About Me

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I began book blogging by accident. First it was just blogging, then, one day, I wanted to tell people about all the books I’ve recently read, and did. It sparked a fire in my soul, and so here we are now.

My name is Vakaris, I originate from Lithuania, and usually read in English, at night, for that’s when it’s all quiet, peaceful, and there’s time.

I am an LGBTQIA+ person, am pro (obviously) BLM movement, pro choice, and in general, pro:

“do what you do, as long as you don’t hurt others”.

Other than blogging and reading, I really enjoy making jewelry and painting. My dream is to someday be actually good at it, haha!

If you stumbled upon here, tell me something about yourself too, please! I enjoy random facts about strangers. That’s how my first blogs were born: overly nosy curiosity led me to blogs that I could read, with even the most mundane posts – fascinating.

So. What’s one thing about you that you could tell me?

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