book review | Embrace Your Weird by Felicia Day | Self-help lit.

felicia day embrace your weird book coverAuthor: Felicia Day
Title: Embrace Your Weird
Series: –
Genre: Non Fiction; Self-help
Pages: 272
Rate: 5/5 | Goodreads

I really, really love Felicia Day. So right when I got the chance to put my paws on her newest creation, a book called “Embrace Your Weird“, I did. Not soon enough, let me tell you!

About the Book: Out of many if not absolute most of us, weirdness gets taught out, forced out in a form of “be polite”, or bullied out, usually by those who already got theirs stifled. And so we learn to walk through life trying to not inconvenience anyone, giving in to guilt tripping, afraid to try, afraid to say no. Because what if we fail? We study for grades, not ourselves, so, naturally, if you want to draw horses, and you try, and it looks bad because you’ve not done it before, first instinct is to quit forever: grade’s in the negatives, you failed, never do it again! Well, except that no. Felicia, with lots of funny and very relatable examples explains us the science behind the basic self respect. She believes in our abilities, she believes in the goodness of our hearts, and you know what? We should too. Read this book as a manual as of how to avoid guilt tripping yourself, remove yourself from bad situations you have the power to remove yourself from, and not be afraid to try that thing you want to try. This book even helps get over creative blocks! Seriously!

My Opinion: Felicia Day is that magical Geek Queen Internet Mom who just keeps shining light onto my life all the way out here, in Lithuania. And I may not be the best book reviewer, excitement makes me talk a lot, and then I often miss the point due to it, as I probably did in the mile of text I see above. But you know what? That’s perfectly fine, this can be for me, and tomorrow I’ll write another review, and it will be better than this one, because that’s just how it works: you get better at the thing you keep doing, and then maybe one day I’ll actually BE the best book reviewer ever. Probably not likely, but hey, that’s fine too!

I loved this book. I read it twice back to back. I will read it again sometime soon. You should read it too. I give it a 5 out of 5, because it deserves that and a gold star too. (you’ll get it after you read it)

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