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book review | Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm by george orwell book review read like a villain banned books nosferatu reads night mode readingAuthor: George Orwell
Title: Animal Farm
Series: –
Genre: Classics; Politics
Pages: 122
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Read Animal Farm by George Orwell, and I don’t know whether to cry or laugh now. Hope everyone reads it.

About the Book: All animals are equal. Having defeated their human master, they set up amendments of sorts and start working on an utopia, where there’s enough food, less work, plenty of rest, no whip, and no stealing of eggs or the young. But fierce slogans made to stoke the fires of superiority and idealism won’t keep that belly full. Food doesn’t just appear, it needs to be grown. And then processed into actual morsels. Which then might be made better with an egg or some milk. And what about sugar, that could be bought for money if excess could be sold? Oh, and just think, if you didn’t have to share it either… But no. No. All animals are equal. Simply, some are more equal than others.

My Opinion: A masterpiece, so good. First published in 1945, and the stench of totalitarism still lingers in the air. Hopefully it’s a stench of a rotting corpse only. Superbly written book of cogs in the machines, corruption, greed, and disregard for others, where no price is too high to keep the power stable in own hands. No better time to read it either.

A solid 5 out of 5.

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