Book Review Policy

Due to time limitations I can only accept limited amount of books for reviewing. Preferred themes are:
Anything with Dracula, historical and fictional, I will accept it for review.
Fantasy (High Fantasy; Epic Fantasy; Dark Fantasy)
LGBTQIAP+ Literature
Nonfiction (certain topics)
Crime / Thrillers
Feel free to let me know the tropes in your books, mention diversity when it has it, comedy is highly appreciated too.
I will always prefer digital copies (.mobi for kindle would serve best)
Honest reviews only, with courtesy of letting the author/requester know if the rate is low, so they can then ask me not to post the review. I do my best to be fair and remain positive.
(or any other valid email provided on nightmodereading)

For business, ads, reviews, collaborations, and other things, contact me via email:

IG: Kidonzydrate
My IG isn’t bookish, it’s more art-related

DeviantArt: Soukyan and Etsy: Blackwood
For art, paintings and Jewelry

Twitter: Soukyan and Facebook: Soukyan
Twitter’s a bit more personal, but I always post about the books and new posts of both my blogs, and both Lithuanian variations of them.

Personal Blog: Ego Noctis

If you leave me your social media handles, I’ll check you out too! (blogs included, yes)

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One thought on “Book Review Policy

  1. Timothy Rodrigue

    Just wanted to leave a quick note of thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to both read my novel and to share your thoughts about it. This truly was a lifelong journey for me that began with my love of seeing Bela Lugosi as Dracula. I then started reading about the historical Dracla, and I was hooked.

    Again, I appreciate your review and wish you nothing but the best.


    Timothy E. Rodrigue


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