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book review | The Silent Blade by R.A. Salvatore | 11

the silent blade r a salvatore book review legend of drizztAuthor: R.A. Salvatore
Title: The Silent Blade
Series: Paths of Darkness 1
Genre: High Fantasy; Epic Fantasy
Pages: 394
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Felt like a little bit of high fantasy, but didn’t feel like going through the worldbuilding, so I went back to the familiar. “The Silent Blade” by R.A. Salvatore is 11th book in the Legend of Drizzt series, and 1st in the Paths of Darkness trilogy.

About the Book: Evil hearts hear a beckon, a call, see visions full of promise that they can’t resist, that they must answer. Sadly, though, the call comes from a shard kept safe in a pocket of a drow elf on the surface, one who, being a good person himself, hears nothing of sorts. But since his companions and he too are a good lot, the moment they realize what’s going on, they seize the opportunity to rid the world of some evildoers, and start shaping a plan…

My Opinion: Oh how I loathe high fantasy names. I could tell you more, for there happened much more, but how am I supposed to if I can’t spell a single name? It’s a good story, well written, but just… I need a system for these characters.

As usual, neither worse, nor better. Time well spent, a 4 out pf 5, solid.

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book review | Passage to Dawn by R.A. Salvatore | 10

r.a. salvatore passage to dawn book reviewAuthor: R.A. Salvatore
Title: Passage to Dawn
Series: Legend of Drizzt 10
Genre: Epic Fantasy; High Fantasy
Pages: 339
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I like when stories aren’t afraid to return to the poorly resolved points and fix it. This is exactly what “Passage to Dawn” by R.A. Salvatore did, fourth book in Legacy of Drow or tenth book in the Legend of Drizzt. It revisited a point that actually bothered me.

About the Book: A strange prophecy spoken by a blind seer gives Drizzt a glimmer of hope to see his father once again. But, of course, nothing’s simple. First he must release that who hates him most and return to his first home… Where he’ll likely have to survive a ruse of some kind. But any price is worth paying for this.

My Opinion: These are truly good and captivating stories, very unique in the way characters and their relationships are written, how they understand and interact with one another. There’s plenty of adventures and action to keep you reading. But bloody hell, I’m so tired of the damned names. I need a little break from Drizzt, before another letter-jumble pops up.

Good stories, worth the praise it received through the years. A 5 out of 5 so far.

r.a. salvatore passage to dawn book review instagram


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book review | The Origin of Dracula by Irving Belateche

the origin of dracula irving belateche book reviewAuthor: Irving Belateche
Title: The Origin of Dracula
Series: –
Genre: Horror Literature; Paranormal
Pages: 367
Rate: 2/5 | Goodreads

The Origin of Dracula” by Irving Belateche might just be the most boring Dracula-origin mystery I’ve ever read.

About the Book: John and his friends managed to get their parents to let them go camping alone in the woods. They didn’t expect that night to become a living nightmare waiting for dawn to break. Nor did they expect it to return decades later, for the old evil they disturbed lives for his psychotic games with deadly ultimatums…

My Opinion: At no point did it get better. The mystery is poor, the game is boring, the characters are so-so. You know that recipe of old horror movies and books: group goes camping, someone dies, then the dead come back to mess with them? Well, this is that but bad.

No. 2 out of 5 is the best I can do.

the origin of dracula irving belateche book review instagramInstagram

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book review | The White Rose by Glen Cook | Black Company 3

Glen Cook black company white rose book reviewAuthor: Glen Cook
Title: The White Rose
Series: The Chronicles of the Black Company 3
Genre: Epic Fantasy; Fantasy
Pages: 317
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

I’ve no motivation to read or write, apologies if it’ll become even more dull than it was. “The White Rose” by Glen Cook is the third in the series and at certain points it was very good. At others it was at best confusing.

About the Book: The ancient evil is no longer asleep. Maybe he never even was. Dominator’s powers grow and his tricks from beyond the grave are becoming ever more deadly. It seems that the only way to overcome the new nightmare is for enemies to unite. For the White Rose to strike an alliance with The Lady.

My Opinion: In some aspects it got real interesting. The digging in history, research for the old, buried names that might sway power. Old and young gods clashing. All of that was brilliant. But the whole Raven ordeal was awful.

It’s good so far. A very strong 4/5.

Glen Cook White Rose knyga


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book review | Siege of Darkness by R.A. Salvatore | Legend of Drizzt 9

siege of darkness r a salvatore knygos apzvalga book reviewAuthor: R.A. Salvatore
Title: Siege of Darkness
Series: Legend of Drizzt 9
Genre: Epic Fantasy; High Fantasy
Pages: 337
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

Ninth book in the series, still going strong. “Siege of Darkness” by R.A. Salvatore is 9th book in The Legend of Drizzt series or 3rd book in Legacy of the Drow trilogy. And it was epic.

About the Book: Magic is failing across the realm, disrupting both new spells and the ancient ones. Gods are silent. And tension is rising. Especially among those most keen to warfare, such as the Drow. They’re not only quick to blame one another for the silence of their Spider Queen, their god, but to take advantage of the weakening magical wards. For what better time to take down the Mothers reliant on magic than when said magic is flickering…

My Opinion: A battle of epic proportions erupted in the Underdark for the Mithril Halls, its throne. It was so great it broke out onto the surface too, surprising many a creature and person of darkness, used to ceilings above their heads, less light. It was amazing, gory, and even funny at times. Like when the mage whose eyes teleported to dwarves has requested to keep them moist… Dwarves did their best. Speaking of dwarves – they’re badass and I’m glad to see a book where they shine this bright.

A great book with a few unclear twists. A solid 4 out of 5.

siege of darkness r a salvatore knygos apzvalga book review IG

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book review | Shadows Linger by Glen Cook | The Chronicles of the Black Company 2

glen cook shadows linger book reviewAuthor: Glen Cook
Title: Shadows Linger
Series: The Chronicles of the Black Company 2
Genre: Dark Fantasy; 
Pages: 319
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Ah, now that’s some interesting dark fantasy. Read “Shadows Linger” by Glen Cook, second book in The Chronicles of Black Company series. While somehow simple in the plot, it was a great and entertaining read.

About the Book: Raven ran as far as he could, keeping his charge safe; a girl who might just one day fix this broken world, torn apart by two evils of whom his former brothers in arms serve the lesser. But due to his carelessness Raven almost sent the said world into oblivion instead. Which, of course, brought the Lady, her Taken, and the Black Company itself over, to this edge of the world where Raven hid…

My Opinion: There’s these almost mundane scenes of grave robbers and innkeepers. And then you start noticing the less mundane, as they venture out to visit a castle that grew out of a rock, filled with strange creatures and vicious faces. Unlikely heroes, unlikely betrayals, and daring feats. A very pleasant read.

Definitely a good piece of dark fantasy. Even a bit nostalgic, if I may say so. A 5 out of 5, solid.

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book review | Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir | The Locked Tomb 2

harrow the ninth tamsyn muir locked tomb necromancer book reviewAuthor: Tamsyn Muir
Title: Harrow the Ninth
Series: The Locked Tomb 2
Genre: Fantasy; Sci-fi
Pages: 512
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Holy… I’ve noticed there’s “Harrow the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir, second book in The Locked Tomb, already out, so I grabbed it. Remember in the last review I said I love me a good book on necromancy? Well, score two.

About the Book: When Deathless Emperor beckons – you come. Even if he’s drafting you into a war you could only win in your dreams, and even then – unlikely. And it absolutely does not matter that you barely just rose above being the last necromancer of your house, that your body is failing and trying to fall apart, that you’re nauseated and can’t trust any of your tools, even your damn eyes. Nor does it matter that you’re possessed by an angry spirit. Or several. Death is everywhere at all times. So what’s a few more crumbs to the tar of demise? The only true question here is, should you let go or must you fight?…

My Opinion: I don’t even know where to begin. Harrowhark is barely keeping her head above the water. Even in the previous book she put all her efforts into survival – small house, little power, not enough of anything new, not yet chewed up or sucked dry, with other houses trying to swallow you whole at all times, no one to trust. And now it’s a voyage to unwinnable war with the Deathless Emperor, Teacher. Imagine a gothic tale full of decadent nobles in haunted surroundings full of spirits and walking skeletons alike. And now put that into space, spaceship. All while hopping around, killing planets, fighting monsters, entities. Insane.

It’s a colossal tale. The only thing I didn’t like was the way it was told. But when such things are being told – I’m prepared to suffer. A 5 out of 5, firm.

harrow the ninth tamsyn muir locked tomb necromancer book review vakaris vakare instagram


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book review | Song of the Dead by Sarah Glenn Marsh | Reign of the Fallen 2

The song of the dead sarah glenn marsh book reviewAuthor: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Title: Song of the Dead
Series: Reign of the Fallen 2
Genre: High Fantasy; Necromancy
Pages: 416
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I love a good book on necromancers. And “Song of the Dead” by Sarah Glenn Marsh, second in Reign of the Fallen is definitely a good book.

About the Book: Odessa only barely gets to taste freedom and adventures as dire news from home hurries her back to Karthia. Streets are burning with rioters protesting new, science based regime and lack of the risen dead. Plague is killing the citizens. Strange and dangerous foreign army is approaching homeland shores. And unease in the deadlands. All this is but a surface of troubles Master Necromancer Odessa will have to handle…

My Opinion: Odessa is an absolute badass. And now she has a pet dragon too! Story itself, while filled with action and drama, was at times lacking, but as I said many times: a well written character can ease a sea of pain. Master necromancer was up to the task to carry the reader through parts that seemed neither there nor here, with trouble brewing and mundane things happening that added nothing to the general fun.

It’s good. A 5 out of 5. Come on, a badass bisexual (yes, it is important to represent out loud, and not post factum) master necromancer, killing shades and commanding spirits, with a pet dragon at her side. What more do you want?

The song of the dead sarah glenn marsh book review vakaris vakare instagram

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book review | The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson

kai ashante wilson the sorcerer of the wildeepsAuthor: Kai Ashante Wilson
Title: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps
Series: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps 1
Genre: LGBTQIAP+ Literature; Fantasy
Pages: 212
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

Damn, I’m so happy right now. Friend recommended me “The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps” by Kai Ashante Wilson, and it was just the right book for me. In a sense, it felt like one of those Earthsea books, but the story was much more interesting to read.

About the Book: Demane is a healer of the caravan, making their way towards a far away kingdom. But his brothers tend to call him sorcerer instead. Due to strange speech, stranger still abilities, and in general – due to his unusual self as a whole. But they have no idea just how much more and how much less than a sorcerer Demane is. He is a demi-god, one of those who once left the earth for heaven, but is now earthbound. And just how much does it take to keep them all alive. For out there in the wilds there’s a horror of a creature born of necromancy, who doesn’t seem to follow any rules all other predators keep to, such as: avoid the roads, feast on those who stray, don’t waste food… No, this beast does what it wills, and right now the caravan is heading towards it.

My Opinion: Interesting writing style, pleasantly different, stronger than the regular stuff we tend to get when it comes to deep philosophical fantasy, where the hero expresses the complexity of the world in monologues, thoughts, and senses. The story was amazing too, kept me on the edge of the chair no matter where the caravan was – outside the walls, in a city, on the road, events never stopped, they just changed pace. And characters are well written too, I kept hopes of survival up for each one of Demane’s brothers, something I rarely care about.

It’s beautiful, different, and I can’t wait for the next one. 5 out of 5 from me.

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book review | Where the Devil says Goodnight by K.A. Merikan | Folk Lore 1

where the devil says goodnight k.a. merikanAuthor: K.A. Merikan
Title: Where the Devil Says Goodnight
Series: Folk Lore 1
Genre: Dark Fantasy; M/M Romance
Pages: 362
Rate: 3/5 | Goodreads

Sometimes even the best of annotations can trip you over. I thought “Where the Devil Says Goodnight” by K.A. Merikan will be just for me. Turns out it’s really not for me.

About the Book: As times move on, people abandon superstition and with it – old religions, old gods. Even to the most remote of places New Age eventually arrives. Such is this village looming in the middle of an ancient forest, where Father Adam was sent. Just barely touched by modern world, with wounds still raw, it’s full of little rituals meant to appease the pagan gods of nature. Strange lack of balanse among its people leaves Adam at unease. As if the land still remembers the dues and the debts.

My Opinion: Slavic lore, especially that coming from the Poland, is very similar to our own, Baltic lore. Interesting descriptions and curious magic was what got all three points in this book. Because the rest didn’t hold up. The story was very dragged, with the final day – far away, and the days in between – filled with nonsensical stuff that barely added to the plot. Romance was boring and even upsetting. And every side character presented this stereotypical good-guy / bad-guy portrait.

It’s okay. A 3 out of 5.

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