book review | The Age of Vikings by Anders Winroth

the age of the vikings anders winroth book coverAuthor: Anders Winroth
Title: The Age of Vikings
Series: –
Genre: History; Vikings
Pages: 320
Rate: 4/5 | Goodreads

I’ve picked up “The Age of Vikings” by Anders Winroth after AC: Valhalla came out, and it’s one of the two history books I have on the topic. Can’t vouch for all facts in this, but there’s a lot of good and interesting stuff anyway.

About the Book: Book ranges all through what author calls Viking Age, as far as it can be traced, and in good detail, comparing stories, myths, tales, and what found evidence there is, paints a picture of how they came to be such a prominent force; what they gave to world, what they took from it, and what’s left of it all today.

My Opinion: This is pretty good, a fairly wide take on the topic, from farming to traditions, to values, to runes, to decor. Interesting and easy read.

A 4 out of 5, good starter book, just keep an open mind to learn beyond it. Or beyond what you have learned before it.

the age of vikings anders winroth book review


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