meant to become one too. Sadly, fate decided to laugh at that and tore them apart before Haytham got to know the truths his father preached. Via treachery and blood he became a Templar and I do not believe that he ever actually regretted it. Their doctrine went better with him. It’s order he wanted, not doubt. He wished to be certain, he wished the truth to be stable, unmovable and it’s complete opposite of what Assassin’s say. And even when he learned the truth of his father’s murder, and took the revenge he felt deserving, he stayed loyal to the Templars and thus became steady in his position as the Grand Master in revolution-shaken America.
One thing lead to another. Haytham found a sacred site of Those Who Came Before, but couldn’t open it. Excavations would’ve enraged the Natives, thus he had to back-track and try to find another way. He had to, but he couldn’t, and thus time passed, bit by bit proving that an order cannot be where corruption spreads like chaos. Haytham thought that freedom will lead to corruption, thus Assassin’s cannot be, no matter how he wished and how many likenesses he saw between the two fractions. He thought that given man freedom, a man will chose merely what is best for himself and his own well being. But then he himself had to walk out and hunt down a Templar that cared for nothing else but personal gain. He himself had to witness the most promising recruit act unlike order preached, just because his pride was wounded. And on this path he ran into himself as he was supposed to be: certain in the chaotic way, an assassin.
Nothing is true and everything is permitted, assassins say. Haytham never really felt any shame for being of an assassin blood, and Connor felt no disdain unto it either. In fact,t he boy spoke Haytham’s own words; the fractions can be united. And added: we’re of blood, that’s our chance. But a man’s heart grows to stone when one truth crumbles after another and all sacred is mixed with the filth. It was merely too late.
I’ll give this book 5 out of 5, but am certain that not all will like it. Most people I know will say that third game was the worst in the serie. But I enjoyed it nearly the most.

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When you love the crazies!

This ain’t no joke. My friends are either crazy or extra-interesting people and day after day I keep thinking how lucky I am to have them in my life. There’s always a person I can write to at 3am a text and get a reply to it. There’s always a person who’ll spare me a kind word if I share my silly future plans. There’s always a person who will make and create something beautiful and fantastic and make sure I won’t miss it. There are people who ask me the oddest things and have me try my skill limits at the craziest stuff. Like, yesterday I drew a morse on a horse. A year ago, or maybe two, I made miniature piglets for earrings. I cut up DVD disks, severed barbie hands sewed naughty parts onto teddy bears and so on. Other’s pull me into different things that help my mind, not only my crafting skills. One fairly new friend gave me her copy of German “Bartimaeus: Amulet of Samarkand” book (Jonathan Stroud Bartimaeus sequence, I have all four, but when offered I agreed to take the german one because I really like the language and it was the first foreign one that I learned, so it’ll be great to remember it and re-use it), the other, old friend, gave me a poem book with translation and original (old French) side by side, for I expressed my will to learn that language too (too many Dracula’s musicales, people. I love your love for him). Then the other one who is a cousin beside a friend, made sure I get a spot in these cheap school-trips their teacher organised for their class (teacher knew me, so she agreed gladly), so I saw Germany (Berlin, Potsdam), Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga+) and Sweden (Stockholm). And each one of these people got something about them. Some are smart beyond measure. Some are creative beyond measure. Some make movies, other’s make costumes, and you can do nothing but marvel at both. Some are able to learn a new crafting technique and make jewelry within night, worth all the praise. Some sleep few hours a day and work non stop all the other time for reasons not even they know. The only question there is – why am I in their world? I got some skill, I got some talent and some brain. But not enough of either. It’s why I say they must be crazy, but hell, I love each one of them.

So on this high note, lets go on and see how past few days went for me, shall we? Let’s start with the oldest. I experiment with techniques for crafting, for I want every piece I make to be different and as unique as it can be without being just trash. So I cut up DVD’s after I was reminded they’re made of two thinner layers stuck together, unlike one-fat-layer CD’s are. I cut the edge, stick a blade in it and rip one piece off. Put a ruler on it and cut, cut, cut. If you’re lucky, after you severed the beautiful-covered DVD in half, you will have transparent side and the pretty side. If you’re less lucky, you’ll have pretty side and one side with residue of the shiny bits.


Broke my bodkin when piercing holes into promotional BioShock: Infinite DVD (demo) earrings…

And then I went on making other stuff. When the Muse hits me – it lasts long enough for me to burn for a couple of days and make several decent and good items or at least learn something new about making them. So what I did was: A pair of earrings carved into a book. Pretty much, I cut a slice of a book off, made back out of the cover, frame out of pages. Put a skull picture inside and covered it all in thick layer of enamel. It doesn’t look so good, I guess, but it’s different and I was quite happy in the making of it.


  The other thing I made was a fail at first. I printed four pictures of skulls for this second work, cut it into a triangle and glued it on a piece of cardboard. I thought, wow, I’m so clever, this’ll be hard enough surface for paper! Then I thought… No, no it won’t. If some girl (or a boy, no discrimination here) puts those earrings into jewelry box – they’ll be crushed, they will bend and in the end – they’ll be ripped as any paper or light cardboard gets. At first I thought I’ll throw it out and just make new ones and glue them on plastic (and I will make such once I get back into the mood of making, plus I need a few more items for it now, as I ran out), but figured, if I intend to throw them out, why not learn on them and experiment? So I did. I took a knife, heated it up and dipped into dry enamel and spread it like butter in uneven chunks onto the triangles on both sides. All well and good – hard and shiny. Thing is – edges began looking dirty and uneven. So I dug into the stash of supplies from old home renovation and find some wallpaper which says “you can wash it with water“. In other words – waterproof (or hydrophobic, if you so wish) paper. I cut off even slices and put it onto the triangle edges. I think the final turn out looks decent if not real good. Not too bad, not too bad.


  The third full piece is the previously mentioned DVD earrings.  They’re made out of a promotional DVD one gets with PC Gamer magazine, it contains the game demo and/or promotional trailer. Pretty much, what you do is you cut the edge of it, for if you look closely – it has some kind of melted residue on it, you need to scrape it off. Then you stick the blade in between, which is a hard task – guard your fingers or wear thick, real thick gloves, and then without pulling it out – drag it around whole DVD. Then carefully rip it apart. If you’re lucky – you will have a clear side you can use for something else and whole shiny stuff will be on the part which you will cut up for the picture on it. If you’re less lucky – there’ll be residue on the clear part and you might not be able to use that then. All in the limits of your own imagination. After you done all that, you drop the fattest ruler you own and use same blade (I expect it’s either a scalpel or a box opener) to cut it. No pressure, make long, firm slices across where you want to cut over and over and over until you cut into your cutting board. I hope you have one, coz table will not like the crafting you do. The further process is up to you. I put plastic wallpaper on the back – it’s soft and squishy and green. Then covered edges with copper dye and clear acrylic paints to hold it all down. Then I pierced the holes, put through a gold colored little hoop and the hooks. Done. And I think they look beautiful.


  From the creative field I can show you one small piece too. It’s an elven shaman, you’ll see her story in my DeviantArt page someday. She’s a friend of Dyaebl, who has two stories in my dA (first; second) already. It’s a very small picture, I avoid making such, even tho I find it a lot easier. But the interesting thing is not the size but the way it progressed. If you look closely, it seems it all started out so innocently and look what came out of it all. The picture in her BG is the village my father grew up in, by the way.


  Now the other things. A month ago I ordered three items from one Etsy store, called Finding Supply and yesterday I finally received it. It was a free shipping, so it’s normal for it to take a month to get here. Must say, I am very happy about everything it contained. First of all, the envelope was MAYBE re-used, I don’t know, eitherway, I was glued with extra glue which held everything really, really firm and I approve to cautious shipping. Second – every item is packed firmly in the most compact size zip-bags, no excess air, no tangly edges. Packs were brand new (some people I bought from definitely re-use those bags), sturdy and well zipped. And thirdly – the items are great in quality and really cheap. Lets hope I can make lots of nice things out of it all.  Crafting_supplies Crafting_supplies_2

  And let me show you my Bartimaeus too. German language never looked as beautiful as when Bartimaeus describes his first summoning by Nathaniel. I’ve read it in Lithuanian, listened to audio book in English (I recommend it a lot, by the way) and now I can re-read it in German. No, there’s never too much of Bart. Ever.


  And just to finish it nice, another picture, okay? Last collage, so to say. First on top is my new experiment – the Slave of Kirkwall from Dragon Age 2, I am a great fan of Dragon Age series, comics, books, games. Second picture on top is another experiment, it’s a bow bent four times in length and four times in width and pushed through the loops of itselfs. Strengthened with sems there and here and metal studs. At the bottom, first picture is same studs used to mark which hoodie is mine (coz there’s two same in my home and one ain’t mine), it’s an Assassin’s Creed (not Masons) symbol (tho they’re quite same). The thingy beside it is a bat made out of green note paper. Just so. Now, on far edge, three pictures, first (top) is a picture of how books hang over my head there and here, for I got no room to put it elsewhere and do trust me, there’s just no way to put them less ominously. Below are some Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag logo’s I intend to use up. What for? You’ll see. One item is already on my dA, it’s a pendant for a courtesan. And the bottom is my bane. Either no one’s there to make me tea, or no one’s simply making me tea, or there’s a cup after a cup after a cup. And I randomly drink from all of them. Yep.


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