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Book Adaptation: Bird Box

I’ve recently read one of the best horror books ever. So I thought, why not watch the movie too, especially since it came up on Netflix the very next day after I finished the book. Thanks to the BookTuber PS I Love That Book for this great recommendation!

As in Book: Malorie’s world changes quickly. After a few isolated incidents of aggressive suicides when people saw something and raved about it, panic starts spreading right here, with her still in the car with her sister. People see something and it drives them insane. They attack others and always kill themselves too.

A group of people, Malorie among them, gather in a nearby house with a flickering hope to survive. Nobody knows what’s going on. They only know that seeing it would kill them.

Unlike the Book: The beings that appeared on Earth, no one knows where from, embodies the worst fears that then drives people insane. They seem to be aggressive and purposefully lure people into looking, opening their eyes. People with aggressive kinds of mental illness seem to be able to survive these attacks and thus now rule the Dark New World. They hunt survivors and force their eyes open. In other words, humans became worse monsters than actual monsters.

My opinion: The book is definitely a lot better. Movie, in compare to the book is awful. If not compared to the book it was mediocre. Neither scary, not interesting, just your ordinary suspenseful horror story with things trying to kill you. I can give it 3 out of 5 due to good actors though. Especially that little girl, Olympia. The kid will go far, and I wish her luck.

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Diversity | Movie | Love, Simon

1lovesimonMovie: Love, Simon
Director: Greg Berlanti
Based on: Becky Alberalli book “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
My Rating: 5/5

About the movie: Since I already reviewed the book, and the movie doesn’t deviate too far from it, let’s just recall the basics. One day a guy from Simon’s school posts an anonymous message on their local tumblr, about having to keep a secret: he’s gay. Simon hurries to make himself a new email address and write him, a boy who calls himself Blue. For Simon too has to keep this very same secret. Their emails soon turn into friendship, and Simon realizes he developed a crush and is falling in love with this boy he knows so well, and yet is unaware of the real identity. Through the movie we get to watch his speculations of who could he be. Yes, it’s cute. But then one day Simon forgets to log out of the school computer email, and his class mate finds the emails. He decides it to be a good enough currency and starts blackmailing Simon: help him get a date with his friend, and he won’t put them on public tumblr. After all, Simon doesn’t want to out Blue, right?

20180701_143030.jpgMy opinion: The movie is a great example of what it’s like to not have a choice in the say of coming out. I loved Simon’s parents for it, how they handled everything, took the talks when he approached them, and how they owned up for anything that was out of the line. Those two deserve their own movie, and that father deserves a medal.

The story doesn’t go too far anywhere in the story away from the book. Some things got saturated, some things got taken out, other things got changed a little. It all works for the best, truly. Like the Halloween party scene. The one in the book made me cringe: where the fk was his friends? Why and how did he end up at the table with the people he ended up with? Thank all the damn forces in the world that those were decent fellas, and this was not a straight club, and Simon was not a girl, because bloody hell, not in our society, no, you don’t lose your drunk friends like that, ever. In the movie Simon got hammered in the party itself and made his way home with one of his girl friends. His parents made an epic remark about him being drunk, and them being good parents, and it worked great. I liked the color saturation on blackmailing too, it was easier to understand and process of what’s going on, and why people don’t communicate.

So, all in all, I loved it to bits. If you don’t feel like reading the book, movie is definitely enough. Please enjoy, 5 out of 5 from me.

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Diversity: The Danish Girl

I sat here, thinking. So I failed to write about people of color, which has no excuse really, seeing how I’ve read plenty of books on Far East. And I didn’t want to just randomly skip a Friday, and then make a half-assed entry either. But most of all, I didn’t want to wait more before talking about the Danish Girl. So I’ll owe people of color a good post after this one, but here we go.

Transgenders. I thought I’ll write about past books I’ve read, and tell you all about the shitty message they spread. For instance, Palahniuk’s book Invisible Monsters has a seemingly trans character. Then they go ahead and admit they did this to spite their parents. They chose to change sex to spite parents. Let that sink in. And there’s a couple more I would’ve bashed. Including The Danish Girl. I fumed after reading it, and ranted on my social media, until a friend told me to go ahead and watch the movie, because what she saw, was not what I’ve read. So today let’s talk about the movie, and next Friday – about the book.

Einar is a painted married to another painter. He paints nature. She paints portraits. And when one day her model doesn’t come in, she asks her husband to pull on some socks and hold the hem of the dress so she could continue with her work. She doesn’t realize that by doing so she touched and woke someone Einar buried deep. She woke Lilly.
I assume that in the past understanding what you are, when you’re not cis, was even harder than it is now, when we actually have words to describe it, and internet to explain it. So, most likely due to defensive mechanisms that got triggered in Einar’s head, he takes Lilly as another person. What she does is not what he does. And yet soon he comes to understand that he alone is able to split the two like this.
After a couple rough attempts to figure out what is wrong with him, his wife finds a doctor who can actually fix his body, rather than attempt to fix his mind. In books he was sort of given a choice: another crazy scientist that’ll screw holes in your skull to make your brain masculine again, or a different crazy scientist who will reassemble you to make your body right for you. In both scenarios, even if in the movie it’s a mere fleeting hint of a suggestion, Einar chose surgery. Simply here he was sure of it, he knew this was the right path.
The movie is, sadly, a drama, so after a few successful steps in transition, there’s no happy ending for it. Or, rather, there is, as good as circumstances allow, but I, per se, hate when this is the “good” ending kind we get.
I’m glad to see this movie to be fairly popular. And yet I hope people will be too lazy to pick up the book. The book sends off a wrong message, believe me. There, Einar is very much mentally ill, and I have great doubts about him being trans as a foremost reason for it. But we’ll talk about it on Friday.
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[log] 0804

Some time before, last month, friends got me a ticket to Suicide Squad (which I liked perfectly fine, and think Leto would’ve done great justice to the Joker if he had MORE THAN TWO F-CKING LINES via whole movie). But let’s not talk of the movie, and rather on the mini vacation I had due to it.

Movie premieres are usually late in the evening. I say late, but that is mostly because the cinemas that do premieres are usually 50km away from me, so coming back home at 11PM is just unpleasant. Therefore I overnighted at friend’s. She lives with her fiance and a wonderful senior cat, who was very kind about allowing pets while her and another friend of ours shaved my undercut and painted my hair greenish blue. I have always wanted this color (and now I think I would do light blue, and even pink perfectly fine, undercuts are good that way, little commitment, and a lot of room for color changes), so this was a little dream come true (again, courtesy of a friend).

After all that was done, we went out, nearly late, to the movie. Funny how it’s second time we were nearly late to a movie. Last time it was Deadpool, where we had to quickly get to a whole other cinema too. But in the end we succeeded and merely missed half the Heathens song. The movie was good. Aftermath was even better.

While I regret one friend of mine couldn’t come along for reasons that are not mine to name, it was still fairly fun. We went for a night walk around the park. It was hot, humid, dark, and oddly – full of people. I often see artists who dream of solitude, secluded places, forests. I myself am a city child. I wish the dim artificial light to seep through my window high above the ground. I want streets to always have people on them. I want life. So this was nice, if small. Our country is small, and so our cities, even those that are the biggest, are too small for me. Still. Okay. Imagine it’s Bon Temps or something.

After the little stroll we went home, where my friend made me bed, and I realized I brought a faulty phone cable, so my phone was dead for good. In the mean time that was fine, for I really wished to lay down, and the bed was nice, wide, and all mine. We both worried I might not sleep okay in a different place, for that happens, and I’m a known insomniac, but after five pages into an ebook – I was out. Did wake up now and again when it got too hot, which I quickly fixed by scooting over to other side of the bed a bit. If I ever have my own home, I’m getting the biggest bed I can find (I cannot sleep when it’s too warm, but sleep real well if it’s chill, also, my bed here is as narrow as a coffin, and I’m not exaggerating).

I’m used to loud people. I hate them, but I’m used to them. When I lived with sister: they wake up = everyone wakes up. There’s shuffling, walking, loud chats. With parents it’s phoning, breakfast, balcony door slamming. That one balcony has two doors, one is in this room, the other – in the other room, so slam one – slam both. I sleep with ear plugs at home thus. But these people were not the case, and that was the first thought of mine in the morning: good people. Her fiance took his clothes out of the room I was sleeping in before hand. I didn’t hear them wake up, I didn’t hear them go. Heck, I wasn’t sure what time it was when I got up (it was 9.30, and I was offered breakfast, again, not something that normally happens, but that’s fine, I’m used to not eating in the mornings).

We spent the rest of the day, which we planned to dedicate for pokemon hunting, but my phone died, walking around stores, where I tried finding wire for my phone (unsuccessfully), and then at her home, playing video games (lego games are AMAZING).

I came to her place with a bag of clothes, a comfy change for next day, and pj’s. Went out with a bag full of stuff. Our situation is dire at home, and these people are among the rare who actually care about me. One of the items is promising. I keep telling people that Dracula enters my life when I most need a hand to climb out of the darkness. So I got my 5th (I collect different copies) Bram Stoker’s Dracula book. This one is so far the most beautiful ever ❤

Reality was hard to return to. I had a bad spell of depression that I kept hidden as best I could. No need to trouble people, I thought. Now, hopefully I’ll get a job there, and all things will somehow get solved.

And just to clarify: This job I’m seeking won’t be primary income, but will add the badly needed money. It might still not be enough, and then I really don’t know what I’ll do.


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Finally got to see Deadpool!

Ah, I waited so long. And I admit, depression, and general cold has forced me to refuse the first, very early offer I had, and thus as a result I only saw it today (by the time I write this it’ll be yesterday, so pay no attention). I figured, when things are that bad, you might as well give up and swim with it, which in some cases, like my own, isn’t as bad as it sounds, for this time flow went right into the cinema.


So who is Deadpool? Mostly known as “the merc with a mouth” he made an infamous apperance in one of the Wolverine movies, where the only reason character wasn’t forever buried in my opinion was the performance Ryan Reynolds gave us. The man earned my respect, for in my book – improvising Deadpool perfectly equals fate. And since he’s a Marvel comic character, with more than one writer putting hands on this beast – there’s tons of origin stories, some big and considered “one of canon”, others small, and more suitable for peculiar tastes of individuals. But let’s now forget that there’s at least three possible scenarios of why he’s all “testicles with teeth”-faced under that mask, and take the movie for the truth it will become to all those who never laid eyes on the comics.

If taken so, Deadpool is first of all Wade Willson. A bad guy who beats up other bad guys for money. He was never a hero in a sense of “savior”. And he’s not about to become one either! See, in the long run he simply got cancer, well, cancers if we’re keeping it real. And these completely random, super shady guys just offer him a cure. They make super-heroes, they say. Here, have an injection of chemicals that will kill you if we don’t trigger the mutations. And to trigger your mutations we will of course have to stress the living shit out of you. Which, yes, means that we’ll torture you to the point of breaking. And if you do break, well, too bad, cancer would get you otherwise just as well, so take it or leave it. Where’s the real catch? Like without that whole “chemicals” and “torture” thing? These guys ain’t making no super-heroes. They’re making super-slaves, and a collar with Wade’s name on it is prepared.


I hope you’ve seen the movie, because if you didn’t, I just spoiled you a major plot line. If I did – see it anyway, there could be no plot line and movie still would be hilarious. Having got that out of the way: next thing is not a spoiler if you’ve seen trailers and / or posters. They clearly show Deadpool free and running, so no one’s putting a collar on that guy! And, again, they’re not making him a damn hero either! That is unless it’s in the bedroom, and you’re a real hottie, then he might just go down with the collar and some roleplay happily. Which non of those guys really are, so for the sheer attempt to do what they intended to do, Wade accepts his new role as this super-healing factor owning, but still burned up looking horror mask of a face having hero. Not in the “savior” sense, again. He’s not out there to save everyone from these douchebags. Heck, he’s out there to kick their butts for what they did to him (and tried to do)! And it’s glorious.

I am as impressed as I am happy. Sure, trailers, as they do, show way too much shit, but many people practice abstinence from those, so if you’re all bitter about it: try that, much like diet and reading – it can change your life. This movie gets my full thanks and a 5 out of 5. Oh and I used one of the trailer-spoiled parts to go pee, because that’s just that, it was funny, and I drank a lot of tea and soda, I couldn’t risk anything, okay? Okay. Win-win.


Oh, and if you’re curious, my day was pretty much this: After around 24hrs of debates and attempts to make plans, friend came before noon struck on Monday. She had to pick me up, because cinema is about 50km away, and I don’t drive, and because of all the mess I live in – can’t really afford the bus ticket (which is okay, I hate buses a lot, I’ll rather pay her back someday for being so kind and wasting her own gas on my butt). We shopped for groceries, and cooked lunch (she cooked, lest I burn the kitchen down, and it was fcking delicious, I tell you), played some Cards Against Humanity, and then went to one of the closest cinema’s, where movie had to get on 16.20, which wasn’t the case and they told us next one is two hours later. Thinking on our feet, we got up, ran to the car, and drove to another cinema, where we got into the hall half way into trailers. From where on I spent very little time NOT laughing.

P.S. Here’s a picture of her cat named Kysius, which basically means “Kitteh“. He’s a bit human-shy, and a bit nervous, but very kind, and with a very great sense of duty. For even if he doesn’t like pets, he’ll come over and lean his head to you, knowing you just want to touch his magnificent fur, and let you pet him a couple times, after which he runs off for a bit, to de-stress by grooming that gorgeous mane.


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2015, Thank You

So! Better late than never, they say. So let me be late and thank 2015 for the bad and the good. Well, just for the good, for talking about the bad would take forever, and would be a bit pointless, I think. If you don’t know, I’m struggling with manic depression. As a result there are times when I neither write, nor do anything, truly. But as I’m here today, willed into life by friends, I figured I’ll thank for the good stuff, for there was good stuff!


First of all, my favorite last year crafts. In the pictures, currently, only the second row middle is sold, to a Boss out there, I hope you’re kicking ass wearing these! Anyways, let’s start from the start. I waited forever for a chance to order some bat spacers-pendants, and those cabochons. And when I received them, I found myself unsure what to do with the beauties. In the end, I painted a lovingly smiling skull that I called Beloved, for it might as well be a lover immortal. Get it? Also, it’s not related to Skulduggery Pleasant on purpose, at that moment I didn’t yet know of such a fantastic character. Next, top in second row is a bracelet called Alice Hearts, my tribute to Alice in Wonderland. Always wanted to make one of those. Then there’s Saints Row tribute, one of my all time favorite games. I just had to give it its due therefor. And the last is Midas Gold earrings, all set in gold colors. To be honest, when I was making them, I was wondering if Varric (Dragon Age) wouldn’t be willing to get a pair (matching his own chain) for Bianca. The rest can be found [here]

And don’t you get me wrong. This year I have made many beautiful things. I sold a lot of them too, and people gave me kind reviews for each one. It was one of the most artistically rich and muse smile filled years for me. May this year be no less in this department.2_paintings

Starting with arts, let’s continue to where I started in the first place. I painted a great ton this year. I learned a lot about painting too. And putting together this little collage taught me I draw extremely similar faces, so I guess I have plenty to improve yet.  Anyway, there’s my own characters there, there’s Grav3yardgirl, Floki from Vikings, a comic book version of me, and quite a few postcards. I learned I loved making those, for I work best when I see full picture at once. I also just now realized I didn’t enter Vikings as my top hit of 2015, so letting you know right now – wow, loved it, wow! The rest of the paintings are [here]3_bestmoments

There were a lot of small moments that got to me too, although for the lack of pictures, some couldn’t end up in here. In spring I saw a woodpecker peck wood. I saw a ton of squirrels playing about. In summer my friends took me out to watch Inside Out and gave me a haircut upgrade, a very nice bleached undercut. We played Cards Against Humanity and had a blast therefor. And while my bookshelves were broken apart: this year was the year we put on a metal brace on it, and now it holds! I got a ton of presents for birthday, so many postcards from all over the world, so many tea packets, sweets, and kind words, I never ever got this much before. One of the many top hits is that Moriarty tie you see in one of the pictures. Loved how the envelope said “man’s tie” and the postcard pointed out Tarquin Blackwood was a chic guy, so I should be too.

Then there’s those moments I couldn’t mention, forgot, or just had no pictures of. Like getting review requests from publishers (yes, that equals free books). Authors contacting me, just to talk, or even them leaving me a comment or two somewhere. I’ve received a phone just because, had a pleasure of trying a lot of different energy drinks, including Monster: The Doctor, which is currently my favorite Monster flavor. Then there were other wins, like Grav3yardGirl liking and reblogging my painting of hers [here], Mortisia reblogging some of my stuff, Katers17, now known as KateInRealLife replying me to actually all of my messages. I re-opened my personal art Facebook Page and became part of Crowley Emporium project for crafts and jewelry, made by me and two of my friends.

And best of all, I realized what a bunch of amazing friends I have. Some found me brooding over the darkest moments in my life and helped me back up. Others just got there for a word or two, or an exchange of music that they heard and “thought of me”. I guess in this department I’m just lucky like that. I’ve people who go an extra mile to help if they’re means to do so. I hope they know that I love them all. 4_books

Then, as this blog demands, there’s the book wins. I admit, this year was indeed unyielding in time and will to read, and yet never the less I have something to rejoice about. For one it’d be me finding myself a new series to read and love, which are Skulduggery Pleasant books by Derek Landy. That skeleton mister just has the most perfect vibe about him. Got a lot of unusual, unique, and otherwise different reads this year too, those being Into the river by Ted Dawe, apparently a banned book following the story of this Maori boy in all-boys boarding school. Yakuza by Gabriel Loidolt, which I’d call “Irezumi” instead, a pretty damn nice book, very short, with very slight Murakami vibe to it. Very slight, mostly by the whole go-around. The Radleys by Matt Haig was a serious surprise. So simple, so mundane, and yet not at all, because every seen-a-hundred-times thing that family did was done by vampires, for they’re all vampires! And, of course, my own pick for the book club, Neuromancer by WIlliam Gibson. I wanted to read that one for so long! This blog of mine is mainly meant for horror, suspense, fantasy, and books alike, while I do realize I don’t follow the pattern. That is why I have made the Nosferatu Shelf category, to have those books put in a list. But this year I hope to fill it in a little more with Cyberpunk too. After all, we do await Cyberpunk 2077, don’t we?5_games

Speaking of games, here’s my nine hits. They’re not the releases of 2015 per se, but something I discovered, got to the end of, and loved last year. First was definitely Bastion. It somehow reminded me I like games, and that I should actually finish them now and then, and not just spend hundreds of hours doing anything but main quests, as so many games these days allow you to. While not the second one, still, Transistor, being a creation of same developers, is a beauty to behold. Mind you, not for the weak of mind. It’s heart-breaking at more than one point.

Saints Row was in my inventory forever, and so one day I got around to playing it, on co-op non the less. Can’t play first one, second one gives me motion sickness, so I started at the third one and merely read the wiki’s for the first two. Must say, there’s rare a game that makes me so happy inside as these games do. Definitely my favorite co-op of all times, and probably my favorite gangster games too.

Eye Divine Cybermancy fits the theme of me seeking out Cyberpunk stuff. My friend wanted a first person shooter we could play together and have fun doing so (some fps co-ops are lame, just that). She spoke of Cybermancy and I just thought I’ll go see how much is it on Steam, since it was Summer Sale and there it was, for 2.49eur. We took it and we had  a blast.

Shipwrecked is in a sense merely a DLC for Don’t Starve, but there it is. I got it, I loved it, can’t wait for it to become part of Don’t Starve Together. By the way, one of the highlights was getting that game free for myself and my friend, since they took me into the beta testing group!

Payday 2 was a nice surprise, I’m still playing it and loving it. Satisfies a whole different need of bold nihilistic sense of freedom and courage (not bravado). Wicked jokes, fun characters, and caring Developers just make my dark little heart happy.

Dragon Age Inquisition… Ah well, I don’t even have DLC’s yet, got it for my b-day in 2014, still playing, still loving, still happy to see Dorian throw a fit over lack of books in my library…

The Wolf Among Us was a discovery of the year, I believe. I really disliked the graphics from what I saw when my friends played it. But then I watched Drive with Ryan Gosling and that vibe got me. Now I can say it’s an amazing game and I am extremely sad there’s no more of it. I guess I’ll just have to indulge in the comics…

And, of course The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Unlike some, I’ve no disappointments to express over the length of it. Unlike many, I didn’t grind, because I explored and leveled up naturally doing so, by sheer need to beat off a Leshen off a chest I wanted. The only disappointment I did get was the shortness of the Hearts of Stone. Truth is, CDPR gave such ‘expansion packs’ free back in the day, audio and all, free for all with a registered game. The quality and length seemed quite alike to me, so I’m glad I got it free as a gift, for I’d be a lot more disappointed if I paid 10 bux for it! Other than that – yes, it’s very good!


And the last are the things I watched. First of all, let me just mention Vikings. Loved it so very much, it was a far better season than the previous one, and the music is just mad good. Truly a blasphemy that I forgot to include it here. And I guess I can also add I loved American Horror Story: Hotel a lot too, although I haven’t finished it yet!

Let’s start with the movies now then. First is the Legend, a story of brother Krays. Strange in so many senses it was a perfect little fun-drama-bang piece after such disappointment as Black Mass was. I’m a bit sad I’ve no books on these guys, but I’ll have to fix that I guess! Any publishing houses who want to provide me with those?

I somehow rediscovered Dracula (1931) [here], and crafted my four favorite pairs of black and white gothic earrings. For once I appreciated how beautiful this movie is, and what a wonderful actor Bela Lugosi was.

Mr Holmes was a happy little piece for me too. I’m a great fan of Sherlock, and Sir Ian just fills in those shoes so well! It’s just great, go watch it.

Drive and Gangster Squad were on my Ryan Gosling marathon that I required to have all of a sudden. Now I can say I really enjoy that actor and the often superbly weird things he stars in. Gangster Squad is full of those good goofy, naughty, and otherwise good jokes you might also find in Saints Row. And Drive is just an amazing original movie. Never have I watched anything like this, but I do hope to watch something like this again, someday. When first 5 minutes you spend staring at a character who doesn’t even say a word (not a mute tho), and your face is glued to a screen in suspense…

I watched quite a few series too. Orange is the new Black got me by a mention in Supernatural. Was the last drop, more or less. It’s good in it’s own way, really. Mad men was more or less an old recommendation. Was mentioned in Orange is the new Black, so of course it was a natural chain… Banzai was a Lithuanian show, six episodes total, of these two Lithuanian men, educated people with sense of humor, traveling. This year they went for Japan. One of them, being tall and big man, had the funniest troubles concerning shoes! And the one zombie show I liked: In The Flesh. I liked the different approach to it, to zombies. I liked the Englishness of it all. I loved the strange-fam thing of “let’s pretend there’s nothing wrong”, and misleading prophecies everywhere. And I loved how protagonist was gay and no one bat an eye at it.

So all in all, as you see, I had a rich year spiritually, if I may say so. And I do believe many things I didn’t mention here for I merely forgot about it all, having so much. Those big and small things don’t let me say it was a bad year. No, it wasn’t. It just wasn’t good either. But that’s not a bad thing.

Stay happy and survive. 

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Dracula (1931)

Last night I felt a terrible urge to watch Dracula with Bela Lugosi. So after a little digging I turned it on, pulled out my box of crafting supplies and in time I made four pairs or earrings – I have watched the movie twice. Yes, in a row.

Dracula (1931).avi_snapshot_00.41.25_[2010.05.21_11.39.56]

1931 Dracula is a classic black-and-white horror-vampire film, directed by Tod Browning, with Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. The same man who asked to be buried in Dracula’s outfit. He got his wish and now we know him as the undead Lugosi, doubting him being a mortal man, much like we doubt Vlad Draculea being a mortal man. I don’t know where Dracula as part of pop media would be now were it not for this film, with this actor. For it’s definitely in my top 5 best and most favorite Dracula’s movies ever. With fantastic music, charming actors, well changed scenes for adaptation, and true-to-book bits and parts.


One of my favorite changes is switching Renfield and Harker places when it comes to interactions with Dracula. As you hopefully know, Harker goes out to Transylvania to help the Count, where, for obvious reasons, his health fails and he is very late to return home. When he eventually does, his health, both physical and mental, aren’t at their best. In some adaptations he is portrayed as paranoid and broken man, anxious and easily excitable. While Renfield is a huge question mark. He’s crazy and we meet him already in the mental asylum. And somehow, this unlikely friend of Mina’s has a strong connection to Dracula. Even calls him Master.

Dracula (1931).avi_snapshot_00.11.56_[2010.05.21_11.39.46]

In this movie though Renfield goes to help out the Count. There he lives through the story Harker would’ve lived through. He meets this eccentric man, Count Dracula. He meets his brides too. And together, this family of immortal blood drinkers, take over his mind. Thus it is no longer a wonder to see an ailed man return to England. Renfield is a thrall and we know exactly how and why, while if it was Harker who went, as in original, we wouldn’t know neither how nor why. I liked this change, it was very sensible.


While black and white, this movie is not silent. And I don’t mean just that wonderful music that you will hear all through out the watching. Players speak, delighting us with their accents, voice tones and this fancy British. If I would rate this movie, I’d give it five fangs for every single aspect. And in general, it’s still 5 out of 5. Every lover of the dark, the gothic, the vampiric – must watch this. (and, if I may, find a better version than that youtube atrocity)

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Jeanne DuPrau – The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember

CityofEmber  If Tunnels and Metro 2033 had a young child, then Jeanne DuPrauThe City of Ember” would be that child. An underground story with hardly any to no idea of a different life on the surface.
In the darkness a city of ember stands, with the Generator, built by god-like Builders to keep the darkness at bay. But generator keeps on failing, lights flicker and go completely dark now and again. People whisper that this will happen more and more often until one day – light won’t come back at all. And what then? Anything can be in the darkness. Trash-bin sized rats, sharp objects, abyss-like holes, and fear. Lots of fear.
Somewhere in the depths of this city there’s grandmother of our protagonist, turning her home upside down, is trying to find something that was lost many years ago. It’s vital to find it. Sadly she can’t remember what it was. But when her granddaughter lays eyes on it, she knows it’s related to the bright city she keeps seeing in her dreams.
The book is very light and definitely meant for young audience. Therefor I don’t yet know if I will read the next book of Ember. But since I can’t complain, I will present it with 5 out of 5, since it deserved it. Well written, easy, simple and quite beautiful.

    Now, the movie, I dare say, improved the idea a little, so it’s definitely worth seeing it too.

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