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Did you get some tea to sip? Go get it if you haven’t, I’ll wait…

Alright. What kind of tea you got? I’m drinking one from Germany, with, I believe, wild raspberries. It’s very nice. Other than that, how was your day? Or just the whole week? (no, really, comment me about it, or even email me somewhere)

The week here was hectic to say the least. Lots of nonsenses, bothers, anxiety, and other pests in my head and soul. But not all is bad. There were lots of good things too. It’s just much harder to notice those good ones when things seem to fall, aint it?

My monstera plant, for instance, has given me a brand new leaf, and this one’s bigger than my head. I think she likes it here, with me, and that makes me happy all in itself. Someday, when she has many leaves, I will cut one off to press-dry and frame it. That kind of art might just be my favorite.

Then, my fried asian-style chicken really worked. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but I’m pretty good at it, since I both follow the directions given, and can adjust on the spot if the taste’s aint right. Sauce, modified from original that had garlic in it, that I can’t have, worked so well, that I have pre-made a whole for later use. And, speaking of food, today I’ve received a parcel from Germany (yes, that’s where the tea came from), that had so many teas in it! I’m on my third cup, might have another one, we’ll see. There were also sweets in there, among which was this vegan chocolate, and I absolutely love it (I’m trying to replace all I can with vegetarian or vegan options, because giving a little bit is better than giving none, I feel). But most importantly, it had a wonderful postcard!

You likely don’t know this about me… Or, well, you actually might, but I really, truly love receiving postcards. I have a whole stack sitting there, waiting for some album or a wall that I’ll someday dedicate to this glory from all over the world. Friends in strange places, friends in travels, friends just going about their business, I appreciate when they think of me upon finding a nice postcard. It’s just the best.

Do you like postcards? And, do you ever just feel overwhelmed when you start writing postcards? Or even just buying them… Because this person should really get one, and that person should really get one, and, oh, I really can’t forget this wonderful soul… Next thing you know, you’re home, having written a stack, and you’re three short anyway, heh.

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log | So, furniture

You know what I really, truly love, with no sarcasm or exaggeration? I love putting furniture together. No matter if it’s Ikea or unknown brand, as long as you give me all the pieces, all the screws, washers, nuts, bolts, nails, planks, boards, and so on, I will probably love the process.

So why there’s no book review today, eh?

Because I have received a massive birthday gift. My birthday is on December 14th (I accept ko-fi’s, yes), but a gang of friends came together and gave me by dream piece. It’s a sort of storage-unit, but more. It got a closet, a table, a book shelf section, and an upper, glorious little piece, that connects it all together with those little shelves that I always need more of.

And so today is day two as I’m putting it together. Mostly because that room is very cold, and as an old old man I keep feeling this chill set in my bones (nothing hot shower doesn’t fix). And partially because it’s quite a bit of work. But most importantly, it is because this way, making one part at a time, I can have another day of this.

The plan is to make it the art station. My smithy for jewelry, my painting nook, and my digital art station. Because this unit wasn’t the only gift, but about the second part… I’ll show you later.

What are your feelings towards assembling furniture?

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promo | Birth of the White Rabbit

Birth of the White Rabbit resize

Birth of the White Rabbit, destined to overthrow the whole monarchy of Wonderland.

As Rabbit constellation rose, Boobun’s third eye opened in the fae circle, hence he was able to follow the paths unseen and unknown, finding Alice and leading her into the heart of all wonders. To defeat the Red Queen, but not to stop there…

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Blackwood Emporium | Nocturnal Masquerade

vampire the masquerade earrings auskarai vampyru

A collection made for nocturnal children, the vampires, the werewolves, the others. Partially inspired by Vampire the Masquerade. Some of them, and similar, also my made, you can witness in action at Maiden of the Eventide videos.

What is left of this collection can be found here: [BLACKWOOD]

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log | let me read your soul

A thought struck me yesterday. I realized that there are quite a few (more than I will admit here) books that I’ve read not because I wanted to per say. But because they were favorites of people I admire.

If I do admire someone, I usually want to know everything about them, as in depth as I can. And since it’s easiest for me to understand the written text, I tend to gravitate towards the favorite books they mention. Here’s a few, without mentioning any names:

  1. Graceling by Kristin Cashore: It’s the first book in a trilogy. And while I didn’t like it much, I do see why they liked it as much as they did. It was definitely among the best of its time, but I’ve read it far later, quite a bit after or just in the peak of getting burned out from young adult type of fantasy. Still, it helped me understand their need of escape into a fantasy realm, and I could appreciate it.
    Review: EN ][ LT
  2. Misery by Stephen King: Definitely one of the best books by King. Of which he has very many. It’s a scary piece, scary in the psychological way, with that horrible, nasty, gritty feeling of helplessness. Sometimes I still wonder why they loved it as much as they did, and I hope they didn’t identify with any of the characters.
    Review: EN ][ LT
  3. 69 by Ryu Murakami: I didn’t even know of this author before I found their “favorites” list. It’s a good and interesting book that I’m glad to have read. And reading it I could definitely feel the whole obsession with Asia they had too. I just wish it got farther for them.
    Review: Goodreads ][ LT
  4. The Exorcism by William Peter Blatty: I can barely remember this book. Wasn’t in my best mind-space back then, so maybe that’s why. I do think I liked it better than the movie, and the movie was pretty good, so there’s that?… This helped me understand their fascination in religion, the construct, the solid base, which they lacked in their life and clearly craved.
    Review: Goodreads ][ LT
  5. Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas: This was way more interesting that I thought it would be. I’m really glad I’ve read the book. Don’t usually like classics all that much, and might be I wouldn’t like it so much reading it second time around either, but in the moment it was very fun. The book helped me realize how important a loyal friendship is for them.
    Review: Goodreads ][ LT

I really can’t claim I got to know any of the people whose favorites I’ve read better. But if I like you, I want to know what you like, and so that’s that!

Have you ever read anything from admired person’s list of favs?

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nonfiction | Myanmar Treasures

This is a repost from my whatever-regular personal blog: EgoNoctis

I’ve received this bookmark made out of traditional Shan paper, and this gorgeous postcard from a very lovely friend in Myanmar. Thank You, kind spirit. Your mere existence, and the fact I’m not forgotten in that magical land you reside in, inspires me to do better, and be better. 🖤🐼


That bookmark is the most beautiful and unique one out of all I had. Someday I’ll show you the collection of the marvelous ones that I’ve got, my treasured being the ones gotten for me with the thought of me, or those that were actually made for me by hand.

This one’s made out of Shan paper, widely used and pretty famous for making a lot of gorgeous things. It is made out of mulberry tree, a widespread shrub in the mountains of the region, Myanmar.

The process of making paper out of it is pretty lengthy, and I’ve spent a good couple hours researching, watching videos, reading, because oh boy… So, how is Shan paper made:

First, the fibers of the mulberry trees are dipped into water, then plastered in a wood fire with a mix of clay or wood ash for five hours or so. Then, this paper lump is put onto a wood slab and beaten with wooden mallets for several minutes.

After that the dough is spread evenly on a bamboo frame covered with fine, oiled cotton fabric, and placed at the bottom of a tank filled with water. When all the air bubbles and other unwanted things are worked out of the sheet, the canvas is taken out and left to dry for long hours in the sun and air.

Sometimes, for decorative purposes in making notepads, bookmarks, umbrellas, and so on, petals, leafs, or other herbs are put into the sheet of paper before it dries. You can see I’ve got one of those in mine too, and I’m loving the motif SO much!

Beautiful, innit?

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Just reading | by pewdiepie

Here’s someone with a full time job that requires more work than a lot of people think. Here’s someone who found means and time to travel, see sights, appreciate things. And also someone who read 72 books in 2018, and I am honestly happy and impressed. Impressed not because I didn’t even expect someone this busy to read that much, and it is much, yes, but also impressed by what was read, and how he motivates people who watch him to do the same: 10 pages a day everyday is better than 300 pages and a full stop.

One step at a time.

Wish you best of luck with your reading in 2019, everyone!

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Bookish: Birthday


This year the birthday went well. I think the curse is officially lifted, for meteor didn’t fall on my head, all the presents and wishes were very thoughtful, and I got enough tea to last me a month. Two if you don’t drink buckets the way I do.

I love this picture because: see the candy down there? I bought a few packs to use as package fillers for some people. And none was left for me. It was nice to receive one from someone else thus! (I really like this kind, just letting you know)

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Bookish | Halloween


I don’t know about you, but this cooling down of the summer gave me mad Halloween vibes straight away. I mean, for real, give me skelly decorations, serious vampire books (not the stuff I flood my blog with right now), horror movies, all the things!

Epic bookmark by: Pen and Pin

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Bookish | I have a problem…


New school year is about to start (condolences to all of you who are still affected by that date). Meaning every store ever has school supplies ready. And each one has different stuff. So I spent like 20 minutes circling this one table, because ooh, look at that one. And this one is just one misc among them, meaning there’s probably a pack somewhere, with varied versions of this precise one…

I also got a few pens, the ones that cost half a buck and write for about a week. But they’re really good to have on work desk, especially if you need to scan something in the most sharp possible outline ever.

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