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I’ve received this bookmark made out of traditional Shan paper, and this gorgeous postcard from a very lovely friend in Myanmar. Thank You, kind spirit. Your mere existence, and the fact I’m not forgotten in that magical land you reside in, inspires me to do better, and be better. ūüĖ§ūüźľ


That bookmark is the most beautiful and unique one out of all I had. Someday I’ll show you the collection of the marvelous ones that I’ve got, my treasured being the ones gotten for me with the thought of me, or those that were actually made for me by hand.

This one’s made out of Shan paper, widely used and pretty famous for making a lot of gorgeous things. It is made out of mulberry tree, a widespread shrub in the mountains of the region, Myanmar.

The process of making paper out of it is pretty lengthy, and I’ve spent a good couple hours researching, watching videos, reading, because oh boy… So, how is Shan paper made:

First, the fibers of the mulberry trees are dipped into water, then plastered in a wood fire with a mix of clay or wood ash for five hours or so. Then, this paper lump is put onto a wood slab and beaten with wooden mallets for several minutes.

After that the dough is spread evenly on a bamboo frame covered with fine, oiled cotton fabric, and placed at the bottom of a tank filled with water. When all the air bubbles and other unwanted things are worked out of the sheet, the canvas is taken out and left to dry for long hours in the sun and air.

Sometimes, for decorative purposes in making notepads, bookmarks, umbrellas, and so on, petals, leafs, or other herbs are put into the sheet of paper before it dries. You can see I’ve got one of those in mine too, and I’m loving the motif SO much!

Beautiful, innit?

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Once upon a time in Czech R.

When I was sixteen, I had my first trip happen, quite far outside my home country. As probably most kids, I was scared more than I was happy about it, for while no one forced me and I definitely wanted to go, at the same time I was sleepless and it was a distant country. I went there with my sister and her friend, two extremely different people, and yet I was different from both of them too, so in the end it felt like I was going alone all along. Mostly I spoke to this grandmotherly woman that sat with me, because sister sat with her friend and there were no more empty spaces in the bus we went on.

Cekija 032


We went past Poland, which took a lot of time to do and in total we spent around 24hrs on the bus (with stops for bathroom and snacks), just riding forwards. There were meadows of sunflowers, blue sky and ever increasing heat (eventually it reached 32C*), which I hated then, but would love to experience now. Now and then we’d stop for sight-seeing in both Poland and Czech Republic, which included a beer brewery. My sister, being slightly a bold ass bought herself beer and was persuading me to at least take a sip, saying parents won’t know anyways. Funny how no one ever believes you if you say you don’t drink if you’re a teenage. I asked her instead to not drink, because it was hot and we were on a moving bus, she might get sick and what the heck would I do then with her? Well I know I’d ditch her ass, but the other part of me was worried, knowing that no, no I won’t.
Eventually we reached Czech and went on to Prague, where I left my heart.

Cekija 038


The place is like one big Old-Town, which it probably is. There’s plenty of cool drinking fountains, I soon found, and just as plenty of sights to gawk at. It’s where I saw for the first time the simple things that gave me hope that my future might not be a grey-scale of a suit. Purple dreadlocks, pink dresses worn by men (that’s not common, don’t get any wrong ideas about Prague lads), the smell of green fairy, goths in all their beauty, alt type of stores, lolita dress-ups and such a many of statues, sculptures, paths and alleys to get lost in, colors and paintings everywhere in broad sight.

Cekija 046 Cekija 047

We ate lunch at pizza-place of some sort. That was my first and I think only bad experience, because pizza was terrible. Waiters looked like lads who strip for money after work hours, but that’s that. It was compensated plenty later on in the evening, when I found a pasta place at the corner of the market in the middle of the square (if you’re facing the famous clock, it should be somewhere on your right, now where exactly I can’t tell anymore). It was delicious and the woman that served us was amazing, even if she didn’t understand a word we spoke. And yes, I was the only one in our trio who could mutter more than two words in other languages. Here’s what I learned from that – there people won’t talk russian, because that part of the Slavs is¬†probably a bit too far away for them to have it so commonly spoken as, say, we have. They won’t talk german either, unless you talk to young adults. And english is only common among¬†the really young ones, teen year people. Now, I was sixteen eight years ago, so that shouldn’t say you a thing of what people in Prague are like nowadays. And if I get another trip there – I shall inform you how’s the chatting now.
So, here we are, first day out of the three in Czech R. It’s hot and it’s gorgeous and magical in so many ways. Gold Lane for instance, legends of Golems still alive and told a plenty. And bridges and bridges and bridges. According to J. Stroud and his stories of Bartimaeus, the Djinni, once a bridge is built, a djinni is entombed into one, for good luck. And just as Bartimaeus loved Prague, so did I love it too. It would’ve been even greater if my sister wouldn’t kept leaving me all alone in a strange place with strange people just to have a secret smoke. Until I confronted her about it and told her I don’t give a damn and won’t tell parents as long as she stops, literally, smoking up our time there.
Bus trips usually mean you go to a specific place with a group and a guide that simply leaves you be now and then. Our time went up and she gathered us to visit another place. Karlovy-Vary. That was the first time I understood my physical shape is a total crap and that having two smokers in the family leaves me passive-smoking for two too. I was out of breath, sore legs, sweat dripping when we reached the top of that gorgeous place. It’s a castle like I never seen¬†before, massive in size, strange in color and on such a mountain! The higher you went – the cheaper the shops around were, as we were told by the guide and soon on top I figured out why – it’s a challenge that many fail, to climb up all the way. But I did it. And I got a sword necklace for my friend, but she spent like two days being a goth herself and turned back into being a prep-popular-girl, which meant that swords aren’t her thing anymore. I got a helmet key-chain for another friend, he carries it around even now, which I’m very happy about. Got a fake dagger for myself, didn’t like it much, but sister insisted this and no other. And a freshly-hammered olden-time coin a giant man kept making there, which I still have too. It was still quite hot when he gave it to me.

Cekija 078 Cekija 077
The inner part of the castle was beyond amazing. They had people sing ballads in ancient dresses, with lutes and flutes creating music I never heard before. There was a man with an owl, offering a picture to those willing to spend a buck or two. There was a palm-sized puppy someone brought in, so very tiny I still don’t know how it survived the crowds. And then there was the walking down the hill. Our guide left us again but warned us: be late 5 minutes – you shall enter the bus via front door, singing, the bus will sing with you. Be late 10 minutes, you enter through back door, singing, but the bus won’t¬†sing with you anymore. Be late 15 minutes, enter singing, but the bus is already gone. So I ditched sister and her friend, who again wished to smoke and went on to get more pretty things. Like masks, glass beads and things I already forgot all about.
Next stop was a place of which the name I don’t remember anymore. It was a resort¬†type of a place, full of little fountains with true mineral water pouring, still so very hot that sometimes it reached over 60C*, or so we were told. Naturally we tasted them all and it had indeed this distinct taste and was very, very hot. Flowers and sculptures everywhere again. I don’t know how can a place be so gorgeous, but it was.

Cekija 115 Cekija 113
And of course we went to wax-museum. We saw the¬†Good Soldier ҆vejk and a monument of some sort for plague victims. We got into this trolley thing that uses cords to go high up to get into a gorgeous tall place, where I figured I don’t fear heights for the first time too, to sightsee and was it marvelous! The greatest places of all look no more than candy-lands from very high up. The trees below seem bushes pretending to be trees and the birds are courageous enough to land beside you and maybe look at where the hell are you looking, human.

Cekija 104 Cekija 086 Cekija 097

And the third day in we went back to Prague itself. Saw ballet of Romeo And Juliet, a gorgeous one too, even if I was too little to have a fair say in it – I still enjoyed it very much. We went across the bridges again, petting the dog on one of them, for good luck and wish-come-true’s (there’s the djinn story for you yet again), and I bought my very first gothy-item. A coffin shaped bag that eventually, after like 6 years of loyal serving, gave out on it’s zipper and I had to replace it. I still keep it, it’s my favorite useless item that I have, I think. Definitely a best memory-sake.

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The mysterious Gravesend, Kent, UK

As you know or don’t, I’ve returned after my kinda-vacation in the UK, Gravesend. The last time I visited that town, I loved it, so it was easy to adapt right back in. To be honest, now I feel bad back home, everyone’s broody and angry for no actual reason. Cultural shock at home? With luck I’ll go back there soon enough.
Anyways! From the moment I arrived – the general things went great. Across the street – a Tesco store, thus – sushi (it’s decent. Not good, but really decent). Right beside it – Co-Operative, thus – blueberry RockStar. Bed – big and soft and nice! And, lets see… one that gives three free books, then two which only sell second-hand books, one second-hand store that has books by the bus stop, two more by the home and two more in the very confusing street, that makes 8 second-hand book stores I visited daily. Book variety – from ancient classics that crumble in your fingers, the unwanted stuff everyone has and no one wants, and the new stuff everyone wants but misses the opportunity. Plus, on last sunday I was there, I went to Car Boot market in Swanley. With result of bringing back home 125 books in a luggage that would’ve fit a body. Among the greatest treasures are Martin’s “Game of Thrones“, perfect condition, spine isn’t even broken, was 1.20 in pounds, and J.K. Rowling’s “Casual Vacancy“, free of charge. Book prices varied from zero to 5 pounds (10 dollars, I guess), and that was only one book I paid so much for. The best surprise were books on which Bones series were based, found them by pure accident.
Let’s go on with what I saw and ate and did. Every morning I’d get up around 8-ish naturally, mostly because it’s 10am at home and I don’t sleep-in out of a damn principle. I’d turn on my laptop, fire up the internet, of speed as great as I have at home, luckily, watch a youtube series serie and the stuff I subscribed at, dress up and go out, mostly because MOST of the stores open up at 10AM their time. They close up early too. At first it was quite a feat to walk as far as I did on daily basis, but since I had a choice to go or not to go, to go or to take a bus – I went on foot. When it’s my own choice – I can do miracles, I tell you. After a while it turned into a simple routine, so I started jogging, which resulted in me buying shoes, for I screwed up mine. I don’t like shoe shopping. A-ny-ways…. A week in I understood that I’m not looking, I’m just walking and getting books like crazy, so I forced myself to slow down and sort of smell the roses. Btw, kudos to Gravesend people, never saw so many little tiny gardens with such lush flowers in them everywhere. You’ve got a lot of trash everywhere, mostly because you’ve no other way to take out your garbage but to take it outside and leave it for garbage-men to collect, but you do also compensate for the unpleasant view with your peony bushes and other flowers I don’t even know titles of. So, as I said, I slowed down and started looking around. That lead to finding a lot of interesting things, like potion-bottles, little jewelry sales for the girl friends who waited back home and in their own countries. Then the supernatural-seeming people, one man in long leather coat who didn’t seem hot in it at all, with a huge red scar on his neck where a vampire bite would be, and the genderless-looking person who vanished into thin air as I turned to look at him or her again. Believe it or not, but Gravesend has quite a few books on paranormal activity, so while doubting my eyes – it was fun. And of course, me now has Sherlock in a box. Love every bit of it, the commentaries, the whatever else there is. Smart is the new sexy, knowledge is power, ignorance makes slave of a man, there, now you know I like smart people. Best part of getting it was my inability to remember what channel my shows are on. On the internet you just click a button and you’re in, in the outernet it’s a lot more difficult. The lad asked me which Sherlock I want, the BBC one? I said – the one with the Cumberbatch. Would be quite alright if not the little pout he made that kept amusing me for the rest of the day: Yeah, everyone likes him now.
Other great findings would be tropical guava (with black carrot) RockStar, which is not something I remember tasting. I might have, but I’ve no memory of it. It’s great. Just as great as the new RockStar with green apple, so very sour and refreshing. Fits with Wonka bars. Oh yes. Wonka chocolate. Oh and as for the Tropical Guava – don’t trust the reviews that say it’s sickly-sweet and syrupy. It really, really depends. For me it tasted like wild strawberry drink with sub-flavor (not a post-flavor).
UK_2_jrv rockstar_RR-jrv
What else, hm? Apparently that is all. The most important thing – I’m back and I’ve a luggage worth of books – is said. Soon I shall review Anne Rice’s fourth book of Vampire Chronicles “Body Thief” and it’s when I’ll speak to you next.

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Things to remember, Things to forget

Let me start with pretty little pictures for my mother, for she won’t read this in English anyways. I’ll remind you that I will be back on April 1st, but probably will write a blog only on around the 2nd, mostly because we usually return home very late in the night. Hope for good weather for us, okay?



The Car Boot Sale in Swanley gave me plenty of great book-y treasures. Like the one above. These are first ten Charlaine Harris books on Sookie Stackhouse, I paid 5 pounds for all pack of brand new, unopened pack. And some part of me still whispers I should’ve tried cutting the price. But the lad looked so very cold… It was windy, drizzly and I really wanted these.

Earlier in the week got these for a friend. He made a great logo for my sister’s project, and since he’s a fan, this is my thanks. Not just this, but other Doctor-Who item I can’t show, mostly because I don’t want to tease other Whovians in my friend list.

Now, the stuff here. First days were the most adventurous for me, I guess. I heard a granny claim she liked Retro before it was fashionable. Then I saw a girl fall backwards on an up-going escalator and black out (she received all the help possible and I didn’t stand gawking there either). I drank a ton of Energy Drinks but didn’t find my Relentless Passion. Found the Immortal one thou, which is just as good. Plus, RockStar made some new ones, like sour green apple, which is pure marvel. Then I ate Wonka bar, yes, Wonka chocolate bar. Then another one. And another one. And then I figured I’m fat and ¬†shouldn’t have, but… Who am I kidding, I don’t regret a bit! Eitherway I’m walking a lot, I get plenty of exercise! And the weather is warm and nice.


Second-hand stores are the greatest. I got a luggage worth of books, neither more expensive than 5 pounds (10 dollars or so), which I paid for my own stupidity of not taking the change, out of excitement, I guess. Even today I came back home with 13 books in hands and I am getting worried of how will they all be packed and sent back home. Or where I’ll put them when I’m back. Many are meant for friends thought, so it’s not that bad. Like half the Sookie’s lot will go to friends, Hannibal, Vampire Rites and so on. Then again, best of the best are for me. Like Dracula! The book so far is not too great, Humphrey made a better job, but I won’t look the gifted horse in the teeth – I found it, I bought it, I will love it and cherish it.

drac 005


What else, what else? Well, today as I went back home, I decided I’ll pick out the change out of my broken-apart wallet and go around the second-hand stores nearby, and maybe get myself another energy drink (don’t get me wrong, I care non for the energy or¬†caffeine. It’s the taste that I love!), so I fish out 1.30, and since 10 cents are in fives and I’m afraid to lose them, I take 1.20 and go out. First goal – the second-hand store, the only one I didn’t go into today (actually, it’s all “yesterday” now), because I will always, always rather buy books than unnecessary treats for myself. Book is a greater treat. But there I am, looking and looking and nothing good catches my eyes. Hard-cover are 0.30 and the paperbacks are 0.20 and THERE! Fourth book of Anne Rice‘s Vampire Chronicles The Body Thief. I’m trying to collect all ten books (and the plus ones if I can find those, like Vampire Vittorio and Pandora) for TWO of my friends, so since I found only the first one (Interview with the Vampire), it’s an obvious choice that the fourth one will go to the girl who already has three of her own. The cover is all battered and book seems… Believe it or not – sandy (and sand doesn’t look like anything from Gobi…), but 0.20 is not a price you seek high quality of material in. It’s the inside that matters for any price. I went to cash-register and the lady there was putting hangers on this metal rod, trying to slide a ton of them at once. As I came closer she probably assumed she needs to move faster to get to me and accidentally dropped most of them. She turns to me, with a smile and says: You’ve been waiting for me to do that, weren’t you? We laughed and I went off with my book! And thus, since I only found one book, I did indeed get a RockStar and finished it with a cup of sour watermelon gummies, while watching Sherlock (BBC) with commentaries. “THE WOMAN WOMAN!”.


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Victoria Wood’s Nice Cup of Tea

I just began watching something brilliant. It’s a documentary type of series called “Victoria Wood’s Nice Cup of Tea“. This 59-year old lady, a true¬†British¬†one, figures she needs to get out there and find out so how this marvelous drink became something as important for a British person as it is today. They drink billions of cups a year, around three cups of tea for every cup of coffee, but origins do not lay in British Islands.

In Britain tea began it’s life from the fanciest of the fancy houses, for only the rich could afford something from strict China, where tea was first grown into plantations from three main, still existing tea trees. Those, according to legend, grew from Buddha’s eyelids, when one day in meditation he accidentally fell asleep and thus tore his lids off and threw them to the wind. From them tea trees grew and apparently we drink it.

China was keeping it’s secrets and no infiltration could help a poor british man, for this poor british man didn’t really figure one fact – all tea comes from one plant. Black tea is simply ran through full¬†oxidation, while others – not so much. Tea is plucked by three to four leafs of a little branch of a little tree which is trimmed so that chinese ladies would be able to do this delicate work. Then the leafs are dried and toasted, depending on what sort of tea it will be. Afterwards it had to travel thousand of miles if not more, towards the sea and from there – further on to Britain. No wonder it was so expensive, right? British lords and ladies would keep their precious herbs in locked boxes so no servant could get a cup.

Problem was, Brits were thirsty and China didn’t want a damn thing from them in return for the gold-costing tea. Thus here a British man looks around and oh, look, India! Lads, we solved the problem. Here starts the opium wars, for from India to China, all for the precious tea, traveled packs of opium. High on the drug people couldn’t work, but they wanted it anyways. Chinese emperor tried to stop it all, but here is where British won their tea for a wider range of people. They won a tiny little piece of China, but it wasn’t the matter. The matter what, that this piece had the secret to tea! Wonders!

Never the less, tea was still quite expensive, for not that much of it could be produced by hands and depending on China for something whole country wants – well, that’s just not right. But wait… What is that Indian man drinking with his opium? Yes, what’s that brown water? Is that?…

Odd large trees of which branches were chopped while sitting on the back of an elephant. Those branches would then be cleaned by ladies at the bottom. And the flavor oddly bitter and so strong. It took ten years for a British man to say – Yes, this is indeed tea! Lads, lets take it home!

Industrialization began. They wanted lots of tea, tea for everybody, every Brit, small and old, poor and rich, tea, tea, tea! And they had it. Strong and fine, suitable to be mixed with milk and sugar. Afteral, while taking tea with power, they still gave something in return. In India tea is served a bit different. Well, alright, very differently than that in Britain, but never the less, they love it, and all thanks to the Brits. And their own tea brought everyone together, didn’t it? For after all, you have to ask thy companion – sugar? Milk? Lemon? And how about a biscuit? Feeling sad? Cup of tea. Belly ache? Here, cup of nice tea. Head, flu? Tea. Tea solves all the problems. And that all we figure from barely very first serie. So I say – heck, make yourself some tea and start watching. It’s marvelous.

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So. So. I’m back to Lithuania after another short little while of work. Yes, I know I planned staying, I don’t know why I returned. But maybe I’ll manage. Next summer I plan to get back there again tho.

Either way, I would not be I, if I wouldn’t start bragging about all the books I got there, from second hand book stores and markets. Neither costed me more than 1.50 pounds, I got discounts for almost each one by at least 50p (p = ct, not same as pounds). I can tell where I got them from, how much it costed me and who and how sold it to me. And I can tell, most importantly, that I barely managed to carry them back to the bus to get home too…

Can you tell I’m insane about books? Can you tell I’m into occult things? Did you notice I like supernaturals? Or that I am madly in love with Vlad Dracula? No? Well did you read a single post of mine? Look right, look at the categories…

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I’ll be coming back soon

Sorry for long pause in blogging, I intend to continue soon. SOON¬!


The best thing so far – found Dacre Stoker ‘Dracula: The Undead’ – official sequel to Dracula. For 1 pound. In a second-hand book store. HELL YES.

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Graveyard in Southfleet

By accident me and my friend ran into a graveyard by a church that looks nothing like the churches I am used to. It was rather gorgeous and something happened to me. Among the pictures I will post below You will see one close-up of a tomb-stone. I touched the cross, marking the lines vertically and horizontally on it with my index finger, pondering the usual nonsense, walking “among the dead” for once. Afterwards we went deeper into the “garden” and I didn’t notice when my friend wandered back off, as I walked slower, taking pictures, mumbling under my own nose. I turn and see him leaning onto a fence (there’s a picture of fences there to…) thus I walk towards him. And in a second or two I understand – no… I do not see my friend, there is NOBODY THERE. And the figure was right in front of the tomb stone that I touched. Rather interesting. Never had this happen to myself, believe it or not. So yea. Here’s the pictures of the little walk we took.


Ps. My health is good, thank you :3


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Chaos, Chaos

Heath Ledger. You freaking bastard. You were great and will be immortal because of that.

Anyways, our team-leader managed to get mine and my friend’s schedules to be the same, so we worked three days and now have two off’s. Problem is, I still don’t have my documents to get my bank account, which means – hell knows when my first pay check comes around. I don’t like living off sister, I’d like to owe her NOTHING.

There’s a polish man in the packhouse with hair of a God, I tell you. I couldn’t even describe his face over the ave the mane put me in. And he’s a kind person. When I was sent to washline, where water runs practically everywhere, my gloves got torn somewhere and chlorine started seeping into cuts on my hands, he brought me gloves (my size too), and told me to change them and until then he’ll stand in my place, sorting onions. Afterwards when my work finished and I didn’t really know where to go, he went out to find out what I SHOULD DO NEXT for me too. And yesterday, he waited 6 extra hours to drive one older woman back home, because we got extra work (it was 2 hours more for me, and for her it was full work’s day, normal one, but he finished job way before us). So when I asked people who is the guy with nice hair, everyone right away said – it’s Piotrek, he’s very kind.

Yesterday we received 15 more people, one lithuanian, one bulgarian and thirteen poles. Guess who decided to befriend me in two seconds? One of the poles. Not sure what’s with me and them, but it’s nice they don’t care I’m a lithuanian and there is no tension like in our own countries would be. I guess here we all become equals – immigrants.

Well, what else? My friend is leaving soon. Seems everyone CAN study except me (so YOU and I are on the same boat, hun, just you at least try to get in. Come work here with me, maybe?? Eitherway, I’ll see you SOON. And then we visit Romania, find Vlad and look around everywhere).

Now, if anyone’s wondering how I got my internet, it’s a funny little story. One cell-provider gives unlimited slow internet “all you can consume” so to say. So I made my cell phone into a modem to provide internet into my death-notebook. Look at me, eh? Problem is, they block DeviantArt as adult-content-site. ALL MY ART IS THERE!

Btw, found and overload of all sorts of new untasted energy drinks, different monsters, Relentless Energy Drink and my god that one is Supernatural. Angel, if you’re reading this, know that I’m bringing a couple cans for you XD You need to try this. On the sides of the cans they even have little poems on them, creepy, dark, connected with the subtitle of the drink (say there’s Relentless Origin, Relentless Inferno, etc). I like these, same much as Monster. Yes, I’m nuts, I know, I know.

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Thus, today and tomorrow

Ah, my little Nosferatu’s, I’m finally leaving for UK. I’ll be in Gravesend, sorting out Onions, but as Tyler Durden said – I am NOT my job. Thus I am happy, for work is not that hard and payment is not that small. As soon as I get internet there or can steal anyone else’s – I’ll write another post, make a billion pictures and tell all about it.

Must say, I’m pretty happy. Am leaving with a good friend, got my blue laptop/notebook under my hand and sister there waiting. Hopefully the live-in allows me and my friend to stay together. And hopefully there’s plenty of work to be done, so that I could make plenty of pounds, yes? For now, I need to check what clothes I am to wear and what are to come with me in a suitcase. Also need to somehow not forget my Tablet. Did you know that I’m an artist? Well, I am, here’s my DeviantArt link. I’m a writer by heart, but here I can express my little tiny bits of all those stories buzzing in my head.

Would be nicer if I could leave without my face scratched as if a wild cat attacked me. I cut my nails and they become even sharper, how does that work?? So that’s that. Wish me luck! With me I’m taking two books, old release of the Witcher books, very first one, the Sword of the Destiny, by A. Sapkowski and one more about myths and legends. As for games, I got plenty, including game The Witcher 2, Skyrim, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Assassin’s Creed and second one, Alice: Madness Returns, Limbo and first Mass Effect. Oh and one of the Need for Speed games, those calm me down real good, can’t remember the title now tho.

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