Graveyards and Cemetery’s

Graveyard in Southfleet

By accident me and my friend ran into a graveyard by a church that looks nothing like the churches I am used to. It was rather gorgeous and something happened to me. Among the pictures I will post below You will see one close-up of a tomb-stone. I touched the cross, marking the lines vertically and horizontally on it with my index finger, pondering the usual nonsense, walking “among the dead” for once. Afterwards we went deeper into the “garden” and I didn’t notice when my friend wandered back off, as I walked slower, taking pictures, mumbling under my own nose. I turn and see him leaning onto a fence (there’s a picture of fences there to…) thus I walk towards him. And in a second or two I understand – no… I do not see my friend, there is NOBODY THERE. And the figure was right in front of the tomb stone that I touched. Rather interesting. Never had this happen to myself, believe it or not. So yea. Here’s the pictures of the little walk we took.


Ps. My health is good, thank you :3


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Graveyard in Abromishkes, Lithuania

Thus, what I promised a long time ago appears here only now. Pardon the delay, I’m a depressed person, sometimes I just can’t be bothered to do anything, even if I find it to be important to myself.

A couple months back, on a semi-rainy day I went to visit the graveyard, this time taking my camera. It was around the noon, not my usual time to leave the home, but I assumed I will look less crazy if I will snap a couple pictures of angels in cemetery while sun is “shining high” (it was cloudy, rain spat on the ground now and then). Yet I didn’t realize that in such hour there are more people, including the cemetery guards, who, while seeing a young person, with a coffin shaped bag, a leather jacket, black pants and shoes, will not take you fondly and will automatically consider  you to be “one of those satanical goth kids who come to vandalize everything” (stereotypes, I know, I know).  Being shy of people I took only a couple of picture and even those – in hurry, when I was sure nobody’s looking at me, no flash, no long adjustments.

As usual, cemetery is a quite place. Oddly enough I saw a couple of graves that belong to Muslim-religion people. I say odd not because “OMG, they shouldn’t be in Christian cemetery!” – nonsense, we all are humans, odd is because it’s a small town and I never met anyone of different religion, while I would love to. As long as they aren’t fanatics and don’t consider me somehow an infidel or pagan or anything like that just because I am up to believe any deity has a chance to exist as much as… any. You believe there’s a thunder god? Good for you, could be, why not? You believe I’m a blasphemer for that, because there is “obviously” just one God? Well… good for you too, I guess, for if we will consider narrow-mindness equal to ignorance – it’s a bliss. I don’t say you can’t believe there’s only One God. I say – don’t force it on others by calling them worse than you are, just because they think different. But here I am, babbling hell knows what.

Some graves have pre-written other family members names, that yet have no dates of the death. That would be kinda grotesque for me. Imagine coming to clean up the grave of your loved one and at same time you kinda clean up the spot that belongs to you… Don’t know. Don’t really want to. I would prefer being transferred to Sweden, where they could freeze my body, break it apart and make compost pieces out of me, on which people could plant a nice birch (my favorite tree). Other than that, when I say “clean up”, that’s because here we have these old-fashioned graves, where nobody lets grass grow on it, but instead covers it with shells, tiles, flowers and such, no such thing as a in-ground stone and cut flowers now and then. In general I don’t think people should get buried. There are less space-consuming ways to say goodbye. And population of Earth, if Momma Earth will not wipe us out a little, will require that space for buildings, malls and other horrible progress-fortresses.

Here I add pieces of google maps, to show how awful pictures are being taken on my side of the Europe and a couple of pictures I took myself.

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