Felicia Day – You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

YoureNeverWeirdOnTheInternetI guess I’m a pretty impulsive person. If I decide to learn something one day – I will spend whole day learning it. Back in the day I decided to figure out this YouTube thing before it blew up big and everyone was doing it. Yes, my hipster side demanded I get into the social media that others aren’t using much yet, and I speak in terms of Lithuania here. It wasn’t a big deal, in fact, it was all about fan-vids, and music. So I dove in, determined to be the kid who waits for Wednesday episode of some web show you have never heard about, and that’s not aired on TV, ever. First I found these really dull and highly scripted vlogs. Then I found the good kind of vlogs. And then I found the web series, the true series, the good stuff of the web series. The Guild (just “load more” and it’s at the very bottom, everything). And that’s how I got to know Felicia Day. Ever since I’m a great fan, I follow all I can, and while I’d like more, I still admire her ability to keep things from the world that she wants to keep from the world. And of that I learned from her book “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” (ISBN 1476785651; 260p.; Goodreads). Don’t be mistaken, she’s a gamer alright, and we get her as the Gamer Girl / Geek Queen all over the net, but this book is not about video games.

This book is about a home-schooled girl who went off to make her dreams. Got crushed, over and over again to that, but got up and started chiseling at the industry again. All up until the day her determination paid off, and she realized she has made a crack enough to wiggle in and make something of her own. A place for herself. The road to that was hard and bumpy not just because of the industry, and nasty people within. She fell for depression and addiction too. Video games can be much better than real life, especially when you’re socially awkward but still want to connect, and I myself can say that the best friends I have are mostly there because one day I met them in a video game. So I understand her completely. And she’s not vilifying anything, she’s still a gamer! All she says is that there’s more to it, that you can’t bury your dreams under a layer of current comfort, be it video games, books, movies, whatever. Kick yourself and do it. Your guild will not fall if you take one day off to write on your biography, go out have a coffee, or even try a new video game. And if you fail at what you do – don’t beat yourself over it. If you want it still – do it again. And again. And again if you have to. Like a quest you can repeat if you fail. Like a book chapter you can re-read if you couldn’t figure it out.

Felicia day is killer funny. I laughed my ass off on every page. Love what an anxious ball of stress she is, and how, in the end, she just rolls with it. She’s inspiring, and everyone could use a bit of that, right? At the end of the book she tells all about how she entered a support group that basically guilt-tripped her into writing something, and she got the Guild born. How she collected trash off the street, due to having absolutely no budget, and being a perfectionist who wanted the set just damn right. I read this book in one sitting, and I regret it, due to being unable to read it the next day again, and that’s all the bad I can say. Here’s a 5 out of 5, and now someone please go buy bookmarks and jewelry I make, because I want to get a hard copy of this too, audio + pdf for illustrations is just not enough.


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